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Recording Vocals - Tips for Singers & Songwriters

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Mix and Edit Vocals (Samples)

Song: Color Me In

Pro Tools Session

Here's a session for a fantastic vocalist we work with. The track is called Color Me In. It was recorded with Lewitt LCT 940 Microphone and the Avalon Compressor. The beat was created by Kustom, one of our producers here.

Color Me In VOX Mixed
This is the vocals with the mixed session and effects

Color Me In VOX Dry
This is the dry stem file without any editing or FX

Color Me In - Mixed
This is the vocals with FX & Edits with the music *mastered

Song: Diamond Ring

Pro Tools Session

This one is called Diamond Ring and was made for a customer. It was sent with many stems tracks and was not too hard to start mixing and getting a good sound right away. The effects for this session were minimal but each stem needed basic eq'ing and level adjustments to even them out. We also automated auto-tune in certain spots for effect more than correction. He used a tropical type beat that was purchased from

Diamond Ring--Vox--Mix
Here's the vocals with the edits and FX

Diamond Ring--Vox--Dry
Diamond Ring vocals raw - no FX

Diamond Ring--Mixed
Here's the full track mixed with vocals and FX

Song: Keep The Light On

Pro Tools Session

The track here is still one of my favorites. It's written and sung by Jackie Boyz, music was created by Kustom. I took the raw stems and added the right blend of verb and delay to make them pop in the mix. Check it out and let us know what you think

Light On VOX Dry
This is the raw vocal stems before any FX or editing

Light On VOX Mixed
This is the mixed version of the vocals with FX

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