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Trap Beats or trap music is loosly based on sounds from the 808 drum machine by Roland, pitched and re-sampled hiphop/rap vocals, pipe flutes, gangsta synth leads, and various FX.

Without the use of the main vocals, Trap music has been gaining lots of attention from major DJ’s and labels. Although, the style originated many years ago, Trap beats have recently been making a new school comeback in many new forms such as Trap, Chirp, SeaPunk, PsyTrap and TrapStep.

They incorporate hard hi hats, grimy synths deep 808's and sub-bass lines. These primary characteristics would go on to be the signature sound of trap music originating from producer Shawty Redd. The tempo of a typical trap beat is around 140 BPM.

Trap Beats

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Tyga type club hit.
2019 BPM:99 2:34 Other - Trap Rap Beat
Tyga style club hit.
2019 BPM:100 3:00 Other - Trap Rap Beat
Artists like Bad Bunny or Cardi would kill this.
2019 BPM:85 2:39 Other - Trap Rap Beat
Pac Marks
Hot Trap Track
2019 BPM:87 3:54 Trap Beat
Spoiler Alert
T Minus
2019 BPM:154 3:45 Trap Beat
Never Tell
Migos Type Beat
2019 BPM:152 4:13 Trap Beat
Back Track
Cardi Type Track
2019 BPM:152 4:14 Trap Beat
Smal Fries
Trap Trap Trap
2019 BPM:148 3:54 Trap Beat
Worst Place
Booed up type Track
2019 BPM:68 3:33 Trap Beat
Hot Trap Track
2019 BPM:144 4:26 Trap Beat
Rapid Fire
Boi1Da Type Track
2019 BPM:152 3:48 Trap Beat
Brush Wit Death
Trap Heaven
2019 BPM:130 4:26 Trap Beat
R&B Heaven
2019 BPM:76 3:35 Trap Beat
Your Type
Krazy Pianos
2019 BPM:69 2:19 Trap Beat
Trap Money
Migos x Gucci Mane Type Trap
2019 BPM:59 4:00 Trap Beat
Cashin' Out
Hypnotic Kevin Gates
2019 BPM:66 3:48 Trap Beat
Aggressive Kevin Gates Type Trap
2019 BPM:66 3:15 Trap Beat
Melodic Young Thug
2019 BPM:58 3:19 Trap Beat
Dark 21 Savage
2019 BPM:130 3:10 Trap Beat
Toe 2 Toe
Menacing Trap Hard 808s
2019 BPM:58 3:10 Trap Beat
Red Light V2
Catchy Yo Gotti
2019 BPM:80 4:24 Trap Beat
For Real
Artist Friendly Tyga
2019 BPM:66 3:44 Trap Beat
The Art Of Hustle
Single-Ready Cardi B
2019 BPM:61 3:17 Trap Beat
Cash Talk
Hard Hitting Trap Dope 808s
2019 BPM:64 3:20 Trap Beat
Top brass chords and trap drums
2019 BPM:150 4:12 Mid Tempo Trap Beat

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So here we have a Trap Beats page dedicated to trap beats. If you are a fan of that, you'll enjoy these trap beats. We'll add more each week since the popularity is getting stronger. Since the 2012 release of "Trap Back" mixtape by Gucci Mane, the demand of these beats has skyrocketed and has now become widespread. With artists like Yo Gotti, Waka, Jadakiss and 2 Chains, we feel this music should have more Atlanta vibe to it.

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