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You can choose from over 10,000 beats and instrumentals to use for your next project, song or video. Find radio ready backing tracks to fit every genre in mp3 and uncompressed wav format for the best studio quality.

Say goodbye to 2019, we've added new rap beats. At 20DollarBeats.com we have the largest selection of freestyle Rap Beats and instrumentals as well as current top 40 type hits like Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Drake beats . You'll easily find radio ready instrumentals to fit every genre in our beat store. You can lease our rap beats in mp3 or wav files (stems for $99) or buy beats on line on our site and choose from over 10,000 beats and instrumentals that are ready for download. You can also use our basic mp3 lease for hip hop instrumentals for radio or background music.

Founded in 2006, 20DollarBeats online has sold over 150,000 instrumentals to 1000's of happy customers. You can use our rap beats for YouTube Music Royalty Free. We have over 10,000 beats for sale produced by 7 music producers & engineers with over a decade of music production experience. We cover every style and genre from R&B to dirty south, boom bap, east coast to Reggae beats as well as beats similar to DJ premier, Kanye West, Dr Dre, and snoop dogg or Travis Scott type beat who have all made a rap name. Each rap producer from 20DB has years of experience creating tracked out songs that are perfect for radio and vocal projects and your rap lyrics. Not only do we have rap beats, but we provide many other genres like R&B beats, Trap Beats, and top 40 instrumentals for all types of styles that you may need.

How much does it cost to buy a beat?

Beat Cost to Buy

Prices for beats vary from $6.95 to $1200 depending on the type of lease you need. There are 3 types of leases and prices.

Non Exclusive, which is sold to other people (not removed), Exclusive, which is exclusive to only you (removed) and Unlimited Use, which is the combination of the two. It's sold to others but allows you to use it on commercial platforms. Depending on what you need to do or use it for, these choices are common for music licensing. There's also a beat subscription type service (in beta now). This allows you to use and download unlimited amount of music beats for a monthly fee. This is for the people who use many tracks and don't want to purchase them all separately. It also make it easier for them to try out many tracks such as in a video edit, without buying them all.

100% Guarantee

Buy high quality backing tracks with 100% customer service with instant downloads, Guaranteed!

20DollarBeats has the best beats & instrumentals hands down. We also offer non exclusive, wav, unlimited and exclusive leases. Just contact us from the contact page for exclusive rap beats prices plus track out wav file & we'll get you pricing and availability. Almost all of our selection of instrumental rap beats are available for exclusive rights as premium wav files and wav track outs by request. You can get exclusive rights and an unlimited lease term at ExclusiveRapBeats.com. You can buy beats online & write lyrics to make a hit as an independent artist with affordable exclusive license and use it on iTunes and Spotify.

June Beats
(1 - 13 of 13 beats)

This one is TOUGH
Pianos hard Drums and weird Synths
Give Me More
Guitars and 808s
On Another Level
With Me
Vibes on Vibes
Pastel Skys
Somewhere on a beach
Different Side
Orchestras and 808s
Pianos Harps and 808s
Dont Wait 4 Me
Hypnotic Sounds
Ultimate VIBE
Built Better
Tough Times
Summer Bliss
Post Malone Vibes

Featured Beats

No Dayz Off
Migos x Gucci Mane Type Beat
Thicc drums with hot guitar riffs.
6/8 rhythm synth ballad.
Casanova P
Boom-Bap banger with a heavy bass

Perfect Combo
Name a better Duo, I'll wait
Future RnB chill track with sweet chords.
Midtempo future pop sound.
Fhanga P
Future afrobeats with modern pop flavor.

Get Exclusive Rights for only $299 for a limited time.

Make Something

The Real Deal

Purchase & buy rap beats on line from our beat store, with over 10,000 rap beats for sale. We're sure you'll find the right rap beat instrumental to make your song great with instant delivery. If you don't hear one you like, we can also create custom rap beats for you and your freestyle rap ideas and/or social media.

When making a hit song on the radio, it's important to have a modern instrumental beat (like a trap instrumental or east coast type beats) if you do trap music, that's current and can climb the charts.

Instrumentals music from 20DB are a good way to try and see if you can make a hit with a rap instrumental beat at a cheap cost.

Whether you need instrumental songs or a beat for your lyrics, or royalty free music, or you want to do a music video, 20DollarBeats has the reputation of top 40 hip hop instrumental beats that are royalty free for your projects from top hip hop producers.

When buying beats, or you need a tracked out lease, unlimited lease or a premium lease, visit our Exclusive Beats site or contact us for more info.

What is a rap beat?

A rap beat or musical production is a combination of sounds such as kick drums, snares, claps and synths as well as a top layer pattern that makes a song recognizable. Before the lyrics are added, the beat itself is catchy and makes, what we call a backing track, to the rest of the full song when it's complete.

What are good beats to rap to?

Trap banger with scary sounding choirs, synths and 808s
Timbaland-inspired banger with catchy guitars and punchy drums
Bora Bora
Up-tempo trap banger with melodic synths and heavy 808s
Casanova P
Boom-Bap banger with a heavy bass
Santiago P
Trap/Boom-Bap banger with a Latin flavour
Turkish Bounce P
Boom-Bap banger with a middle eastern vibe
Money Callin P
Hard Trap Banger

We have many beats and rap instrumentals for sale and free beats in our catalog since hip hop music changes so rapidly such as hardcore trap music, hip hop rap, trap, school beat, club banger, hip-hop beats, Chris Brown or Gucci beats with hook and more type beats available for mp3 lease. Use the menu tabs on the top left to browse our full catalog of beats and instrumentals in just about every genre for mp3 lease. You get untagged beats after purchase from our top beat producers, as a link to your email address.

Download an instrumental track, rap beat, free trap beat, Hip Hop Beat, free R&B Beats, EDM beats, Dub Step, Reggaeton beats, Custom beats, Dirty South rap instrumental or some west coast beats plus many more. If you're looking for a free beat just to try out, You can go here to get a free beat. They are usually updated each month so check back if you already have them all.

If you cant find a particular instrumental, be sure to contact us and we'll try to help you get the right beats online for you.

Free Beats

Everyone needs something for free. It's good to get something for nothing sometimes. When looking for music for your next project, it's not likely that you'll use a free beat for a serious thing you may be working on. However, from time to time, a free track can be useful for testing out a work in progress. Here's a link to some Free beats we offer every month. You can also join the mailing list and get a free beat each month. We send out emails to our dedicated fans and loyal customers 2-4x per month with exclusive offers and free beats to try out.

Rap Instrumentals

If you're looking for instrumental hip hop, advertisement music, wav leases or instrumentals music, please contact us. You can get wav leases of our music production. They come as wav files if you purchase the stems (track outs). Stem beats online are $99 per song. When a beat is sold exclusive, it's removed from the beats store. Get a premium wav or premium lease for higher quality. Get the best beats of all time.

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