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Buying Rap Beats online from 20DollarBeats is easy. We have a very large library of professional rap beats for sale and 1000's of instrumentals to suit your needs. There are about 16 genres and many subcategories or rap beats you can choose from. We've compiled a good selection of beats from different genres and styles. When you buy from us, they are in MP3 format and you get digital downloads after your purchase. The female vocal tag is NOT on the full beats you get after you purchase it. We have over 10,000 instrumentals and any beat online is available for exclusive rights. Choose lease button and scroll down to see the exclusive pricing.

Rap Instrumentals

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Rap Beats

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Need Luv
Smooth rap/rnb type beat.
$6.95 & Up
Heavens P
Heartfel rap beat with acoustic guitar.
$6.95 & Up
Lost in Translation
$6.95 & Up
On Demand
$6.95 & Up
Crazy World
$6.95 & Up
Dark ambient rap beat.
$6.95 & Up
Negative Thoughts
Sad and dark sounding rap beat.
$6.95 & Up
With Me
Vibes on Vibes
$6.95 & Up
Feel Good Bounce
$6.95 & Up
Press Play
$6.95 & Up
Tour Nights P
Night Shows and Long Roads
$6.95 & Up
Risk It All
An instrumental with a sound that reminds of Kevin Gates.
$6.95 & Up
Sad type rap instrumental.
$6.95 & Up
Perfect Combo
Name a better Duo, I'll wait
$6.95 & Up
Holy Ghost
Kanye aint the only one taking you to Church
$6.95 & Up
Mind Bending
$6.95 & Up
Real Rap Only Rap Beat
$6.95 & Up
Gold Cuffs
A Whole Vibe Rap Beat
$6.95 & Up
Clear View
No Gimmicks Rap Beat
$6.95 & Up
Uptempo rap beat with country vibes
$6.95 & Up
On My Mind
Emotional guitar type beat.
$6.95 & Up
I'm Bad
Drake Type beat
$6.95 & Up
Remind You
Anthem Sounds
$6.95 & Up
Drugz Dont Work
Trippy uptempo rap beat.
$6.95 & Up
Old Faithful
Meek Mill ft You
$6.95 & Up

What is a rap beat?

These pop beats are made from 7 experienced 20DollarBeats' producers. You can see all of our new beats here: Backing Tracks : We use some of the best music creation software available.

Rap Beat Producer

Pop beats or pop music consists of one or more of the following: Dubstep, dance and/or trance club rhythms. They feature driving bass-lines and punchy drums with dirty sounding synth layers. more and more artists are using the pop beats type of percussion now in their music. If you are or want to be a pop artist and you want to take yourself to the next level, these beats are for you.

Exclusive Rap Beats

Get exclusive rights to Exclusive Rap beats on our Exclusive site. It's got 1000's of beats to lease with the ability to own the rights to publish it.

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