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Rap Beats
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Rap Beats Rap Beats

Rap Beats

Rap Beats
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2017 Instrumentals
The Rap Beats Game is forever changing and for 2017, we're right on track with the genre's. From Trap Beats to R&B and even country beats, either exclusive beats or non, we have it all covered. Each month, we usually add 50 new beats in every genre. 20DollarBeats has become a well known name in cities all around the USA and the world. With the best prices and top producers, it's no wonder our customers keep coming back over and over.
Be sure to listen to as many

beats & instrumentals

as you can below.

Sept Beats and Instrumentals
TitleTypeReg PricePricePurchase
 Stomp Em Out Instrumental With Insane 808s$20.00$8.95
 Starstruck Energy Beat 101$20.00$8.95
 EMC2 Fresh future pop beat$20.00$8.95
 Low Key Flute Based Travis Scott Type Beat$20.00$8.95
 2 Late Lil Uzi Type New School Trap$20.00$8.95
 Quantum West Coast Beat I think$20.00$8.95
 LUCY Lost Files of Kendrick$20.00$8.95
 I Used To Sounds like a Winner$20.00$8.95
 Humaniq Somewhere between RnB and Club$20.00$8.95
 Paid Up Uplifting Lil Yachty Type Trap Beat Crazy 808s$20.00$8.95
 Anyone Else Hot 100 Insrumental$20.00$8.95
 Nubits Tropical dance EDM chop$20.00$8.95
 Gangsh!t Migos or Kevin Gates style trap banger.$20.00$8.95
 ENRG Wild Trap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Atlant Hip hop with a future edge$20.00$8.95
 Fireproof Babies Will Be Made Beat$20.00$8.95
 Told U B4 R&B crossovert w/commercial edge.$20.00$8.95
 Foreign Everything Energetic Ace Hood Trap Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 KINGDOM Introduction to Fall$20.00$8.95
 Skywalka Lil Uzi x Playboi Carti Type Trap Single$20.00$8.95
 Mistakes Piano based rap banger.$20.00$8.95
 For The Record Zaytoven style trap beat$20.00$8.95
 The Night Of Aggressive Beat 101$20.00$8.95
 Get Widdit Young Thug Type Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 Gladiator Hard & dark trap beat.$20.00$8.95
 Freebase Young Thug ft Travis Scott type beat.$20.00$8.95
 In & Out Skimask trap music.$20.00$8.95
 Feel This Way Cheerful Lil Yachty Trap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Images PartyNextDoor vibes beat$20.00$8.95
 Deez Heaux Club banger with a west coast feel$20.00$8.95
 Grudges Sounds like Miami Nights$20.00$8.95
 Bitter Truth This Beat belongs to Travis Scott$20.00$8.95
 Hope Dies Last Melancholic G-Eazy type beat.$20.00$8.95
 Coeval Downtempo vibe Rap Beat$20.00$8.95
 No Mercy Crazy Rick Ross Type Dubstep Infused Trap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Dirty Funk Cool track that flips into trumpet drop$20.00$8.95
 Neblio Kustom made House EDM Beat$20.00$8.95
 Too Much Rick Ross Type Trap Anthem Beat$20.00$8.95
 Particle Experimental HipHop Rap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Not Sorry Commercial Tory Lanez type rap beat.$20.00$8.95
 Hard to Find Smooth Beat with that Bounce$20.00$8.95
Featured Rap Beats
TitleTypeReg PricePricePurchase
 Born Alone Die AloneKendrick. J Cole vibes$20.00$8.95
 Prey or PrayNo nosense, just bars$20.00$8.95
 Never SeaTrap with drum intro 808 bass$20.00$8.95
 StarrHip Hop Trap Chop$20.00$8.95
 PassifloraDark trap beat with 808s bass$20.00$8.95
 CandelightSmooth rap track.$20.00$8.95
 Rest of ItIsland Banger$20.00$8.95
 GutterGucci Mane Type Trap Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 BBXDTR&B Killa$20.00$8.95
 All Came TrueInspiration$20.00$8.95
 PotentialSubtle but deadly$20.00$8.95
 They Know NowTravis Scott.Migos Vibes$20.00$8.95
 Elite2 Chainz Type Trap Instrumental With Dope Changeup$20.00$8.95
 MageonDown south sample trap hip hop$20.00$8.95
 Count UpMoney Machines$20.00$8.95
 Want That Old Thing BackEveryone can relate to this one$20.00$8.95
 Only The RichThose Vibes$20.00$8.95
 Traffic LightPop Hip Hop track with brass horns$20.00$8.95
 Plain SimpleSimple Beat with R&B flare$20.00$8.95
 FurmanTrap RnB Hip Hop 808 beat$20.00$8.95
 RattlerHip Hop with big sounds$20.00$8.95
 Fuck EverythingNew YG Type West Coast Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 RegularlyDancehall tropical pop$20.00$8.95
 CravingSmooth Trap Track$20.00$8.95
 DelusionalTrippy Kevin Gates Type Trap Beat$20.00$8.95
 HumanKid Cudi vibes$20.00$8.95
 LovesickBabies will be conceived$20.00$8.95
August Beats
TitleTypeReg PricePricePurchase
 Band Kinda NightStraight Trap$20.00$8.95
 Win Now TeamTrap All Day$20.00$8.95
 BubblezLil Pump Type Trap Instrumental with heavy 808s$20.00$8.95
 CivicKanye Hiphop beat$20.00$8.95
 LIMITS24Hours vibe$20.00$8.95
 Prey or PrayNo nosense, just bars$20.00$8.95
 MarsCatchy G Eazy Type Trap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Flappy BirdBouncy HipHop beat$20.00$8.95
 NeW EyEzVision 2020$20.00$8.95
 StratisDowntempo Hip hop Kendrick Lamar type$20.00$8.95
 Do Another ProblemWeird Trap$20.00$8.95
 MizmarUnique hip-hop trap beat$20.00$8.95
 Stand DownHot 21 Savage Type Trap Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 RidiculousOne of my Favorites$20.00$8.95
 BlammerDramatic Kevin Gates Type New School Beat$20.00$8.95
 I'm So TrillBounce Beat$20.00$8.95
 Dealing With This HereTrap Trap Trap$20.00$8.95
 PivxHard hiphop club beat$20.00$8.95
 From Nothing To EverythingTrap Trap Trap$20.00$8.95
 Good-NightSummer Ain't Over$20.00$8.95
 PotentialSubtle but deadly$20.00$8.95
 GuppyTwerk Club Banger$20.00$8.95
 They Know NowTravis Scott.Migos Vibes$20.00$8.95
 Speical EdMustard Type Beat$20.00$8.95
 GolemIntense drums kanye type$20.00$8.95
 MelonFunk flip to Trap horn drop$20.00$8.95
 ConstellationsHit Single Chainsmokerz Type Radio/Pop Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 ArkHiphop with synth chords$20.00$8.95
 DopingTrap Track$20.00$8.95
 Chill Lil BroSci Fi Trap$20.00$8.95
 Beach SuiteSmooth Chris Brown Style R&B Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 Only The RichThose Vibes$20.00$8.95
 Ain't Tha SameArtist friendly Young Thug type beat$20.00$8.95
 Blow EverythingTravis Scott Vibe$20.00$8.95
 WavesJazzy hiphop rap beat gem$20.00$8.95
 CrackingCrack Trap$20.00$8.95
 APXSlow Funk RnB Beat$20.00$8.95
 SalsaLatin Infused Drake Type HipHop Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 FunfairNice rock hiphop vibe rap beat$20.00$8.95
 IncentStory teller hip hop track$20.00$8.95
 SiaClub instrumental original$20.00$8.95
 His Mind GoneRihanna all over this$20.00$8.95
 Love WithoutCountry rock instrumental$20.00$8.95
 335MMTy Dolla Sign ft Wiz$20.00$8.95
 ChemistryBryson Tiller vibes$20.00$8.95
 EdgelessHip-Hop track with 808 bass$20.00$8.95
 Bricks N BitchesMigos Type Track$20.00$8.95
 Take OutCommercial hip hop Kid Ink style.$20.00$8.95
 Don't Tell Me Why YouTrapppish$20.00$8.95
 Eddie PainSmooth Trap$20.00$8.95
 Mr MeogiI SELL DOPE$20.00$8.95
 KoreGuitars with Linkin Park Drums$20.00$8.95
 Mulah Made ItSmooth Trap Beat$20.00$8.95
 Bag MusicQC style Southern trap banger.$20.00$8.95
 You Feel The EnergyCrazy Drums$20.00$8.95
 NotesPiano into good chorded RnB$20.00$8.95
 MagnumEnergetic Playboi Carti Type Trap Instrumental$20.00$8.95
 Not TheseMigos ft Travis Scott$20.00$8.95
 DecredMinimal Club Banger$20.00$8.95
 Money CallinFuture x YG would sound dope on this.$20.00$8.95
 So Far GoneOVO Type New School Beat with smooth chords$20.00$8.95
 SalsaMustard or Kid Ink type track.$20.00$8.95
 Call From My EssaysRetro Trap Track$20.00$8.95
 KINGSJay Z Back$20.00$8.95
 MoonlightAfro Pop crossover hit.$20.00$8.95
 Walkie TalkieDumbed down trap music ala Lil Pump.$20.00$8.95
 SynereoPop when that bassline comes in$20.00$8.95
 TezosCool idea on a hip hop track$20.00$8.95
 ThanksHipHop-Trap-RnB all in one$20.00$8.95
 Give Me My HomieWeird Trap$20.00$8.95
 MamiMinimal Travis Scott or Migos type banger.$20.00$8.95
 Win Some Lose SomeDeep hiphop beat with guitars.$20.00$8.95
 PatientoryHipHop Trap w Piano vibes$20.00$8.95
 RippleDowntempo experimental RnB$20.00$8.95
 Wasnt MeTy$ type beat.$20.00$8.95
 RubaHouse EDM beat$20.00$8.95
 OmisegoTuba on smash$20.00$8.95
 Everytime Look AroundGood Track$20.00$8.95
 Only in the Hills2018 Weeknd$20.00$8.95
 MisfitsThis one is outta here$20.00$8.95
 Yanks SoxGucci Type Beat$20.00$8.95
 Vintage NightsKehlani Vibes$20.00$8.95
 DuskGuitar based Yelawolf type instrumental.$20.00$8.95

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Rap Beats

Founded in 2006, 20DollarBeats has sold over 75,000 rap beats to 1000's of happy customers. We have over 9500 instrumentals for sale made by 7 experienced producers. We cover every style and genre from R&B to dirty south to Reggae. When you want buy royalty free instrumentals with 100% quality, and the best customer service with instant results, 20DollarBeats' is the only choice. We also offer exclusive rap beats. Just ask us from the contact page for exclusive rap beats and we'll get you pricing and availability.

Beats for Sale

Premium Beats - Only $12.95
These Premium beats are regularly $40.00 each. You can save over 60% off by using this link. These are also available as exclusive beats. Request the price and availability on the contact page.

TitleTypeReg PricePricePurchase
 Prayers-UpChance The Rapper.Bryson Tiller Vibes | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 Born Alone Die AloneKendrick. J Cole vibes | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 Never SeaTrap with drum intro 808 bass | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 Impala MuzikBouncy Snoop Dogg Style West Coast Instrumental | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 OrchestraKrazy Trap | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 Rest of ItIsland Banger | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 FOH2 Chainz would kill this. | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 GutterGucci Mane Type Trap Instrumental | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 MageonDown south sample trap hip hop | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 KingzSmooth R&B and Trap | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 Count UpMoney Machines | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 Godesseswhat oasis sounds like | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 Training DayGets No Better | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 FurmanTrap RnB Hip Hop 808 beat | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 TeamDrake Style Banger | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 Fuck EverythingNew YG Type West Coast Instrumental | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
 ImmuneRap beat with emotion. | Rap Beat$20.00$12.95
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Archived Beats

Beats for Sale

Beats for Sale

Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests.

Download Rap Beats for sale, hip hop samples and music instrumentals. Exclusive and non exclusive beats and samples. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing Rap Beats to understand how leasing beats works.

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