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Latest Rap Beats

Latest Rap Beats Latest Rap Beats

Latest Rap Beats

Older Beats
Need an older track? Use the link above | All Beats are $ 4.95 all day!

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July June May Apr Mar Feb Jan
The July Collection
For July, we got a nice selection of R&B beats just for you. These are produced specifically for 20DollarBeats by our Award Winning Producers. You can buy these beats for only 4.95 each. Don't forget, if you want exclusive beats rights to any of these tracks, contact us and request it. We'll send you an email with the prices and availability.

Half It$20.00$4.95
If Kid Ink used a piano in a beat
DJ Snake Beat
Still Got It$20.00$4.95
Drive Music
Catchy Tyga Style Club Beat With Heavy 808s
Nothin By It$20.00$4.95
Future.Drake Vibes
Real xylophone was used in this
Whoopty Whoop$20.00$4.95
YG Style West Coast Beat w/Bounce
From the Outside$20.00$4.95
Guitars and 808s
I Choose You$20.00$4.95
Smooth rnb Trey Songz style.
Live Life$20.00$4.95
Pop-Hop ala BoB.
Trunk Musik$20.00$4.95
New Migos Style Trap Beat With Catchy Bass
On Everything$20.00$4.95
Champion Sound
Jsthat no ld$20.00$4.95
no ld = no lead synth sound
The Calmth$20.00$4.95
Smooth Jhene Aiko type track
New drop on this one
Set Fire$20.00$4.95
Energetic Jay-z Type Trap Beat With Crazy Plucks
Nu skool pop reggeaton noise
AVOID Me$20.00$4.95
Aggressive sound
Throwback Cash Money Vibe
Dirty Bounce
This wasn't made on earth
Plaza Suite$20.00$4.95
Rich Sh*t
Old school RnB mixed with Modern Drums
Run My City$20.00$4.95
WATTBA Drake/Future Style Hit Instrumental
Room Service$20.00$4.95
Laid back Summer Vibes
Sounds like loyal with a flute
Another Friday$20.00$4.95
Smooth G Funk Style West Coast Beat
Never Better$20.00$4.95
Reflective track
Odd Wish$20.00$4.95
Finally a beat with real instruments
Long Nights$20.00$4.95
West Coast Instrumental
Cali Lyfe$20.00$4.95
West Coast Type Rap Beat With Dope Rhodes
I Choose You$20.00$4.95
Smooth rnb Trey Songz style.
Modern Hip Hop
One of One$20.00$4.95
Music for a Movie
Drake and 40 lemme borrow this
On the Road Again$20.00$4.95
Sam Hunt mixed with Hip Hop Drums
Artist Friendly Young Thug Type Trap Instrumental
New Style Funk Beat
The Game You Played$20.00$4.95
The chill
Pull Up$20.00$4.95
Ultimate Cool Vibes
Only the Beginning$20.00$4.95
Feel good Pop
Tropical rnb hit.
Suss 1$20.00$4.95
This beat is a story - pls read it to me
Gold Spokes$20.00$4.95
West Coast G Funk Instrumental
Fresh Out$20.00$4.95
Kanye ft Gucci vibe
Give Me Everything$20.00$4.95
Summertime Fling
Down south sample trap hip hop
Down That Road$20.00$4.95
Country meets trap ala Yelawolf.
Go ahead and sing to this
Melodic Bliss
Don't Trip$20.00$4.95
YG westcoast type.
ambient banger
Im Still Missing You$20.00$4.95
Tropical rnb that's hot right now.
Black Stroke$20.00$4.95
Hawaiian reggae with a cigar on a boat
July June May Apr Mar Feb Jan
The June Collection
This month we have a wide selection of rap beats catered to the top 40 genre. This includes Fetty and Diplo type as well as others. Right now, you can get them for Only 4.95 each. Don't forget, if you want exclusive beats rights to any of these tracks, contact us and request it. We'll send you an email with the prices and availability.

What does your sub smell like
Guitar plus edm hip hop
Its like grime met edm and they "hugged"
Dont buy this one its too good
Street type beat
I spelled Bronx wrong sorry
I found another Arabic flute
not a panda either
Possible Too$20.00$4.95
Industry aint ready for this
Easy Go$20.00$4.95
Guitar Ed Sheeran type
Chia Boo$20.00$4.95
I found this Arabic flute
not a panda
Drake type wanna be
Lazer Beam$20.00$4.95
Upbeat but laid back at the same time
Make it Through$20.00$4.95
Feel Good Music
Simple but Hard Westcoast
Always Follow$20.00$4.95
The Vibes
Clairity Feel
Urban Pop Feel
Tropical Pop
Quick Flip$20.00$4.95
Wiz Khalifa vibes
Driving with the windows Down Music
Special Edition$20.00$4.95
Classic Eminem and Dre
Urban Top 40
Intended for dope bars only
Whole Summer$20.00$4.95
A simple beat to get your bars off
Hammer Gang$20.00$4.95
Dope 50 Cent Style East Coast
Handz Up$20.00$4.95
Catchy Hit Pop Instrumental
The Potion$20.00$4.95
Dramatic Yo Gotti Type Trap Instrumental
California 4 Life$20.00$4.95
Smooth Nate Dogg Style G Funk Beat
808 Heavy Rae Sremmurd/Future Type Trap
Side To Side$20.00$4.95
Bouncy Tyga Club Beat With Reggae Vocals
Hood Sh!t$20.00$4.95
Dave East would kill this
Need A Moment$20.00$4.95
Emotional rap track
Work For Me$20.00$4.95
Ty Dolla $ign Type Club Instrumental
By Meself$20.00$4.95
Club track EDM
Way Back When$20.00$4.95
East Coast Notorious BIG Style HipHop Piano Beat
Summer Forever$20.00$4.95
West Coast Smooth Rhodes and Bassline
Kevin Gates Type Trap With Guitar
Great beat for Migos or Young Thug
Epic Jeezy Style
1 On The Side$20.00$4.95
Fetty Wap Style
1 On The Side w/ hook$20.00$4.95
Commercial Fetty Wap.
Sunshine & Low Riders$20.00$4.95
Dj Quik Style West Coast Hit With Dope Synth
Yacht Club$20.00$4.95
Luxurious Rick Ross Style Maybach Music
I Still Bleed$20.00$4.95
Yelawolf would shred this beat to pieces.
July June May Apr Mar Feb Jan
The May Collection
Rap Beats with 30+ selections from our best Producers. From Top 40 Pop to Reggae, we've got it all
Only 4.95 each. Try it out today, you will be surprised at how good we are. If you want exclusive beats, you can request any of these beats for Exclusive Rights.

Say what u wanna pop
Urban pop mid tempo
Gold Everythang$20.00$4.95
808 Mafia/Gucci Mane Style Trap Single
Radio Friendly Fetty Wap Style Beat
I Could$20.00$4.95
Chill acoustic guitar vibe beat. Wiz or Post Malone style.
Reggaeton music latin musica
Urban heat club beat
Reggaeton moombahton pop
Nice piano beat
Cepia (no horn)$20.00$4.95
Moombahton reggaeton pop
Panda Style Trap Instrumental
Iggy type trap pop beat
Move On$20.00$4.95
Funky Anderson Paak type track.
Hip hop a la gorillaz
So Sweet$20.00$4.95
Kendrick Lamar type track
Back Home$20.00$4.95
Smooth Hip Hop
Shut Up$20.00$4.95
Ambient Hard Hitting Future Type Trap Hit
Dope Tech N9ne Type Beat For Fast Rappers
Up this High$20.00$4.95
Down South Weezy or Kevin Gates style.
Free And$20.00$4.95
Classic rock beat
Dirty south trap beat
Together Again$20.00$4.95
Feel good summer music
Bryson Tiller Vibes
Out Here$20.00$4.95
Perfect for the clubs
Drake or Tory Lanez would know what to do with this.
Last Chance$20.00$4.95
Tropical Vibes
Dark Trap Instrumental With Heavy 808 Drums
Smokers anthem. Dreamy hip hop with trap influences.
Time of Your Life$20.00$4.95
Feel good music
Dubai Nights$20.00$4.95
Sounds like Future ft Metro Boomin.
Takes you back to 1986!!
2017 J Cole
Priotity is a bay area type club banger.
Trap Spot$20.00$4.95
Official Rae Sremmurd Type Trap Instrumental
Cali Folks$20.00$4.95
Smooth West Coast G Funk Instrumental
Nice pop instrumental
EDM dirty wobble house beat
Club 808 type beat
Epic trap beat
Artist Friendly T.I. Type Trap Beat
RnB downtempo trap
Young Thug type trap banger.
Glass Ceiling$20.00$4.95
Ambient Banger
July June May Apr Mar Feb Jan
The April Collection
The April Collection has many good genre's such as Eminem, Kevin Gates, 808, Dab, Trap bangers, Modern R&B, Pool party music and much more. You have to preview them to believe it. Only $4.95 each for radio ready hits.

Crazy Track Record
Artist Friendly Migos Style Trap Instrumental
The Come Up$20.00$4.95
Ambient knock
Watch Me Dab$20.00$4.95
Kevin Gates Dab Style Trap Instrumental
Urban Tory Lanez vibe
Bird JR$20.00$4.95
YMCMB Trap Banger
Stay In Tonight$20.00$4.95
Baby Making Music
Intense eminem style
Nothing New$20.00$4.95
808 Mafia Type Beat
Thug Talk$20.00$4.95
Future Style EVOL Type Trap Beat
Flex Solid$20.00$4.95
Trap Banger
Simple pop hip hop format - 85BPM
Brick Mansion$20.00$4.95
R&B/Trap Record
Hustler 4 Life$20.00$4.95
Catchy Yo Gotti Style Trap Instrumental
Modern RnB
Gloomy Rap with Bounce
In The AM$20.00$4.95
Urban Banger
Hi Life$20.00$4.95
Dirty South with slash guitars - 140BPM
Drank In My Cup$20.00$4.95
2 Chainz Type Trap Instrumental
100 Percent$20.00$4.95
Pop Hit with Emotion
Everything Breaks$20.00$4.95
Subtle story telling track
Full Time$20.00$4.95
Dope Boy Trap
No Ls$20.00$4.95
Winner music. G Eazy or Drake type.
Ellie Goulding Pop Meets Trap
Hello Fri$20.00$4.95
Pool party music - 120BPM
Hypnotic Young Thug Style Trap/HipHop Beat
Downtempo trap - 110BPM
Time Goes On$20.00$4.95
Top 40 Pop
Played Yourself$20.00$4.95
Travis Scott vibe
Really Sorry$20.00$4.95
Uptempo hiphop with the neccesary emotion.
Mi Amiga$20.00$4.95
Urban Tory lanez vibe
Moombaton beat - 100BPM
Only in the 90s$20.00$4.95
Old school R&B feel
4 Hunnid$20.00$4.95
YG would kill this.
Wise Man Told Me$20.00$4.95
Kid Rock feat Yelawolf would sound great on this.
Long Beach Cruising$20.00$4.95
Sounds like Kid Ink.
The Buzz$20.00$4.95
West Coast Classic
Exhale They$20.00$4.95
Downtempo Trippy-trap music - 120BPM
Rich Homie would sound great on this minimalistic beat.
Sinister Sound
Aggression. OG Maco style.
The AM$20.00$4.95
Motivational beat. Kevin Gates type. Good to sing to as well.
Why We Bang$20.00$4.95
YG Style West Coast Gangsta Beat
July June May Apr Mar Feb Jan
The March Collection
The March Collection has a wide selection to choose from. R&B Trap, Kid Ink, Drake, Hard Hittin, Justin Bieber and more. You can preview and purchase any beat or as many beats as you want. Just add them all to your cart and then checkout. Only $4.95 each for radio ready hits.

Trap street music
Simple pop concept
Morning Love$20.00$4.95
RNB & Trap Beat
Ew Ew Ew$20.00$4.95
Kid Ink type club music.
Trap meets EDM.
Guitar pop hip hop music
Only Yours$20.00$4.95
Smooth mix of club, rnb and urban.
Rap hit that Rich Homie Quan would kill.
Love None$20.00$4.95
Bryson Tiller Beat
Unique Drake Style HipHop Instrumental
Guitar hip hop pop track
Fk a Vaca$20.00$4.95
Trap/HipHop with a dope vibe to it.
Bryson Tiller type Instrumental
Shot Caller$20.00$4.95
Hard Hitting HipHop Club Anthem
Wet Schemes$20.00$4.95
Bryson Tiller Rap Beat
Speed Kills$20.00$4.95
Lil Wayne Type Fast Paced Trap Beat
Give u War$20.00$4.95
Aggressive trap.
Radio Ready Justin Bieber vibe
Just Because$20.00$4.95
Smooth Trap/RNB Instrumental
With Ease$20.00$4.95
Floaty G-Eazy type rap banger.
Summer Nights$20.00$4.95
Could be-summer hit ala Kid Ink.
Bread Winner$20.00$4.95
Big organ based trap beat Kevin Gates style.
I'm Good$20.00$4.95
Kendrick Lamar Type Instrumental
La Flare$20.00$4.95
Gucci Mane Type Trap Instrumental With Heavy 808s
Must-Have 2 Chainz Style Trap Beat
Club banger in the style of Tyga or Game
Not My Type$20.00$4.95
Energetic Club Hit With Crazy Bass
Long Way Home$20.00$4.95
Perfect for the Winter
Sweat It Out$20.00$4.95
Artist Friendly Club Beat With A Great Bounce
Pop with reggaeton vibes
Trap in style of Migos or Thugga.
Not Sorry$20.00$4.95
Minimal and bouncy Young Thug type beat.
Thought That Counts$20.00$4.95
Uptempo Instrumental
Next Place$20.00$4.95
Radio ready Urban
Fake ID's$20.00$4.95
Trap/RNB Beat
Dark big sean vibe
I Am$20.00$4.95
Smooth RNB Track
Street Lights$20.00$4.95
Krazy Beat
Cinematic beat
Spring time in the Winter
At Tha Club$20.00$4.95
Catchy Latin Inspired Club Instrumental
Use To$20.00$4.95
Winter Cuffing Season
Deez Heaux$20.00$4.95
Sounds like Thugga or Rich Homie Quan.
Fake Friends$20.00$4.95
Drake or G-Eazy would kill this beat.
Not A Chance$20.00$4.95
Trap Kevin Gates style.
Rae Sremmurd type trap track.
Try it, You'll Like it$20.00$4.95
Soft pads, hard drums - Kehlani Vibe
Purple Reign$20.00$4.95
Future/Evol Style Trap Instrumental
When In Doubt$20.00$4.95
Music for the poets
U Already Know$20.00$4.95
Club banger.
Piano based trap ala Young Thug.
Dial Up$20.00$4.95
Guitar hip hop pop beat
Go Out$20.00$4.95
Chris Brown Beat
Blind Date$20.00$4.95
Uptempo Bieber Style Track
Nu Pop meets Reggaeton Music
Creed movie type beat
Stay Hungry$20.00$4.95
Newschool trap in style of Kid Ink.
July June May Apr Mar Feb Jan
The February Collection
For February, we have added a new category and gnere called Grime Beats. This is for our dedicated UK fans. There's also some other styles that incluse Kid Ink, Club Bangas, Yo Gotti, Trap Anthems, Snoop and Dre, Thugged out, Jay-Z and Timbaland just to name a few. Feel free to add as many as you want to the cart for only $4.95 each for radio ready beats.

Latin club house wobble
Ex Prod$20.00$4.95
Experimental grime music
Fuk U Pay Me$20.00$4.95
Bouncy Dj Mustard/Kid Ink
2 Much Talkin'$20.00$4.95
Kevin Gates Type Beat With Dope 808s
Welcome 2 Tha Zoo$20.00$4.95
Radio Ready Fetty Wap Style Hit
Super Funky Snoop Dogg Type G Funk Beat
Outer Space$20.00$4.95
Jay-Z/Timbaland Type New School Hit
Clean progressive house music
Twin Turbos$20.00$4.95
Dope Future/Drake Type Trap Single
The Turnup$20.00$4.95
Artist Friendly 2 Chainz Type Trapper
Rob A Bank$20.00$4.95
Heavy Hitting Rick Ross Style Trap Anthem
All About Me$20.00$4.95
Thugged Out YG Type West Coast
Gimme Some$20.00$4.95
Catchy Kid Ink Style Club Knocker
What I Say$20.00$4.95
High Energy Lil Wayne Type
Pimpin' Ain't Easy$20.00$4.95
Bouncy/Chill West Coast Groove
Never Lose$20.00$4.95
Heavy Hitting Future Style
Exotic Bitches$20.00$4.95
Catchy Club Banger With Crazy 808s
When I Come Thru$20.00$4.95
Gangsta West Coast YG Style
No Wayz Out$20.00$4.95
Yo Gotti Style Trap Anthem
City Of Compton$20.00$4.95
Classic Snoop/Dre Style West Coast
Urban club pop
Radio house music
Sonny Digital/Future Style Trap
Pay 4 That$20.00$4.95
Aggressive Kevin Gates Type Trapper
Big Horns with trap drums
Too Many Fakes$20.00$4.95
Catchy Young Thug Type Trap Hit
July June May Apr Mar Feb Jan
The January Collection
The start of 2016 is good with the super radio ready hits we've produced. Download rap beats from the internet was a term used long ago and still it's being used today. We have dark 808's, Pop tracks with hard drums, Dirty South beats, Retro Pop Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth type beats. Get them all on sale for only $4.95 each today.

Seduce Me$20.00$4.95
Future type
One Day$20.00$4.95
dark sound with 808s - 140bpm
My Shepherd$20.00$4.95
I Get It$20.00$4.95
Tropic feel with 808s - 144bpm
half Time beat, sinister sound - 130bpm
Hold On$20.00$4.95
Pop Track with Hard Drums - 128bpm
No Issue$20.00$4.95
Throwback TI vibe - 141 bpm
Arctic Wave$20.00$4.95
Big 808s on this Trap Banger
Island Fever$20.00$4.95
Feel good urban pop.
Dirty south, Trap, Future type beat
Days In$20.00$4.95
New School R&B Banger
Heavy Shoes$20.00$4.95
Dark Trap Beat
The Come Down$20.00$4.95
135bpm - Party Next Door Vibe
Dey Be Hatin$20.00$4.95
Trap Trap Trap!!!!
My Way Back$20.00$4.95
Laid back music, hard drums - 156bpm
Bless Up$20.00$4.95
Half Time beat, haunting piano -100bpm
Bachelor Party$20.00$4.95
Twerk Beat
Dirty South Twerk Beat
Under Pressure$20.00$4.95
Commerical R&B Track
Ooo La La$20.00$4.95
Retro pop beat Meghan Trainor or Charlie Puth
Little Hell$20.00$4.95
Eminems darker days - 160bpm
For You$20.00$4.95
Good Ol' R&B with modern drums - 120bpm
Rose Pedals$20.00$4.95
Smooth R&B
Dirty South Trap Beat
Piano Killa$20.00$4.95
Stupid Trap Banger
The Weeknd
Trap Soul - 125bpm
radio ready urban - 98bpm
Modern club mixed with EDM
The Connect$20.00$4.95
Wierd Trap Beat
4 Everybody$20.00$4.95
Schoolboy Q or Wiz Khalifa style.
U Dont Neaux Me$20.00$4.95
Kid Ink style club / hip hop
Dark Side$20.00$4.95
Sexy Trap Track
Champagne Pourin$20.00$4.95
Melodic Trap Banger
I Can Go Far$20.00$4.95
Drake Type Beat
Paper Planes$20.00$4.95
Wiz Beat
Pills Man$20.00$4.95
Trap Beat
Third Eye$20.00$4.95
130bpm - dark sound with hard drums
Dont Owe U Nutn$20.00$4.95
Big Sean x Drake
U Could Be Mine$20.00$4.95
Pop that sounds like Omi ft Justin Bieber.
Scary City$20.00$4.95
Dark Trap Beat
Good Cronic$20.00$4.95
Fetty Wap Type Banger
Got That Gas$20.00$4.95
Big Trap Beat
Newschool hiphop ala G-Eazy or Drake.
Dope Money$20.00$4.95
Yo Gotti Type Beat
Rich Gucci$20.00$4.95
Migos Type Beat
haunting beat with hard drums - 122bpm

July June May Apr Mar Feb Jan

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License

When you buy a Non Exclusive Dirty South Beat

The royalty free non-exclusive musical compositions sold by 20DollarBeats remain the property of 20DollarBeats and are licensed, not sold, to you the licensee.

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License grants you (the licensee) the right to use 20DollarBeats' royalty-free compositions (NE rap beats) only for Radio Advertisement, Commercial Advertisement, Television Advertisement, Internet Background Music, On-Hold & In-House Background Music, and/or Artist Demonstrations.

Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions and/or rap beats can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson -


At we offer different types of Dirty South Beats for different types of artists. Our rap beats cater to rappers, jazz musicians, video producers, DJ's and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free rap beat section. There you will find some cool loops and beats for Acid and other music editing programs.

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Latest Rap Beats

Latest Rap Beats Latest Rap Beats
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