Beats with Hooks
Beats with Hooks
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Beats with Hooks
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Beats with Hooks
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Beats with Hooks
Beats with Hooks



Beats with Hooks

Beats with Hooks

We broke down and decided to include vocal hooks with our tracks. It's a new idea we want to try out and see what happens. We got a lot of requests about putting the hooks in the mix... well, here they are.

 Like I DoKevin Gates would sound great on this rap beat$20.00$12.95
 Same GoalsNeeds J Timberlake on the Hook ASAP$20.00$12.95
 One Man with hookSoulful rnb ala Breezy.$20.00$12.95
 Through The Fight w/hookSouful hip hop with hook.$20.00$12.95
 1 On The Side w/ hookCommercial Fetty Wap.$20.00$12.95
 I Choose YouSmooth rnb Trey Songz style.$20.00$12.95

 Show Some ClassMaybach Banger with Hook$40.00$12.95
 Revenge of MollyWE THE BESTwith Hook$40.00$12.95
 Daylight with HookLong nights outside waiting for Daylight. Hustler Music.$20.00$12.95
 Leggo w/hookSmash Hit w/hook$20.00$12.95
 Club OptionSmooth Trap Beat - with Hook$35.00$12.95
 Check-w-hookRadio Ready w/hook$20.00$12.95
 That Guy w/HookTop 3 Chart Hit w/hook$20.00$12.95
 Through The Fight w/hookSouful hip hop with hook.$20.00$12.95
 Homie This MeHard Hittin Emotional Beat$40.00$12.95
 MurdaEast Coast Beat with hook$40.00$12.95
 Illustrious w VoxSexy mix between rnb and trap.$20.00$12.95
 MurdaStreet hip hop killa w/hook$40.00$12.95
 Save Some Time w/hookR&B Radio #1 Hit w/hook$20.00$12.95

Beats with Vocal Hooks

 Losin They Mind w/hookGuetta type beat w/hook$40.00$12.95
 Wish You Had MeR&B Jam$20.00$12.95
 Got One NightTripped out Diplo Vibe w/hook$40.00$12.95
 Shawty (With Hook)Wiz Khalifa / R&B (With Hook!)$20.00$12.95
 I Like The Way (With Hook)Hit (With Hook!!)$20.00$12.95

 Ride Or Die w/hookDirty South w/hook$20.00$12.95
 iGrind w/hookBig Radio South Beat w/horns and hook$20.00$12.95
 Don't Wanna C meSouth Beat with vocals$20.00$12.95
 In Da HoodGangsta$20.00$12.95
 Bounce In Da ClubDirty South Beat$20.00$12.95
 See my dreamsR&B with/hook sample$20.00$12.95
 Roze GoldSouth Beat w/ vocal hook$20.00$12.95
 I Stay On My GrindGansta Beat$20.00$12.95
 Throw It w/hookDirty Synth w/hook$20.00$12.95
 On That G6 (With Hook)Bedroom R&B (With Hook!)$20.00$12.95
 If You Talkin' DollasDirty South w/vocals$20.00$12.95
 I Do MyDirty South Beat$20.00$12.95
 Im the shitDirty South w/vocals$20.00$12.95
 Make That Body Sing (With Hook)Uptempo Vibe (With Hook!)$20.00$12.95
 Applying PressureDope Track$20.00$12.95
 Go Hard w/hookTrap Beat w/hook$20.00$12.95
 Ride24'sSouth Beat$20.00$12.95
 Grind w/hookRadio Hit w/hook$20.00$12.95
 FreakoutClub Beats Dance music with hook$20.00$12.95
 TH-ShineSouth Beat$20.00$12.95

 Love Vs Hate - HookNice R&B Trak$40.00$12.95
 Gettin It w/hookRadio Ready w/hook$40.00$12.95
 Love In The MorningSmooth R&B w/hook$35.00$12.95
 Better Believe It w/hookRadio Hit with hook$35.00$12.95
 I'm From Da Derrty SouthSouth Beat with vocals$35.00$12.95
 Hear Me - HookDrake All The Way$40.00$12.95
 Keep gettin that moneyDirty South Beat$40.00$12.95
 Blowin On JamaicaGangsta Beat$40.00$12.95
 How We Ball w/HookSouth Beat with hook$35.00$12.95
 MurdaEast Coast Beat with hook$40.00$12.95
 The Ex w/hookR&B jam w/mastered hook$40.00$12.95
 Triple Beam Dreamin - HookYo Gotti Type Banger$40.00$12.95
 Make It Rain w/ HookHIT!!!$40.00$12.95
 Late Night Love w/hookR&B Beat with mastered hook$40.00$12.95
 Dough BoiSouth Beat with vocals$40.00$12.95
 Jockin On USouth Club$40.00$12.95
 Throw it up w/hookTop 40 Radio Ready Track w/hook$35.00$12.95

This a section of our site that showcases our vocal work. We scout real vocal talent and have them belt out a few bars in the studio. We then apply it to a beat and make it available to you at a very low cost. We pay the upfront cost to get them to record and you benefit from the top notch hooks they deliver. The hooks are written by both the producers and vocalists depending on the track. We've set the standard and with our section, we've set the bar again. You will know what we mean after you listen to the samples below. Many sites out there cannot compete. Our quality is second to none. Test drive the beats on this site now and see for yourself.

At we offer different types of hooks for different types of artists. Our hooks cater to rappers, musicians, video producers, DJ's, solo artists, bands and more.

Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests. You are currently looking at Beats with Hooks

Download Beats with Hooks for sale, hip hop samples and music instrumentals. Exclusive and non exclusive rap beats and samples. Hip hop beats and instrumentals for hip hop rap artists, rap music producers, video editors and Dj's. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing Beats with Hooks to understand how leasing Beats with Hooks works.

Beats with Hooks
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