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Don't forget to check out some of our freestyle beats we just added. There's quite a few of them as well as our new afro beats section. These are premium beats made by our top producers. Check them out today in case they are on sale.

In order for you to save files to your iPhone, you'll need to download and install an app such as dropbox. The iPhone and other Apple devices do not allow you to download directly without having an app installed.

Here's the free dropbox app link:

DropBox App for iPhone

How to download the files:

  1. Click on the link you get after purchase or a free beat link
  2. Wait for the file to load (may take a few minutes for 5-12mb files)
  3. After it loads you can play the file (new iOS does not play it)
  4. Near the bottom (iPhone 5 and up) you'll see the icon to save

Click the arrow/folder icon DropBox App

5. Choose Save to DropBox icon
DropBox App

6. The Save screen will pop up
DropBox App

Choose Save and the file is saved to your device

The files are now saved to your dropbox app and/or PC if you have them linked.

Our links expire within a few days to prevent people from posting them all over the internet. You can also try to use a computer like a PC or Mac to download the files because some mobile devices do not allow any types of downloads to them

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