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Rap Beats Beats for Sale Rap Beats
Beats for Sale

Rap Beats

Rap Beats from are the industry standard for non-exclusive and exclusive beats for sale. We've set the trend in hip hop music production and nothing can compare to the best beat site out there. Once you buy beats or try our instrumentals, you'll never go anywhere else.

Founded in 2006, 20DollarBeats has sold over 75,000 hip hop beats to 1000's of happy customers. We have over 3500 beats for sale made by 6 experienced hip hop producers. We cover every style and genre from R&B to dirty south to Reggae. When you want buy beats with 100% quality, and 300% customer service with instant results, 20DollarBeats' hip hop rap instrumentals are the only choice.

Hip Hop Beats


Rap Beats

 Dead WrongYo Gotti Type Trap Banger$20.00$6.95
 LA GirlsFunky YG Style Banger$20.00$6.95
 Strain KMidwest hip hop club$20.00$6.95
 T.Y.Hiphop summer hit Kid Ink style.$20.00$6.95
 Fell RightRnB instrumental banger$20.00$6.95
 West UpYG ft DjMustard type hiphop hit.$20.00$6.95
 Lookin GoodReggaeton Dancehall$20.00$6.95
 Do It 4 MeCatchy Kid Ink Type Club Single$20.00$6.95
 Rage OutDope Eminem Style Hip-Hop Banger$20.00$6.95
 HeadnoiseArabian trap banger$20.00$6.95
 It's NothinRadio Ready Top 40 Chris Brown Beat w/hook$40.00$6.95
 Thou Shall NotRick Ross Style Trap Beat$20.00$6.95
 Is HomeEmotional EDM instrumental$20.00$6.95
 Mama SaidEmotional trap banger.$20.00$6.95
 ShihabPop reggaeton radio$20.00$6.95
 FreeTy$ or YG type of summer hit.$20.00$6.95
 Bitches n HoesFetty Wap type$20.00$6.95
 Lead To YouElectronic Music dance$20.00$6.95
 Cry LaterLaid back club anthem ala Dj Snake.$20.00$6.95
 TragedyInspiring guitar based trap hiphop fusion.$20.00$6.95
 Do SomethingTrap Future or 2Chainz style.$20.00$6.95
 SeductionSexy rnb with a trap edge.$20.00$6.95
 Street CertifiedAce Hood Style Trap Anthem$20.00$6.95
 Alone AgainAmbient Chris Brown Style R&B Beat$20.00$6.95
 Bad LuckFrench Montana Style Trap Anthem$20.00$6.95
 RiderzArtist Friendly Meek Mill Type Trapper$20.00$6.95
 Big HairFirst Classic Rock Beat on 20dollarbeats$20.00$6.95
 MeccrawEDM dance music beat$20.00$6.95
 Gainst The WallKevin Gates type trap banger with guitars.$20.00$6.95
 LunchieWierd hip hop epicness$20.00$6.95
 FlexRae Sremmurd type minimal trap beat.$20.00$6.95
 Fair GameRadio guitar pop hit$20.00$6.95
 TakeoverAggressive MMG Type Trap Beat$20.00$6.95

Rap Beats

 Only and AlwaysUrban top 40$20.00$6.95
 SkyHighTrap beat for the smokers. Currensy, Wiz or Asap style.$20.00$6.95
 Gold ChainzMigos Type Trapper With Crazy Drums$20.00$6.95
 Fair EnoughModern club/pop record that sounds like Iggy or Charlie XcX.$20.00$6.95
 Born HustlerBarter 6 Young Thug Style Trap Joint$20.00$6.95
 Like It Or NotCatchy Club Banger With Dope 808's$20.00$6.95
 Aint ShitWestcoast club / hiphop banger YG style.$20.00$6.95
 Les MemoiresModernized hiphop storyteller beat.$20.00$6.95
 IndietteUptempo radio rock pop$20.00$6.95
 WhyBillboard-hit sounding trap beat.$20.00$6.95
 Too CleanEnergetic trap French Montana or Schmurda style.$20.00$6.95
 Out the SkySumertime Chill$20.00$6.95
 Cuttar80s vibe pop radio$20.00$6.95
 God KnowsHiphop with rock influences ala Yelawolf.$20.00$6.95
 3 DoneDance EDM music$20.00$6.95
 Dope DealerFuture/Travi$ Scott Style Trap Beat$20.00$6.95
 Can't Tell Me Nothin'YG/Ty Dolla Sign Type Banger$20.00$6.95
 KapitanoClub hitter pop banger$20.00$6.95
 LaydaiExperimental Dubstep trap$20.00$6.95
 SuperNovaImagine Dragons vibe$20.00$6.95
 QueenFetty Wap type hitmaker beat.$20.00$6.95
 Come Right BackHeartfelt Music$20.00$6.95
 Pyrex KingO.T. Genasis Type Trap Anthem$20.00$6.95
 Believe ItSummertime Hustle Music$20.00$6.95
 Shoebox MoneyYoung Thug/ Metro Boomin Type Banger$20.00$6.95
 Watch Me Do ItCatchy/Playful Club Beat$20.00$6.95
 NewzeerOne Direction type beat$20.00$6.95
 Fk UModern club / radio banger that Chris Brown could use.$20.00$6.95
 Make Ya BounceSuper Bouncy West Coast Hit$20.00$6.95
 Keyz NowMid tempo urban pop$20.00$6.95
 Get RichTyga Style Trap Banger$20.00$6.95
 FairgameIndie rock pop type$20.00$6.95
 City LightsDeep 808s$20.00$6.95
 From the StartTop 40 ready$20.00$6.95
 One Night OnlySmooth Urban with 808s$20.00$6.95
 One TimeClassic west vibe$20.00$6.95
 CursedIntense feel w hard drums$20.00$6.95
 PlutoGrimy Drake type beat.$20.00$6.95
 Until ThenAriana Grande vibe$20.00$6.95
 Who Would YouNice RnB Beat music$20.00$6.95
 Ovo6Dark grimey type beat$20.00$6.95

Rap Beats

 Dead Or Alive2 Chainz Style Trap Banger$20.00$6.95
 Nothin' To ItDope French Montana Style Banger$20.00$6.95
 Hold ThatMid west type banger$20.00$6.95
 PromiscuousCatchy indie-pophop beat.$20.00$6.95
 She Just Don't KnowBest R&B Track ever!!!$20.00$6.95
 Nighten StayPop dance EDM$20.00$6.95
 Talkin NumbersAnother Maybach Musical Banger$20.00$6.95
 After MidnightBangin Drake Style Beat$20.00$6.95
 Aug GospEnergy South Club Beat$20.00$6.95
 Somebody SawPop hip hop billboard type$20.00$6.95
 YouSoul-ish hip hop that sounds like J Cole or Nas.$20.00$6.95
 Burner HoldupSmooth Hard hitting R&B Record$20.00$6.95
 Throw It BaccBouncy YG Style West Coast Beat$20.00$6.95
 Monster In MeGuitar-based Hiphop like Em or Yela.$20.00$6.95
 What We Talkin BoutR&B at its finest$20.00$6.95
 The ChillLaid back urban ala Jhene Aiko.$20.00$6.95
 PrivyEmotional urban.$20.00$6.95
 Close My EyesBeautiful piano string arrangement$20.00$6.95
 Glocc 9High Energy Meek Mill Type Trapper$20.00$6.95
 Lost PlanetFuturistic/Ambient Style R&B Beat$20.00$6.95
 Live By The SwordAggressive synth w/guitars & hook$20.00$6.95
 Better DayzCatchy Vintage HipHop Beat$20.00$6.95
 Paper ChaseKevin Gates type traphop.$20.00$6.95
 RoteaStory telling type hip hop$20.00$6.95
 Taylor MadeSmooth Hip Hop Banger$20.00$6.95
 Crysta ClearRnB smooth hip hop$20.00$6.95
 Cuffs OnSlow Motion Trap Track$20.00$6.95
 Photo PefectDrake & Young type Trap Beat$20.00$6.95
 Steady Stackin'Catchy "Coco" Type Trap Anthem$20.00$6.95
 HandicapBeast mode trap hip hop$20.00$6.95
 Million FettiGutter Trap Beat$20.00$6.95
 SabotageSmooth Maybach type hip hip track$20.00$6.95
 SummerClub banger with EDM influences$20.00$6.95
 Gotwork808 bass club hitt$20.00$6.95
 Night RidersEnergetic Kanye/Jay-Z Type Banger$20.00$6.95
 Switch PlacesMaybach Music type track$20.00$6.95
 Hope U KnowR&B Trap Track$20.00$6.95
 Kitchen WorkTrap banger with an Eastern touch.$20.00$6.95
 Day OneTrap track worthy of TIP$20.00$6.95
 Thirst QuencherCatchy Tyga Type Club Single$20.00$6.95
 Tell Ya WhatTrap Banger$20.00$6.95
 SpikketDrake style hip hop instrumental$20.00$6.95

Rap Beats

 BarrelsPop with nice back beat$20.00$6.95
 LevellanPop radio music beat$20.00$6.95
 SlandedCrucial hiphop rnb beat$20.00$6.95
 Is This RightRadio EDM track$20.00$6.95
 CleansaxDance beat with house drop$20.00$6.95
 First PrizeEDM music with bounce$20.00$6.95
 Da BoxUptempo beat with saxophone$20.00$6.95
 Space ModeKanye type beat$20.00$6.95
 Purp BrassoDirty south crossover beat$20.00$6.95
 CavernousLatin Electronic Dancehall beat$20.00$6.95
 JeoparUptempo happy pop beat$20.00$6.95

 Last NightChris Brown Vibe$20.00$6.95
 Lost For YearsGood Music, Urban Top 40$20.00$6.95
 The InternetChildish Gambino Vibe$20.00$6.95
 Daylight with HookLong nights outside waiting for Daylight. Hustler Music.$20.00$6.95
 Out Of OptionsThis One Knocks$20.00$6.95
 Last StrawCatchy Lil Wayne Type Trap Beat$20.00$6.95
 For A MinuteTyga/Chris Brown Style Club Anthem$20.00$6.95
 HustleholicFuture/Metro Boomin Style Trap Single$20.00$6.95
 Win Or LoseSouthern hiphop. Boosie Badazz style.$20.00$6.95
 The Set UpEminem Dr Dre Style$20.00$6.95
 ButterSmooth Chris Brown Type Beat$20.00$6.95
 Ulterior MotivesGrimey Drake Style Banger$20.00$6.95
 Jump Up808-Heavy YG Style Banger$20.00$6.95
 DaylightLong nights outside waiting for Daylight. Hustler Music.$20.00$6.95
 I KnowPiano based trap. Young Thug style.$20.00$6.95
 Gang ViolenceYG/DJ Mustard Style West Coast Knocker$20.00$6.95
 1 For The MoneyFloaty newschool hiphop like Wiz or Kid Ink.$20.00$6.95
 Come Get ItAggressive Jay-Z/Kanye Style HipHop Beat$20.00$6.95
 Easy Does It"Truffle Butter" Style Drake/Nicki Minaj Type Banger$20.00$6.95
 FinishedDiplo Style$20.00$6.95
 MamacitaKid Ink Style Club/Radio Single$20.00$6.95
 Fast LifeDark Jeezy type banger.$20.00$6.95
 F ItCatchy newschool hiphop. Kid Ink-ish.$20.00$6.95
 Mexican ConnectHeavy Hitting Gucci Mane Style Trap Single$20.00$6.95
 Get Used 2 ItKevin Gates Style Trap Banger$20.00$6.95
 All NightCalvin Harris Vibe$20.00$6.95
 No WorriesPop hop with electric guitars at its core.$20.00$6.95
 Never LongHip Hop Beat$20.00$6.95
 LowriderSuper Bouncy G-Funk Style Beat$20.00$6.95
 Take It AllYoung Thug Style Trap Beat$20.00$6.95
 C YaRadio friendly hiphop ala Wiz or Kid Ink.$20.00$6.95
 Cash On DeliveryT.I. Feel To This One$20.00$6.95
 The PlugReggea influenced trap music.$20.00$6.95
 Breaking DownHard Beat Smooth Sound$20.00$6.95
 Last CallTwerk Style Beat$20.00$6.95
 TroubleT.I. Style$20.00$6.95
 Cant Run From ItThrowback Lox Style$20.00$6.95
 Mucho LocoSuper Catchy Iggy Azalea Style Hit$20.00$6.95
 Love PunchTrap vs Twerk$20.00$6.95
 Out The GateFuture Style Trap Hit With Crazy Bass$20.00$6.95
 This Could Be UsSummer Time In The Winter$20.00$6.95
 Y'aint ReadyDramatic 2 Chainz Style Trap Banger$20.00$6.95
 Do It Like ThatChris Brown x Tyga Style Club Smash$20.00$6.95
 Brick By BrickKevin Gates x Rick Ross type of trap banger.$20.00$6.95
 Coke Like The 80's2 Chainz Type Banger$20.00$6.95
 IncredibleLive Music Feel$20.00$6.95
 Not HumanHigh Energy Ace Hood Style Anthem$20.00$6.95

Rap Beats

 GentlemenBeautiful pop EDM$20.00$6.95
 FlexinMinimal trap beat Rae Sremmurd style$20.00$6.95
 LuxuryGreat RnB reggae sound design$20.00$6.95
 Moving OzDrake type banger$20.00$6.95
 BlappaMid-tempo urban pop$20.00$6.95
 Nothing AlikeTyga x Chris Brown type beat$20.00$6.95
 BangBang with HookYoung Thug x RHQ type of trap hit$20.00$6.95
 Re UpFuture x Migos type trap banger$20.00$6.95
 Street EtudeDark piano based hiphop$20.00$6.95
 BroodDubstep electro underground$20.00$6.95
 HackkmanEDM pop banger$20.00$6.95
 SireneIcono pop type music$20.00$6.95
 BangafongEDM Pop music$20.00$6.95
 MeltidHip hop street track$20.00$6.95
 EzJuicy J type trap beat$20.00$6.95
 FlipzimCrazy trap banger$20.00$6.95
 Im ReadyWeezy type of hiphop banger$20.00$6.95
 L8 AgainPop with some synth$20.00$6.95
 Holdin OnPop with an edge of rock$20.00$6.95
 Good On This SideDrake type of hiphop/trap beat$20.00$6.95
 YuckCrazy EDM banger$20.00$6.95
 LynchUptempo urban club banger$20.00$6.95
 9mgDark trap music$20.00$6.95
 LegenzUnderground club trap music$20.00$6.95
 PesoAtmospheric hiphop YMCMB style$20.00$6.95
 DownshireEpic dirty south trap$20.00$6.95
 JeoparUplifting indie pop music$20.00$6.95
 How U FeelDrake vs Lil Wayne type$20.00$6.95
 Private ViewRadio Swag Rap Music$20.00$6.95
 Sproutdirty south track with synth$20.00$6.95

Rap Beats
 Audible2 Chainz Style Trap Banger$20.00$6.95
 Mostly WantedHip hop banger with strings$20.00$6.95
 In My ZoneSmoking Music. Curren$y Would Kill It.$20.00$6.95
 Look Back At ItChris Brown x Tyga Style Club Single$20.00$6.95
 Steal URnB Synth guitar track$20.00$6.95
 VoixFlume type music$20.00$6.95
 ButlerIndie rock beat$20.00$6.95
 West Coast ThangClassic G Funk Style Beat$20.00$6.95
 LifeStory Telling Type Trap Beat$20.00$6.95
 Feels So GoodFeel Good Music Like Pharell or DaftPunk.$20.00$6.95
 Dont U DareElectronic trap south beat$20.00$6.95
 KortanaFresh EDM Dance Music$20.00$6.95
 Gave YaMid tempo banger$20.00$6.95
 The AfterPartyIt Sounds Just Like The Title Says.$20.00$6.95
 Candle BathSmooth RnB track$20.00$6.95
 Hood JusticeWiz Khalifa Type Trap Banger$20.00$6.95
 Talk Too MuchGucci Mane Type Trap Hit$20.00$6.95
 Rotten Apple50 Cent Style Hip Hop Banger$20.00$6.95
 Straight Outta ComptonYG Style New West Banger$20.00$6.95
 Been ReadyDirty South Trap banger$20.00$6.95
 Rise UpPowerful Kid Ink Style Radio Anthem$20.00$6.95
 Remain ThereIndie electronic rock$20.00$6.95
 Bag It UpKevin Gates Type Trapper$20.00$6.95
 Make Me FlipFuture Style Trap Anthem$20.00$6.95
 Watch ItHard EDM track$20.00$6.95
 All Or NothingBangin 2 Chainz Style Trap Beat$20.00$6.95
 Under PressureHardcore HipHop With Some NewSchool Sprinkles$20.00$6.95
 Radio AktiveA$AP Rocky x Tech N9ne Type Banger$20.00$6.95
 Love Dont Live HerePophop Chart & Radiokiller.$20.00$6.95
 Trap LoveB.o.B. Style Radio Hit$20.00$6.95
 Catch A VibeDreamy HipHop Like Wiz, A$AP or SchoolBoYQ.$20.00$6.95
 LooniesCountry meets hip hop$20.00$6.95
 Red DustSmooth yet edgy RnB$20.00$6.95
 HelixMid tempo west coast banger$20.00$6.95
 Club Goin' UpTyga Style Club Hit$20.00$6.95
 TrapocolypseAggressive Ace Hood Style Smash$20.00$6.95
 NoixTrap electronic club$20.00$6.95
 DarqueYoung Thug Feat. RHQ Type Of Beat.$20.00$6.95
 Get DownUnique/Futuristic Type Club Banger$20.00$6.95
 Sorry 4Weezy Mixtape Style.$20.00$6.95
 WhistleClub Banger With A Catchy Melody$20.00$6.95
 MisunderstoodSounds Like BoB feat. Taylor Swift !$20.00$6.95
 Million Dollar DivaEDM with nice LFO synths$20.00$6.95
 PorqueElectronic dub pop beat$20.00$6.95
 Pure OilRnB south type track$20.00$6.95
 On PurpKevin Gates Style Trap Banger$20.00$6.95
 Lonely GirlsPowerful Chris Brown Style R&B Jam$20.00$6.95

Rap Beats

Click for Past Rap Instrumentals

We add as many as 30-40 beats per month from our top hip hop producers. Sometimes even more so check back often. If you want to see older hip hop instrumentals or beats or trying to find one that's not on the home page, go to New beats on sale and search there. It goes back 6 months. With as many as 14 genre's covered, you are sure to find a rap beat that suits your needs. Be sure to join our mailing list as well to get news & updates on when the latest hip hop beats are released. You can buy beats at any time just add your beats to the cart and they stay in there for up to 30 days.

Add seven top producers from around the world, over 3500 hip hop dance tracks and you have a site with top shelf instrumentals that has no competition. -

rap beats

With the growth of YouTube and many creative people who buy beat from us, our site has become a source for You Tube parodies & spoofs, you tube rap battles and many more. You can be sure that your productions will have the professional touch that defines your project and takes it to the next level by using our quality instrumentals. You can see our work on some of these channels: Nice Peter, Obama, Sarah Palin, Epic Rap Battles, Call of Duty, Hip Hop Cars, and many more! 20 Dollar Beats has what you need and more. People choose us for their professional music producer specialist every day. Isn't it time you use a 20dollarbeat?

rap beats


You can't afford is to sound like an amateur. Thats why our hip hop producers make sure your Rap Beats sound professional so that an A&R executive or a record label will take you seriously. Your lyrics deserve great rap instrumentals, so get it right the first time with a 20 Dollar Beat! You may never get a second chance to make that first impression. It only takes one chance, one time, to break into the music industry.. don't miss it. Be sure our beats are a part of your success. We've sold many beats to top performing artists.

You are an artist and you probably need a blazing Rap Instrumental or rap beats for your Demo CD, talent show, or emcee contest. You came to the right site because, a producer resource, has a Rap Beats and most likely one for you.

Do you have a lyric that needs a killa beat, or you're an established artist, record company, film company, sports show, business looking for a sick beat for sale? We can help. Making rap beats is our profession, we can help propel you into stardom. All you need is to download a rap beat to get a slammin' rap demo goin' a little motivation to get there, and the rest is up to you.

Buy Beats and get a hot demo ready in a matter of minutes. Styles of rap beats and music: dubstep beats, dance beats, club beats, techno, euro dance, christian, gangsta beats, freestyle, dirty south rap beats, west coast beats and more.

Hip Hop Beats

Shipping & Downloading

After you purchase a rap beat, you will be taken to a page where you can download your files right away. Also, a link to a Direct Download of your rap beats will be sent to your email. The link to the beat (file) will last 24hrs so download it at the best time for you.

We do not ship cd's any longer. At 20 Dollar Beats we only ship disks of exclusive rap beats with separated tracks. Find more info about exclusive beats.

Beats for Sale

Here's what you get

NON EXCLUSIVE RAP BEATS: Get a full length hip hop instrumental with prearranged sections for verse, hook etc. Most of our rap beats for sale are 4:00 or longer but none are less than 3:30. You will get a "Radio Ready" download beats version for your vocals. Direct downloads are available right after payment. The Beat will be in high quality (160k) .mp3 format, which is perfect for demos, shows, talent contest, samples and more.

LOOPS & RAP BEATS: Loops are not full tracks! They are 4, 8 or 16 measures long and do not contain verse and hook sections. Loops & Beats are great for creating your own version of the track. Some loops are sections of the rap instrumentals that are from the rest of the site, only shortened versions of it. Get a direct download after payment with a link to the file. Direct Downloads, loops and hip hop beats samples are exactly what is sent (without the voice over). If you cant afford to buy a beat, you can download rap instrumentals for free. Click the Free beats link to free beats.

EXCLUSIVE RAP BEATS: Exclusive beats are yours to OWN. That's right! You will own them forever. After the purchase, a Full Exclusive Beats License will be sent to you within 24hrs and YOUR RAP BEATS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SITE! This means nobody else can purchase it and you will be the owner of the music/song you create with the rap beats. Get rap beats demo ready today. An Exclusive beat is always shipped out on CD or DVD depending on the file size. You will get a direct download link to your exclusive rap beats as an mp3 to get started, but we will contact you for the shipping info.

Rap Beats

Beats for Sale
Hip Hop Beats Beats for Sale Beats for Sale
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