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Beats for Sale   Beats for Sale

Beats for Sale offers Beats for Sale and hip hop instrumentals for lease and exclusive rights sale. After your purchase, you'll get a download link to the full track within minutes. You can download it and record right away... no waiting. And with 7 of the top producers on the internet and around the country, we're sure you'll have the best tracks. With Placements on MTV, VH1, BET and many more, our work is solid and we have the experience and reputation to prove it. With over 10,000 beats for sale, you know we're on top.

On this page you find Beats for Sale that will fit many hip hop styles and genres. Please choose one or more from the following list below. Now that's a good deal. You cant get a better offer or instrumental anywhere.

Beats for sale cheap

Featured Instrumentals

(1 - 56 of 56)

So Lost
Good beat for a meaninful song.
from $4.95
Sad guitar based hiphop.
from $4.95
Charge It
Dark hiphop with a touch of drill.
from $4.95
See Clear
Strong hiphop beat with a cinematic touch.
from $4.95
Good Luck
dark freestyle rap beat.
from $4.95
Never Meant To
Emotional hiphop beat.
from $4.95
Blood Money
Chicago drill type.
from $4.95
Energetic hiphop with hard drums.
from $4.95
Sounds like the beat's title.
from $4.95
Hiphop with a sense of 2 step.
from $4.95
Random but interesting hip hop
from $4.95
Pumping trap beat with wall of synths
from $4.95
Hip hop almost lofi and xxl drums
from $4.95
House EDM beat with cool bass
from $4.95
Goes from Afrobeat to downtempo
from $4.95
Rap beat with synths and tight drums
from $4.95
Full arranged trap to EDM drop beat
from $4.95
Pop beat with chord melodic synths
from $4.95
RnB flavor with distant vocal chop
from $4.95
Raw hard style drop on this one, good luck!
from $4.95
Bring back 00s dance bangers
from $4.95
Horror string downbeat trap banger
from $4.95
Uptempo club banger with close synths
from $4.95
Afro dance beat with smooth guitar
from $4.95
Jdilla hip hop vibe on this is nice.
from $4.95
Club beat with 808 bass and synths
from $4.95
House EDM dance beat with nice chord and bass.
from $4.95
Rap hip hop beat with 36mafia drums
from $4.95
Latin afrobeat cuban vibe in here
from $4.95
New school RnB idea.
from $4.95
House dance beat with nice bass section.
from $4.95
End Of Story
Smooth instrumental with catchy keys and punhcy drums
from $4.95
Hate The Game
Hard banger with punchy drums
from $4.95
Buckle Up
Smooth trap banger
from $4.95
Jay Z/Nas type banger
from $4.95
Too Much
Hard trap banger
from $4.95
Shoulda Known
Smooth instrumental with punhcy drums and catchy guitars
from $4.95
Exit Wounds
Hard street banger
from $4.95
Smooth banger with catchy melodies and hard drums
from $4.95
Smooth trap beat with catchy keys and synths
from $4.95
Ego Trip
Smooth mid-tempo instrumental with catchy guitars
from $4.95
Grow Apart
Smooth afrobeat type vibe with catchy guitars and keys
from $4.95
Hard trap banger
from $4.95
Au Revoir
Smooth instrumental with a heavy bass and catchy melodies
from $4.95
Mid-tempo banger with catchy guitars and punhcy drums
from $4.95
Hard drill banger with a middle-eastern feel
from $4.95
No Fear
Dark banger with catchy keys and guitars
from $4.95
Pull Away
Dark mid-tempo trap instrumental
from $4.95
No Chance
Hard trap banger with classical sounding samples and heavy 808s
from $4.95
Drake type banger
from $4.95
Club Banger
from $4.95
Hard banger with indian vocal samples
from $4.95
Smooth instrumental with catchy keys and punhcy drums
from $4.95
Not The Same
Smooth mid-tempo trap beat with catchy synths
from $4.95
Hard street banger with an old movie soudning sample
from $4.95
Smooth chords, keys and deep 808s
from $4.95

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20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive Sale License

When you buy Non Exclusive Beats for Sale ....

The royalty free non-exclusive musical compositions sold by 20DollarBeats remain the property of 20DollarBeats and are licensed, not sold, to you the licensee.

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License grants you (the licensee) the right to use 20DollarBeats' royalty-free compositions (NE) only for Radio Advertisement, Commercial Advertisement, Television Advertisement, Internet Background Music, On-Hold & In-House Background Music, and/or Artist Demonstrations.

Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson -

At we offer different types of Beats for Sale for different types of artists. Our Beats for Sale cater to rappers, jazz musicians, video producers and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free rap beat section. There you will find some cool loops and beats on sale for Acid and other music editing programs.

If you need any help or more information about our leasing or pricing, feel free to contact us at 800-803-7106 toll free during regular business hours. We can help you with any questions you might have about buying beats online.

If you like Beats for Sale, you may also like some of our other beats made from our experienced producers. If you want your beats and rap instrumentals with trackout wavs or unlimited lease, contact us for details.

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