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Rap Beats Rap Beats for Sale Rap Beats
Rap Beats for Sale

Rap Beats

Instrumentals & Rap Beats from are the industry standard. We offer non-exclusive and exclusive instrumentals & beats for sale. We've set the trend in hip hop music production and nothing can compare to the best beat site out there. Once you buy our instrumentals, or try our free beats, you'll never go anywhere else.

Founded in 2006, 20DollarBeats has sold over 75,000 hip hop beats to 1000's of happy customers. We have over 3500 beats for sale made by 6 experienced hip hop producers. We cover every style and genre from R&B to dirty south to Reggae. When you want buy instrumentals with 100% quality, and 300% customer service with instant results, 20DollarBeats' hip hop rap instrumentals are the only choice. We also offer exclusive beats. Just ask us from the contact page for exclusive rap beats prices and we'll get you pricing and availability.


Feb Beats
Rap Beats

 JinpasaLatin club house wobble$20.00$4.49
 Ex ProdExperimental grime music$20.00$4.49
 Fuk U Pay MeBouncy Dj Mustard/Kid Ink$20.00$4.49
 2 Much Talkin'Kevin Gates Type Beat With Dope 808s$20.00$4.49
 Welcome 2 Tha ZooRadio Ready Fetty Wap Style Hit$20.00$4.49
 HomewreckerSuper Funky Snoop Dogg Type G Funk Beat$20.00$4.49
 Outer SpaceJay-Z/Timbaland Type New School Hit$20.00$4.49
 MajestaClean progressive house music$20.00$4.49
 Twin TurbosDope Future/Drake Type Trap Single$20.00$4.49
 The TurnupArtist Friendly 2 Chainz Type Trapper$20.00$4.49
 Rob A BankHeavy Hitting Rick Ross Style Trap Anthem$20.00$4.49
 All About MeThugged Out YG Type West Coast$20.00$4.49
 Gimme SomeCatchy Kid Ink Style Club Knocker$20.00$4.49
 What I SayHigh Energy Lil Wayne Type$20.00$4.49
 Pimpin' Ain't EasyBouncy/Chill West Coast Groove$20.00$4.49
 Never LoseHeavy Hitting Future Style$20.00$4.49
 Exotic BitchesCatchy Club Banger With Crazy 808s$20.00$4.49
 No Hater ZoneRae Sremmurd Type Trapper Dope Synth$20.00$4.49
 When I Come ThruGangsta West Coast YG Style$20.00$4.49
 No Wayz OutYo Gotti Style Trap Anthem$20.00$4.49
 City Of ComptonClassic Snoop/Dre Style West Coast$20.00$4.49
 SkycapUrban club pop$20.00$4.49
 ClapwashRadio house music$20.00$4.49
 CrankSonny Digital/Future Style Trap$20.00$4.49
 Pay 4 ThatAggressive Kevin Gates Type Trapper$20.00$4.49
 HavartiBig Horns with trap drums$20.00$4.49
 Too Many FakesCatchy Young Thug Type Trap Hit$20.00$4.49

Jan Beats
Rap Beats

 Seduce MeFuture type$20.00$4.49
 Blinding LightChoirs and hard drums - 140bpm$20.00$4.49
 One Daydark sound with 808s - 140bpm$20.00$4.49
 My ShepherdYelawolf$20.00$4.49
 I Get ItTropic feel with 808s - 144bpm$20.00$4.49
 Silenthalf Time beat, sinister sound - 130bpm$20.00$4.49
 Hold OnPop Track with Hard Drums - 128bpm$20.00$4.49
 No IssueThrowback TI vibe - 141 bpm$20.00$4.49
 Arctic WaveBig 808s on this Trap Banger$20.00$4.49
 Island FeverFeel good urban pop.$20.00$4.49
 ProvideDirty south, Trap, Future type beat$20.00$4.49
 Days InNew School R&B Banger$20.00$4.49
 Heavy ShoesDark Trap Beat$20.00$4.49
 The Come Down135bpm - Party Next Door Vibe$20.00$4.49
 Dey Be HatinTrap Trap Trap!!!!$20.00$4.49
 My Way BackLaid back music, hard drums - 156bpm$20.00$4.49
 Bless UpHalf Time beat, haunting piano -100bpm$20.00$4.49
 Bachelor PartyTwerk Beat$20.00$4.49
 DripDirty South Twerk Beat$20.00$4.49
 Under PressureCommerical R&B Track$20.00$4.49
 Ooo La LaRetro pop beat Meghan Trainor or Charlie Puth$20.00$4.49
 Little HellEminems darker days - 160bpm$20.00$4.49
 For YouGood Ol' R&B with modern drums - 120bpm$20.00$4.49
 Nice TryKanye Beat$20.00$4.49
 Got One NightTripped out Diplo Vibe w/hook$40.00$4.49
 Rose PedalsSmooth R&B$20.00$4.49
 BlastphemyDirty South Trap Beat$20.00$4.49
 Piano KillaStupid Trap Banger$20.00$4.49
 DreamerThe Weeknd$20.00$4.49
 FallingTrap Soul - 125bpm$20.00$4.49
 Readyradio ready urban - 98bpm$20.00$4.49
 DopeModern club mixed with EDM$20.00$4.49
 The ConnectWierd Trap Beat$20.00$4.49
 4 EverybodySchoolboy Q or Wiz Khalifa style.$20.00$4.49
 U Dont Neaux MeKid Ink style club / hip hop$20.00$4.49
 Dark SideSexy Trap Track$20.00$4.49
 Champagne PourinMelodic Trap Banger$20.00$4.49
 I Can Go FarDrake Type Beat$20.00$4.49
 Paper PlanesWiz Beat$20.00$4.49
 Pills ManTrap Beat$20.00$4.49
 Third Eye130bpm - dark sound with hard drums$20.00$4.49
 Dont Owe U NutnBig Sean x Drake$20.00$4.49
 U Could Be MinePop that sounds like Omi ft Justin Bieber.$20.00$4.49
 Scary CityDark Trap Beat$20.00$4.49
 Good CronicFetty Wap Type Banger$20.00$4.49
 Got That GasBig Trap Beat$20.00$4.49
 EverydayNewschool hiphop ala G-Eazy or Drake.$20.00$4.49
 Dope MoneyYo Gotti Type Beat$20.00$4.49
 Rich GucciMigos Type Beat$20.00$4.49
 Everythinghaunting beat with hard drums - 122bpm$20.00$4.49

Dec Beats
Rap Beats
 Phantom PainChill chords, with hard drums$20.00$4.49
 Its Only RightUrban radio music. Sounds like Tyga.$20.00$4.49
 Laid BackPiano Based Rap Beats$20.00$4.49
 ThumpDark Drake/Lil Waye Rap Beats$20.00$4.49
 Hi LifeChris Brown Style Electro/RnB Jam$20.00$4.49
 These SnakesWiz Kalifa or Kevin Gates.e$20.00$4.49
 Got GameNeptunes Style Rap Beats w/Crazy Bounce$20.00$4.49
 HurtEmotional piano based urban hip hop track.$20.00$4.49
 Champagne ProblemsTop 40 pop$20.00$4.49
 HorrorBoomin Trap Joint$20.00$4.49
 These DaysExtreme chill hard 808s$20.00$4.49
 Phantom PainChill chords, with hard drums$20.00$4.49
 Back 2 MeBig Ballad Music$20.00$4.49
 The MonsterFuture style trap music.$20.00$4.49
 Left BehindTop 40 Pop$20.00$4.49
 Good LuvNice Rock EDM$20.00$4.49
 Whateva BaeNew Wave Music$20.00$4.49
 Watch it Pile UpHustle music, that bounce$20.00$4.49
 Ahold of ThingsEminem meets Travis Scott$20.00$4.49
 Now Or NeverUptempo Pop Rap Beats$20.00$4.49
 Back HomeClassic hip hop feel$20.00$4.49
 OdiseeNew School Funk$20.00$4.49
 Lost ItIntense strings, hard drums$20.00$4.49
 Cup Fulla LeanUnique Trap Beat w/BeatBox Vox$20.00$4.49
 ShowstopperHard drums, smooth chords$20.00$4.49
 Something from NothingMeaningful music, Kendrick vibe$20.00$4.49
 See You SoonFeel good Pop$20.00$4.49
 RoyalSounds like Omarion or Chris Brown.$20.00$4.49
 Out ThereBounce, Hard 808s$20.00$4.49
 Where You FromIntense Eminem vibe$20.00$4.49
 Hidden GemsSinister Melody + Super hard drums$20.00$4.49
 Forget AboutReggae House Vibe$20.00$4.49
 SavageVibe music, heavy drums$20.00$4.49
 All Time LowMood music$20.00$4.49
 DizzyClub urban banger$20.00$4.49
 Whenever I WantTravis Scott vibe$20.00$4.49
 TG-Left OversTinashe vibe$20.00$4.49
 Trust MeSmooth chords and 808s$20.00$4.49
 Better Days AheadFeel good BoB style beat.$20.00$4.49
 London BridgeUSA urban with UK influences.$20.00$4.49
 ShelterThat XO vibe$20.00$4.49
 5 Of MineBruno uptown funk type$20.00$4.49
 My G'zCatchy YG Style West Coast$20.00$4.49
 Just Feel GoodGuitar based pop in style of Bruno Mars.$20.00$4.49
 NogetKpop beat$20.00$4.49
 Full SpeedPianos and 808s$20.00$4.49
 JavuEast Coast$20.00$4.49
 SoulessThe Weeknd Vibe$20.00$4.49
 6 Different WaysHustle Music for the Fall$20.00$4.49
 FlatlineDope Meek Mill Type Trapper$20.00$4.49
 AwfazeUrban tropical$20.00$4.49
 Urban LuvSmooth Rap Beats$20.00$4.49
 WeirdoExperimental trap. Og Maco or Travis Scott$20.00$4.49
 Play No GamezTyga Style Trapper With Vicious 808s$20.00$4.49
 JunkieHard ass TRAP$20.00$4.49

Nov Beats
Rap Beats
 Its NutnClub banger beat$20.00$4.49
 Its NutnClub banger with hook. This is a hit.$20.00$4.49
 Man DownEnergetic G-Unit Style Banger$20.00$4.49
 LockTop 40 Urban Pop$20.00$4.49
 Go ThereTrap'd out Diplo vibe-sample$20.00$4.49
 This Is The LifeSomething Drake or KL would jump on and shred.$20.00$4.49
 Burn LiePop Hip Hop beat$20.00$4.49
 Ride ItArtist Friendly YG Style Banger$20.00$4.49
 X RatedDj Mustard x Chris Brown on this one!$20.00$4.49
 LeangoHip Hop Beat$20.00$4.49
 Bishes Ain't Sh*tDJ Mustard Style Club Banger$20.00$4.49
 Thou Shall NotTrap hit in the style of Future.$20.00$4.49
 Ain't Goin BrokeJuicy J Style Piano Based Trapper$20.00$4.49
 Heaven WaitsReggae House Type$20.00$4.49
 God Forgive MeAce Hood Type Trap Anthem$20.00$4.49
 Couldve Been MeRadio Ready Pop R&B$20.00$4.49
 Ont the weekendLaid back vibe$20.00$4.49
 OverlordTravis Scott Type beat$20.00$4.49
 It Aint SafeGame would kill this beat. Sounds like Doc 2.$20.00$4.49
 FlingTop 40 Urban Pop$20.00$4.49
 Buck RodgersRap Beat$20.00$4.49
 This WayDope Drake Style Beat$20.00$4.49
 PossiblePiano House Progressive$20.00$4.49
 Too RawSingle-Worthy Kid Ink Style Banger$20.00$4.49
 Wish U WouldRap Beat$20.00$4.49
 Crown FlowerFuture Bass Hip Hop$20.00$4.49
 InveralisAcoustic Pop Hip Hop$20.00$4.49
 Not UsSimple beat for Future$20.00$4.49
 Fadeintense raw hip hop$20.00$4.49
 Get It TogetherG Eazy meets Dj Mustard.$20.00$4.49
 Bando NightmarezRap Beat$20.00$4.49
 Fed CaseHip Hop Beat$20.00$4.49
 Suss It OutHouse EDM Beat$20.00$4.49
 Forever NowHouse funk music$20.00$4.49
 Lost Onesclassic nas j cole sound$20.00$4.49
 RetaliationHypnotic Future Type Trapper$20.00$4.49
 NuthinClub beat hard$20.00$4.49
 Against All Oddsintense throwback eminem vibe$20.00$4.49
 Champagne In The StudioHip Hop Beat$20.00$4.49
 JuiceSuper 808 Knock$20.00$4.49
 Done 2 MeTropical House Vibes$20.00$4.49
 SpectreDark RnB Trap$20.00$4.49
 HolatoHorn brass hip hop$20.00$4.49
 Daddys HomeRap Beat$20.00$4.49
 Connectback to back hype$20.00$4.49
 Missa BeatDance house track$20.00$4.49
 Trap OpenHip Hop Beat$20.00$4.49
 VisionKendrick Lamar Vibes$20.00$4.49
 Cheap LaborHip Hop Beat$20.00$4.49
 Crossed That Lineaggressive eminem vibe$20.00$4.49
 Raise It UpFuture/Drake Type Trap Single$20.00$4.49
 Deeperbaby makin music$20.00$4.49
 AmplicityEast Cost Hip Hop$20.00$4.49
 JuiceTrap ala Migos, Thugga or Travis Scott.$20.00$4.49
 Bad ChoiceHip Hop Beat$20.00$4.49
 DNA BubblesRnB Slow 808$20.00$4.49

Oct Beats
Rap Beats
 My PlugNicki Minaj Type Trap Instrumental$20.00$4.49
 WhatevaWestcoast street$20.00$4.49
 Gunz Blazin'Rick Ross Type Instrumental$20.00$4.49
 ErrwhereClub trap banger$20.00$4.49
 Break FloorHip Hop club$20.00$4.49
 Not Reallydirty south beat$20.00$4.49
 All This FameFetty Wap Style Instrumental W/ Heavy 808s$20.00$4.49
 No Days OffCatchy Wiz Khalifa Style$20.00$4.49
 Get CrazySuper Catchy Club Anthem$20.00$4.49
 NarcoTrap music in style of 2 Chainz$20.00$4.49
 EmpiratesKendrick type beat$20.00$4.49
 SlidinUptempo club beat$20.00$4.49
 End Of StoryGangsta Kevin Gates Type Instrumental$20.00$4.49
 UrphquakeClub night music$20.00$4.49
 Things She SaidLil Wayne ladies song$20.00$4.49
 Hail MaryFuture would kill this track$20.00$4.49
 ClinikalDrake type ovo beat$20.00$4.49
 Y YesFunk deep house$20.00$4.49
 SenoritaDope Guitar Based HipHop Instrumental$20.00$4.49
 DivinidadReggaeton music$20.00$4.49
 Iced OutKid Ink Style New School Hit$20.00$4.49
 So We Get ItDowntempo trap music$20.00$4.49
 No Way OutFuture/Drake Style Trapper$20.00$4.49
 Negative EnergyMeek Mill or Drake$20.00$4.49
 I WishG-Eazy type instrumental with pop influences$20.00$4.49
 House AwayDeep house vibes$20.00$4.49
 Hail MaryFuture would kill this track$20.00$4.49
 HigherKid Ink or Wiz Dream trap/hiphop$20.00$4.49
 Knows AgainTrap synth chord progression$20.00$4.49
 ZorroVegas type EDM drop$20.00$4.49
 Got No TimeClub hit Chris Brown feat. Tyga$20.00$4.49
 U Know ItTyga/Game Style Club Instrumental$20.00$4.49
 PumPumDJ Snake type groove$20.00$4.49
 Me TimeTI & Young Thug collab$20.00$4.49
 Y NotRap club beat$20.00$4.49
 Body TalkEDM music$20.00$4.49

Click for Past Instrumentals

We add as many as 30-40 beats per month from our top hip hop producers. Sometimes even more so check back often. If you want to see older hip hop instrumentals or beats or trying to find one that's not on the home page, go to New beats on sale and search there. It goes back 6 months. With as many as 14 genre's covered, you are sure to find a rap exclusive beat that suits your needs. Be sure to join our mailing list as well to get news & updates on when the latest hip hop beats and other Instrumentals that are released. You can buy beats at any time just add your Instrumentals to the cart and they stay in there for up to 30 days.

Add seven top producers from around the world, over 6500 hip hop dance tracks and you have a site with top shelf instrumentals that has no competition. - "Beats so good... it hertz!"

rap beats

With the growth of YouTube and many creative people who buy exclusive beats from us, our site has become a source for You Tube parodies & spoofs, you tube rap battles and many more. You can be sure that your productions will have the professional touch that defines your project and takes it to the next level by using our quality instrumentals. You can see our exclusive beats work on some of these channels: Nice Peter, Obama, Sarah Palin, Epic Rap Battles, Call of Duty, Hip Hop Cars, and many more! 20 Dollar Beats has what you need and more. People choose us for their professional music producer specialist every day. Isn't it time you use a 20dollarbeat Instrumental?

rap beats


You can't afford is to sound like an amateur. Thats why our hip hop producers make sure your Rap Beats sound professional so that an A&R executive or a record label will take you seriously. Your lyrics deserve great rap instrumentals, so get it right the first time with a 20 Dollar Beat! Instrumentals play an important role in how your song comes out. You need to be sure you have the best quality Instrumentals you can afford. Some studios charge a fortune for 1 track depending on the music producer who's doing it. Well, we've got those top notch producers here to make the hottest Instrumentals you've ever heard. Remember, you may never get a second chance to make that first impression. It only takes one chance, one time, to break into the music industry.. don't miss it. Be sure our beats are a part of your success. We've sold many beats to top performing artists.

You are an artist and you probably need a blazing Rap Instrumental or rap beats for your Demo CD, talent show, or emcee contest. You came to the right site because, a producer resource, has a Rap Beats and most likely one for you.

Do you have a lyric that needs a killa beat, or you're an established artist, record company, film company, sports show, business looking for a sick beat for sale? We can help. Making rap beats is our profession, we can help propel you into stardom. All you need is to download a rap beat to get a slammin' rap demo goin' a little motivation to get there, and the rest is up to you.

Buy Beats and get a hot demo ready in a matter of minutes. Styles of rap beats and music: dubstep beats, dance beats, club beats, techno, euro dance, Christian, gangsta beats, freestyle, dirty south rap beats, west coast beats and more.

Hip Hop Beats

Shipping & Downloading

After you purchase a rap beat, you will be taken to a page where you can download your files right away. Also, a link to a Direct Download of your rap beats will be sent to your email. The link to the beat (file) will last 24hrs so download it at the best time for you.

We do not ship Cd's any longer. At 20 Dollar Beats we only ship disks of exclusive rap beats with separated tracks. Find more info about exclusive beats.

Rap Beats for Sale

Here's what you get

NON EXCLUSIVE RAP BEATS: Get a full length hip hop instrumental with prearranged sections for verse, hook etc. Most of our rap beats for sale are 4:00 or longer but none are less than 3:30. You will get a "Radio Ready" download beats version for your vocals. Direct downloads are available right after payment. The Beat will be in high quality (160k) .mp3 format, which is perfect for demos, shows, talent contest, samples and more.

LOOPS & RAP BEATS: Loops are not full tracks! They are 4, 8 or 16 measures long and do not contain verse and hook sections. Loops & Beats are great for creating your own version of the track. Some loops are sections of the rap instrumentals that are from the rest of the site, only shortened versions of it. Get a direct download after payment with a link to the file. Direct Downloads, loops and hip hop beats samples are exactly what is sent (without the voice over). If you cant afford to buy a beat, you can download rap instrumentals for free. Click the Free beats link to free beats.

EXCLUSIVE RAP BEATS: Exclusive beats are yours to OWN. That's right! You will own them forever. After the purchase, a Full Exclusive Beats License will be sent to you within 24hrs and YOUR RAP BEATS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SITE! This means nobody else can purchase it and you will be the owner of the music/song you create with the rap beats. Get rap beats demo ready today. An Exclusive beat is always shipped out on CD or DVD depending on the file size. Exclusive Beats Available upon request. Contact us for more

Rap Beats

Rap Beats for Sale
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