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Latest Rap Beats Latest Rap Beats

Latest Rap Beats

This is a new section called latest Rap Beats and is updated each month as new beats are uploaded. is the only site where you can get the sickest rap beats for lease for less than $20.00 each. If you want the best rap beats, this is where you'll find them.

The list below is in monthly order. We do not want to show preference for one producer over another. These beats are made from several producers and will be a sick addition to your hip hop lyrics. If you are a rap artist, these beats will get you in the right direction for your hip hop mixtape or promo. Make demos and give em out. Get some recognition for your skillz.


Latest Rap Beats

Click the the arrow to hear a high quality preview of a new 20Dollar Beat.

Sept Aug July June May April Mar

Sept 2015

Heat Tucked$20.00$6.95
Super Gangsta YG Style Slapper
About That Time$20.00$6.95
Energetic And Catchy Horn Based Club Banger
On Tha Floor$20.00$6.95
Super Catchy Club Banger
East Atlanta$20.00$6.95
Gucci Mane Type Trap Banger
Turnt Out$20.00$6.95
Ace Hood Type Trap Anthem
Kid Ink/Dj Mustard Style Club Hit
Hell Bent$20.00$6.95
Dark Drake Style Banger
The Stickup$20.00$6.95
Tyga Style Trap Hit
Love 4 Tha Money$20.00$6.95
Undeniable Trap Single
Let's Get High$20.00$6.95
Bouncy G-Funk Type Beat

Drunk n Ratchet$20.00$6.95
Club pop melodic bounce
Latin Reggaeton Salsa Music
Guest List$20.00$6.95
Hi energy trap beat music
Nobody Knows U$20.00$6.95
Cool new wave dirty south
Closer Reggae$20.00$6.95
New turn on modern reggae
Good 4 Me$20.00$6.95
Drum n Bass music
One Plus 1$20.00$6.95
80s pop new wave music
Half A Heart$20.00$6.95
Emotional EDM beat
Good 2 Me$20.00$6.95
Pop new school hip hop wave
Guetta type dance music
DnR Club$20.00$6.95
Club street version of drunk n ratchet
Horn driven trap beat
Le Old Camel$20.00$6.95
Club banger with synth
Swing hip hop power move

Sept Aug July June May April Mar

Aug 2015

Feel Good$20.00$6.95
High energy club alla Iggy.
EDM Hiphop fusion
Our Father$20.00$6.95
Kanye Style Abstract Piano Beat
Beautiful Danger$20.00$6.95
Amazing switch up beat
Empire Lost$20.00$6.95
Stupid Trap Track
Hard Hitting Gucci Mane Trap
Big trapstep build up beat
Hit It Up$20.00$6.95
Catchy Club Banger
Chop Suey$20.00$6.95
Trap Beat
Electro EDM club beat
Nu Bounce$20.00$6.95
Pop club trap fusion
J Hendrix$20.00$6.95
Future ft OG Maco beat
United Trapdom$20.00$6.95
Krazy Trap Rap Beat
LBC Thang$20.00$6.95
West Coast Joint
More Bounce$20.00$6.95
Bouncey Dj Quik West Coast
OVO Type
Trap Beat
Super dark Drill
Can I$20.00$6.95
Dirty South Banger
Say Yeah$20.00$6.95
Sounds like Wiz, Kid Ink and Fetty Wap
Random Act Of Violence$20.00$6.95
YG Style Club
Time Fly$20.00$6.95
Edgy trap banger
U Alone$20.00$6.95
Nice urban mid-tempo beat
Madison Square$20.00$6.95
Drake Type Beat
Dive Deep$20.00$6.95
R&B & Trap Beat
New School Hip Hop Banger
Get Up$20.00$6.95
Undeniable hiphop w/Westcoast influences
Off Da Bench$20.00$6.95
TIP type trap beat
What u Need$20.00$6.95
Dirty South Trap Beat
After You$20.00$6.95
Deep House Smash Dance
Summer Face$20.00$6.95
Pop summer Electro vibe
Dark Night$20.00$6.95
Drake Instrumental
Can't Be Stopped$20.00$6.95
Fast Paced New School Beat
Black Cats$20.00$6.95
Next level weird track
You Can't Play$20.00$6.95
Wierd Rap Beat
Travis $cott type beat w/electric guitars
Baking Soda$20.00$6.95
South Trap Style Beat
Really On Top Of My Shit
Real Is Real$20.00$6.95
Meek's diss beat at Drake
Young and Reckless$20.00$6.95
Gutter West coast street YG or Nipsey
Your Last Warning$20.00$6.95
Dark Trap Instrumental
Trey Songz
Left Behind$20.00$6.95
Jeezy Type
Can't Cross The Yard$20.00$6.95
Beat with a rock edge
Niche Doe$20.00$6.95
Bouncy Club pop track!
Money Shower$20.00$6.95
Trap Beat Single
Another One$20.00$6.95
Chris Brown type beat
Save U$20.00$6.95
Grand hip hop rnb banger
Roger That$20.00$6.95
Thugga ft Migos type beat
Future type trap
Turn Over$20.00$6.95
Stupid Trap beat
Teen Spirit$20.00$6.95
EDM electro smash
R&B west coast
Where Was He$20.00$6.95
Hard trap dirty south idea
Story To Tell$20.00$6.95
Kid Ink Style New School
Sitting In The Dark$20.00$6.95
Dark Trap
Naughty Girl$20.00$6.95
Chris Brown Club Hit
Trap Club Beat

Sept Aug July June May April Mar


July 2015

Smooth R&B/Trap beat
Dead Wrong$20.00$6.95
Yo Gotti Type Trap Beat
Late Night Tip$20.00$6.95
Hard Hittin Synthy Trap Banger
LA Girls$20.00$6.95
Funky YG Style
Strain K$20.00$6.95
Midwest hip hop club
Empire Lost$20.00$6.95
Uptempo Trap Heat
Fell Right$20.00$6.95
RnB instrumental banger
West Up$20.00$6.95
YG ft DjMustard type hiphop hit.
Reppin Time$20.00$6.95
Weird & Spooky Trap Track
Lookin Good$20.00$6.95
Reggaeton Dancehall
Grind Harder$20.00$6.95
Fast pace Trap Banger
Playing with Toyz$20.00$6.95
Trap Street Record
Do It 4 Me$20.00$6.95
Catchy Kid Ink Type Club Single
Crisp Line Up$20.00$6.95
Taking you back to the trap
Rage Out$20.00$6.95
Dope Eminem Style Hip-Hop Instrumental
Arabian trap banger
Doprah Winfrey$20.00$6.95
Classic Trap Beat
Hardcore Street Trap Track
It's Nothin$40.00$6.95
Radio Ready Top 40 Chris Brown Beat w/hook
Hiphop summer hit Kid Ink style.
Thou Shall Not$20.00$6.95
Rick Ross Style Trap Beat
Is Home$20.00$6.95
Emotional EDM instrumental
Mama Said$20.00$6.95
Emotional trap banger.
Pop reggaeton radio
Band Leader$20.00$6.95
Supid Strings in the Dirty South Record
Ty$ or YG type of summer hit.
Chalk-em Out$20.00$6.95
Big Brass dirty South Track
Show N Save$20.00$6.95
Uptempo Banger
She Go$20.00$6.95
Sexy Trap & R&B Banger
Bitches n Hoes$20.00$6.95
Fetty Wap type
Lead To You$20.00$6.95
Electronic Music dance
Cry Later$20.00$6.95
Laid back club anthem ala Dj Snake.
Put It Back$20.00$6.95
Trap and DJ Mustard Blend
Inspiring guitar based trap hiphop fusion.
Do Something$20.00$6.95
Trap Future or 2Chainz style.
Sexy rnb with a trap edge.
Great Track with unbelievable hook
Horrible Smoke$20.00$6.95
One of a kind trap record
Street Certified$20.00$6.95
Ace Hood Style Trap Anthem
Look Alive$20.00$6.95
Drake style record
Blue Bloods$20.00$6.95
Meek Mill kills this
Alone Again$20.00$6.95
Ambient Chris Brown Style R&B Beat
Bad Luck$20.00$6.95
French Montana Style Trap Anthem
Meek Mill Type
Big Hair$20.00$6.95
First Classic Rock Beat on 20dollarbeats
EDM dance music beat
Clean Moves$20.00$6.95
Crazy Piano Trap Beat
Loaded Gunz$20.00$6.95
Super Weird New era beat
Gainst The Wall$20.00$6.95
Kevin Gates type trap banger with guitars.
Wierd hip hop epicness
Strapped Up$20.00$6.95
Trap Banger
Rae Sremmurd type minimal trap beat.
Pay Back$20.00$6.95
Bring Crunk Back
Fair Game$20.00$6.95
Radio guitar pop hit
Aggressive MMG Type Trap Beat

Sept Aug July June May April Mar

June 2015

Only and Always$20.00$6.95
Urban top 40
Trap beat for the smokers. Currensy, Wiz or Asap style.
Gold Chainz$20.00$6.95
Migos Type Trapper With Crazy Drums
Fair Enough$20.00$6.95
Modern club/pop record that sounds like Iggy or Charlie XcX.
Born Hustler$20.00$6.95
Barter 6 Young Thug Style Trap Joint
Like It Or Not$20.00$6.95
Catchy Club Banger With Dope 808's
Aint Shit$20.00$6.95
Westcoast club / hiphop banger YG style.
Les Memoires$20.00$6.95
Modernized hiphop storyteller beat.
Uptempo radio rock pop
Billboard-hit sounding trap beat.
Too Clean$20.00$6.95
Energetic trap French Montana or Schmurda style.
Out the Sky$20.00$6.95
Sumertime Chill
80s vibe pop radio
God Knows$20.00$6.95
Hiphop with rock influences ala Yelawolf.
3 Done$20.00$6.95
Dance EDM music
Dope Dealer$20.00$6.95
Future/Travi$ Scott Style Trap Beat
Can't Tell Me Nothin'$20.00$6.95
YG/Ty Dolla Sign Type Banger
Club hitter pop banger
Experimental Dubstep trap
Imagine Dragons vibe
Fetty Wap type hitmaker beat.
Come Right Back$20.00$6.95
Heartfelt Music
Pyrex King$20.00$6.95
O.T. Genasis Type Trap Anthem
Believe It$20.00$6.95
Summertime Hustle Music
Shoebox Money$20.00$6.95
Young Thug/ Metro Boomin Type Banger
Watch Me Do It$20.00$6.95
Catchy/Playful Club Beat
One Direction type beat
Fk U$20.00$6.95
Modern club / radio banger that Chris Brown could use.
Make Ya Bounce$20.00$6.95
Super Bouncy West Coast Hit
Keyz Now$20.00$6.95
Mid tempo urban pop
Get Rich$20.00$6.95
Tyga Style Trap Banger
Indie rock pop type
City Lights$20.00$6.95
Deep 808s
From the Start$20.00$6.95
Top 40 ready
One Night Only$20.00$6.95
Smooth Urban with 808s
One Time$20.00$6.95
Classic west vibe
Intense feel w hard drums
Grimy Drake type beat.
Until Then$20.00$6.95
Ariana Grande vibe
Who Would You$20.00$6.95
Nice RnB Beat music
Dark grimey type beat

Sept Aug July June May April Mar

May 2015

Dead Or Alive$20.00$6.95
2 Chainz Style Trap Banger
Nothin' To It$20.00$6.95
Dope French Montana Style Banger
Hold That$20.00$6.95
Mid west type banger
Catchy indie-pophop beat.
She Just Don't Know$20.00$6.95
Best R&B Track ever!!!
Nighten Stay$20.00$6.95
Pop dance EDM
Talkin Numbers$20.00$6.95
Another Maybach Musical Banger
After Midnight$20.00$6.95
Bangin Drake Style Beat
Aug Gosp$20.00$6.95
Energy South Club Beat
Soul-ish hip hop that sounds like J Cole or Nas.
Burner Holdup$20.00$6.95
Smooth Hard hitting R&B Record
Throw It Bacc$20.00$6.95
Bouncy YG Style West Coast Beat
Monster In Me$20.00$6.95
Guitar-based Hiphop like Em or Yela.
What We Talkin Bout$20.00$6.95
R&B at its finest
The Chill$20.00$6.95
Laid back urban ala Jhene Aiko.
Emotional urban.
Close My Eyes$20.00$6.95
Beautiful piano string arrangement
Glocc 9$20.00$6.95
High Energy Meek Mill Type Trapper
Lost Planet$20.00$6.95
Futuristic/Ambient Style R&B Beat
Live By The Sword$20.00$6.95
Aggressive synth w/guitars & hook
Better Dayz$20.00$6.95
Catchy Vintage HipHop Beat
Paper Chase$20.00$6.95
Kevin Gates type traphop.
Story telling type hip hop
Taylor Made$20.00$6.95
Smooth Hip Hop Banger
Crysta Clear$20.00$6.95
RnB smooth hip hop
Cuffs On$20.00$6.95
Slow Motion Trap Track
Photo Pefect$20.00$6.95
Drake & Young type Trap Beat
Steady Stackin'$20.00$6.95
Catchy "Coco" Type Trap Anthem
Beast mode trap hip hop
Million Fetti$20.00$6.95
Gutter Trap Beat
Smooth Maybach type hip hip track
808 bass club hitt
Night Riders$20.00$6.95
Energetic Kanye/Jay-Z Type Banger
Switch Places$20.00$6.95
Maybach Music type track
Hope U Know$20.00$6.95
R&B Trap Track
Kitchen Work$20.00$6.95
Trap banger with an Eastern touch.
Day One$20.00$6.95
Trap track worthy of TIP
Thirst Quencher$20.00$6.95
Catchy Tyga Type Club Single
Tell Ya What$20.00$6.95
Trap Banger
Drake style hip hop instrumental

Sept Aug July June May April Mar

April 2015

Pop with nice back beat
Pop radio music beat
Crucial hiphop rnb beat
Is This Right$20.00$6.95
Radio EDM track
Dance beat with house drop
Da Box$20.00$6.95
Uptempo beat with saxophone
Space Mode$20.00$6.95
Kanye type beat
Purp Brasso$20.00$6.95
Dirty south crossover beat
Latin Electronic Dancehall beat
Uptempo happy pop beat

Last Night$20.00$6.95
Chris Brown Vibe
Lost For Years$20.00$6.95
Good Music, Urban Top 40
The Internet$20.00$6.95
Childish Gambino Vibe
Daylight with Hook$20.00$6.95
Long nights outside waiting for Daylight. Hustler Music.
Out Of Options$20.00$6.95
This One Knocks
Last Straw$20.00$6.95
Catchy Lil Wayne Type Trap Beat
For A Minute$20.00$6.95
Tyga/Chris Brown Style Club Anthem
Future/Metro Boomin Style Trap Single
Win Or Lose$20.00$6.95
Southern hiphop. Boosie Badazz style.
The Set Up$20.00$6.95
Eminem Dr Dre Style
Smooth Chris Brown Type Beat
Ulterior Motives$20.00$6.95
Grimey Drake Style Banger
Jump Up$20.00$6.95
808-Heavy YG Style Banger
Long nights outside waiting for Daylight. Hustler Music.
I Know$20.00$6.95
Piano based trap. Young Thug style.
Gang Violence$20.00$6.95
YG/DJ Mustard Style West Coast Knocker
1 For The Money$20.00$6.95
Floaty newschool hiphop like Wiz or Kid Ink.
Come Get It$20.00$6.95
Aggressive Jay-Z/Kanye Style HipHop Beat
Easy Does It$20.00$6.95
"Truffle Butter" Style Drake/Nicki Minaj Type Banger
Diplo Style
Kid Ink Style Club/Radio Single
Fast Life$20.00$6.95
Dark Jeezy type banger.
F It$20.00$6.95
Catchy newschool hiphop. Kid Ink-ish.
Mexican Connect$20.00$6.95
Heavy Hitting Gucci Mane Style Trap Single
Get Used 2 It$20.00$6.95
Kevin Gates Style Trap Banger
All Night$20.00$6.95
Calvin Harris Vibe
No Worries$20.00$6.95
Pop hop with electric guitars at its core.
Never Long$20.00$6.95
Hip Hop Beat
Super Bouncy G-Funk Style Beat
Take It All$20.00$6.95
Young Thug Style Trap Beat
C Ya$20.00$6.95
Radio friendly hiphop ala Wiz or Kid Ink.
Cash On Delivery$20.00$6.95
T.I. Feel To This One
The Plug$20.00$6.95
Reggea influenced trap music.
Breaking Down$20.00$6.95
Hard Beat Smooth Sound
Last Call$20.00$6.95
Twerk Style Beat
T.I. Style
Cant Run From It$20.00$6.95
Throwback Lox Style
Mucho Loco$20.00$6.95
Super Catchy Iggy Azalea Style Hit
Love Punch$20.00$6.95
Trap vs Twerk
Out The Gate$20.00$6.95
Future Style Trap Hit With Crazy Bass
This Could Be Us$20.00$6.95
Summer Time In The Winter
Y'aint Ready$20.00$6.95
Dramatic 2 Chainz Style Trap Banger
Do It Like That$20.00$6.95
Chris Brown x Tyga Style Club Smash
Brick By Brick$20.00$6.95
Kevin Gates x Rick Ross type of trap banger.
Coke Like The 80's$20.00$6.95
2 Chainz Type Banger
Live Music Feel
Not Human$20.00$6.95
High Energy Ace Hood Style Anthem
Sept Aug July June May April Mar

March 2015

Beautiful pop EDM
Minimal trap beat Rae Sremmurd style
Great RnB reggae sound design
Moving Oz$20.00$6.95
Drake type banger
Mid-tempo urban pop
Nothing Alike$20.00$6.95
Tyga x Chris Brown type beat
Re Up$20.00$6.95
Future x Migos type trap banger
Street Etude$20.00$6.95
Dark piano based hiphop
Dubstep electro underground
EDM pop banger
Icono pop type music
EDM Pop music
Hip hop street track
Juicy J type trap beat
Crazy trap banger
Im Ready$20.00$6.95
Weezy type of hiphop banger
L8 Again$20.00$6.95
Pop with some synth
Holdin On$20.00$6.95
Pop with an edge of rock
Good On This Side$20.00$6.95
Drake type of hiphop/trap beat
Crazy EDM banger
Uptempo urban club banger
Dark trap music
Underground club trap music
Atmospheric hiphop YMCMB style
Epic dirty south trap
Uplifting indie pop music
How U Feel$20.00$6.95
Drake vs Lil Wayne type
Private View$20.00$6.95
Radio Swag Rap Music
dirty south track with synth

Sept Aug July June May April Mar

February 2015

2 Chainz Style Trap Banger
Mostly Wanted$20.00$6.95
Hip hop banger with strings
In My Zone$20.00$6.95
Smoking Music. Curren$y Would Kill It.
Look Back At It$20.00$6.95
Chris Brown x Tyga Style Club Single
Steal U$20.00$6.95
RnB Synth guitar track
Flume type music
Indie rock beat
West Coast Thang$20.00$6.95
Classic G Funk Style Beat
Story Telling Type Trap Beat
Dont U Dare$20.00$6.95
Electronic trap south beat
Fresh EDM Dance Music
Gave Ya$20.00$6.95
Mid tempo banger
The AfterParty$20.00$6.95
It Sounds Just Like The Title Says.
Candle Bath$20.00$6.95
Smooth RnB track
Hood Justice$20.00$6.95
Wiz Khalifa Type Trap Banger
Talk Too Much$20.00$6.95
Gucci Mane Type Trap Hit
Rotten Apple$20.00$6.95
50 Cent Style Hip Hop Banger
Straight Outta Compton$20.00$6.95
YG Style New West Banger
Been Ready$20.00$6.95
Dirty South Trap banger
Rise Up$20.00$6.95
Powerful Kid Ink Style Radio Anthem
Remain There$20.00$6.95
Indie electronic rock
Bag It Up$20.00$6.95
Kevin Gates Type Trapper
Make Me Flip$20.00$6.95
Future Style Trap Anthem
Watch It$20.00$6.95
Hard EDM track
All Or Nothing$20.00$6.95
Bangin 2 Chainz Style Trap Beat
Under Pressure$20.00$6.95
Hardcore HipHop With Some NewSchool Sprinkles
Radio Aktive$20.00$6.95
A$AP Rocky x Tech N9ne Type Banger
Love Dont Live Here$20.00$6.95
Pophop Chart & Radiokiller.
Trap Love$20.00$6.95
B.o.B. Style Radio Hit
Catch A Vibe$20.00$6.95
Dreamy HipHop Like Wiz, A$AP or SchoolBoYQ.
Country meets hip hop
Red Dust$20.00$6.95
Smooth yet edgy RnB
Mid tempo west coast banger
Club Goin' Up$20.00$6.95
Tyga Style Club Hit
Aggressive Ace Hood Style Smash
Trap electronic club
Young Thug Feat. RHQ Type Of Beat.
Get Down$20.00$6.95
Unique/Futuristic Type Club Banger
Sorry 4$20.00$6.95
Weezy Mixtape Style.
Sounds Like BoB feat. Taylor Swift !
Million Dollar Diva$20.00$6.95
EDM with nice LFO synths
Electronic dub pop beat
Pure Oil$20.00$6.95
RnB south type track
On Purp$20.00$6.95
Kevin Gates Style Trap Banger
Lonely Girls$20.00$6.95
Powerful Chris Brown Style R&B Jam

Sept Aug July June May April Mar

January 2015

OG Water$40.00$6.95
Crazy club banger
Ur Demand$20.00$6.95
Trending pop sound
EDM dance 2015
Super hard south beat
Pop Iggy Beat
321 Take$20.00$6.95
Acoustic Americana Pop
Mono Or Stereo$20.00$6.95
Floor shaker in vain of YG or Kid Ink
Hold My Own$20.00$6.95
Energetic Dirty South / Trap anthem
Dance 120bpm
Club beat with 808
No Genre$20.00$6.95
Pop Club Hiphop. All in one.
Love 4 U$20.00$6.95
Drake ft Wayne would murder this
Under The Sun$20.00$6.95
Radio hit in the vain of Gymclassheroes, BoB or Bruno Mars.
Reggaeton meets Dancehall
Ur Supply$40.00$6.95
Smooth RnB music
Fat Kid$20.00$6.95
Nice west coast club
My City$20.00$6.95
Sounds like TI HustleGang or French Montana
On Fleek$20.00$6.95
Minimal club banger tyga style
Epic emotion beat
Nice Suit$20.00$6.95
Flashy pop music
Dubstep in the chill
Cry Out Now$20.00$6.95
Smooth Reggae Beat
For Sure$20.00$6.95
Pop Hop like BoB or GymClassHeroes

Sept Aug July June May April Mar

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License

When you buy a Non Exclusive Dirty South Beat

The royalty free non-exclusive musical compositions sold by 20DollarBeats remain the property of 20DollarBeats and are licensed, not sold, to you the licensee.

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License grants you (the licensee) the right to use 20DollarBeats' royalty-free compositions (NE rap beats) only for Radio Advertisement, Commercial Advertisement, Television Advertisement, Internet Background Music, On-Hold & In-House Background Music, and/or Artist Demonstrations.

Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions and/or rap beats can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson -


At we offer different types of Dirty South Beats for different types of artists. Our rap beats cater to rappers, jazz musicians, video producers, DJ's and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free rap beat section. There you will find some cool loops and beats for Acid and other music editing programs.

Latest Rap Beats

Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests.

Download Rap Beats for sale, hip hop samples and music instrumentals. Exclusive and non exclusive beats and samples. Hip hop beats and instrumentals for hip hop rap artists, rap music producers, video editors and Dj's. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing Latest Rap Beats to understand how leasing a rap beat works.

Latest Rap Beats

Latest Rap Beats Latest Rap Beats
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