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Buy Rap Beats from 20DollarBeats. We have a very large library of Rap Beats and instrumentals to suit your needs. There are about 16 genres and many subcategories or rap beats you can choose from. Rap Beats is not actually a genre but more of a generic term that most people use to find hip hop beats and instrumentals related to it. Since it's not just a single genre, we've compiled a good selection of beats from different genres and styles. When you buy from us, they are in MP3 format and you get digital downloads after your purchase. The female vocal tag is NOT on the full beats you get after you purchase it. If you want exclusive rights, just email us from the contact page and we'll get you prices and availability. We have over 6000 instrumentals and about 300 of them are not available for exclusive rights at this time because they are either "on hold" or they are already under agreement.

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Dark rap beat with major bounce.
2019 BPM:83 3:01 Other - Rap Club Beat
Drugz Dont Work
Trippy uptempo rap beat.
2019 BPM:95 2:45 Rap Beat
Dark G Eazy type rap beat.
2019 BPM:67 3:10 Other - Rap East Hip Hop Beat
Rich The Kid type hit.
2019 BPM:94 3:24 Other - Rap Pop Beat
Rap beat with Middle Eastern sounds.
2019 BPM:94 2:28 Other - Rap Club Beat
Rich The Kid type hit.
2019 BPM:94 2:48 Other - Rap Hip Hop Beat
Level 99
Level Up
2019 BPM:142 2:58 Rap Beat
Join the Club
A whole Vibe
2019 BPM:150 3:27 Rap Beat
Deep End
That Good Feeling
2019 BPM:150 3:23 Rap Urban Beat
Summer Nights
2019 BPM:131 3:46 urban rap Beat
Rep Where You From
2019 BPM:130 3:05 Rap Beat
Split Second
Life Music
2019 BPM:130 3:29 Urban Rap Beat
Hits Different
A Whole Vibe
2019 BPM:120 3:26 Urban Rap Beat
Money Fiend
Something Light
2019 BPM:134 3:43 Urban Rap Beat
Highs n Lows
Feel Good Sounds
2019 BPM:140 3:04 Urban Rap Beat
Capri Nights
PlayboiCarti Vibe
2019 BPM:134 2:58 Rap Beat
Old Faithful
Meek Mill ft You
2019 BPM:178 3:22 Rap Beat
Urban club idea with a cool vibe.
2019 BPM:100 3:53 Urban Club Rap Beat
Surf guitars with wavey drums.
2019 BPM:156 3:24 New Wave Guitar Rap Beat
Guitar EDM dance progression.
2019 BPM:125 3:32 EDM Guitar Rap Beat
Hard drums with edgy synths.
2019 BPM:150 3:44 Hardcore Rap Hip hop Beat
Guitar pop hip hop drums.
2019 BPM:95 3:13 Pop Guitar Rap HipHop Beat
Deep rap beat
2019 BPM:60 3:12 Rap Hip Hop Beat
Tragedy V2
Dark street track
2019 BPM:68 3:07 hip hop rap Beat
Club beat with flute
2019 BPM:96 2:57 club rap bounce Beat

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