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EDM or "Electronic Dance Music" was really pushed into the mainstream when Skrillex hit the scene back in 2009. His unique style of grunge and harsh synth bass lines made him an instant breakout DJ/Producer. He's worked with many super-star status celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Diplo and more. His EDM beats are hardcore hard hittin energy creating music rockets. His shows are so energetic that it boggles the brain how many people show up. EDM music is awesome and the light shows that usually accompany the EDM beats rock just as hard as the music.

As much as we would love to be working directly with Skrillex and Diplo who by the way formed a G-Unit duo band called Jack Ü. Their nationwide tour is on in 2015-2016 and his EDM beats will be the top performer on the platters. We have created about 50 EDM instrumentals here for you to download and use in your production. Use them in videos. I use them all the time with my high energy HD video Production of my SeaDoo as well as when I'm flying my Drones and getting that dope ariel footage that people die for. EDM beats work very well for those type of things.

EDM Beats

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Uptempo EDM Dance Club beat with Vox Chops!
2019 BPM:128 3:49 EDM Club Beat
Pop EDM uptempo cash cash dance type.
2019 BPM:115 3:52 Pop EDM Beat
Guitar EDM dance progression.
2019 BPM:125 3:32 EDM Guitar Rap Beat
Too tropical with drums and EDM synths
2019 BPM:100 3:44 Tropical EDM Beat
EDM house instrumental ready.
2019 BPM:125 3:54 EDM House Beat
EDM progressive electro beat.
2019 BPM:128 3:40 EDM Beat Beat
Reall cool dance EDM vibe on this.
2019 BPM:128 3:55 EDM Dance Beat
EDM dance with house and electro tendencies.
2019 BPM:128 3:30 EDM Dance Beat
Original EDM house synth dance track
2019 BPM:124 3:49 EDM House Dance Beat
Tangled P
808 driven verse with EDM like hook
2019 BPM:160 4:29 Pop EDM Beat
Future bass synth modern EDM
2019 BPM:100 3:52 Future Bass EDM Beat
Chords to future bass synths.
2019 BPM:150 3:12 Future Bass EDM Dance Beat
Starts out EDM, switches to Trap, including tempo.
2019 BPM:140 3:46 EDM Trap Beat
Future bass synths in the drop.
2019 BPM:152 3:12 Future Bass EDM Dance Beat
Midtempo future bass idea
2019 BPM:105 4:20 Future Bass EDM Dance Beat
EDM dance build here with steady drums.
2018 BPM:125 3:52 EDM Beat
EDM track with nice gated synth drop section.
2018 BPM:100 3:40 EDM Beat
EDM track with vocal chops and synths.
2018 BPM:126 4:24 EDM Beat
Dance track with future synths
2018 BPM:125 3:20 EDM Beat
Frantik Dubstep
Frantik beat with a nasty dubstep drop for no reason at all.
2018 BPM:140 4:00 Dubstep Beat
EDM dance track with extra stupid bass sounds.
2018 BPM:125 3:38 EDM Beat
Guitar pop to driving EDM
2018 BPM:128 3:36 EDM Beat
Get Real
Quick EDM Dance build to drop
2018 BPM:128 3:20 EDM Beat
Coach P
Midtempo guitar EDM pop beat
2018 BPM:105 3:39 EDM Pop Beat
EDM Club radio idea
2018 BPM:115 3:52 EDM Club Beat

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