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Popular Beats

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With over 10,000 tracks we've produced over the last couple years, we've taken some of the most popular beats and added them here.

You can hear the best sellers in hip hop, rap, trap, r&b instrumentals from 20DollarBeats.

Popular Beats

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Once you find a beat you like, you can purchase the proper lease that applies to your needs, and you'll get a download link right after it's bought. You can then record your vocals and make a hit song.

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Anime Rap Vibes
$3.95 & Up
Trap banger with catchy keys, flutes and heavy 808s
$3.95 & Up
Smooth instrumetal with catchy melodies and punchy drums
$3.95 & Up
Revelation P
Smooth instrumental with ambient chords and punchy drums
$3.95 & Up
6/8 time pop ballad with a retro guitar
$3.95 & Up
Modern hiphop with underground vibes.
$3.95 & Up
Club trap 8bit sound with 808 bass hits.
$3.95 & Up
Boom-bap/trap banger with a unique rhythm and catchy keys
$3.95 & Up
Smooth instrumental with catchy guitars and punchy drums
$3.95 & Up
Mix between popular trap & hiphop.
$3.95 & Up
Highs And Lows
Piano hiphop ballad.
$3.95 & Up
Prayers 1st
Energetic hiphop with bells.
$3.95 & Up
Spend That
Feel Good Wiz Khalifa Type Rap Beat
$3.95 & Up
Party dance music hype synth brass.
$3.95 & Up
Compelling hiphop beat with acoustic guitar.
$3.95 & Up
Maybach music type banger
$3.95 & Up
Somewhere on an Island
$3.95 & Up
Missed Last Night
Summer Nights Are Life
$3.95 & Up
Boss Level
Just PURE Hip Hop
$3.95 & Up
Street Banger with piano and hard drums
$3.95 & Up
Exhale P
Smooth mid-tempo vibe with catchy guitars and punchy drums
$3.95 & Up
Clean Guitars and Drums that KNOCK
$3.95 & Up
Sky Miles
Uptempo rap with a Westcoast touch.
$3.95 & Up
Uptempo rap beat.
$3.95 & Up
Smooth insturmental with catchy guitars and punhcy drums
$3.95 & Up

What are the most popular beats?

What do rappers use for beats?

Popular Beats

The sales of the most purchased beats are listed here. They are in current year and go down from there. We take the most popular beats each month and mark them with a heart. The current trend in genres and music can be relected here each month. This list is updated daily so come back often to see any changes or additions to the list. If you can find a track you like, try another genre such as New School Beats.

Popular Beats for Sale

Depending on your skill level, you can purchase a simple non exclusive beat and write a song to it. If you feel it's hot and may get some traction, get the unlimited use rights. This way you can post it on social media platforms and share it all over the world.

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