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Twerk Beats

Twerk ItHere you will find Twerk Beats in a variety of different tempos and styles to fit your specific needs.

Buy Twerk Beats ? What can you do with Twerk Beats ? Well, most people will download these Twerk Beats and make YouTube videos of themselves twerking. Some are funny, and some are more serious.

What is twerking?

Twerk: To work one's body, as in dancing, especially the rear end or vigorously shaking of your Gluteus Maximus

Other examples are: the action of standing (usually in a squatting position) with your hands either on your thighs or not; then moving your back and butt up and down to a 20DollarBeat, making it jiggle , LMFAO . usually girls do it at clubs , sometimes they're ratchet and do it at school for boys , to seek attention from the men :)

So here we have a Twerk Beats page dedicated to twerking. If you are a fan of that, you'll enjoy these twerk beats. We'll add more each week since the popularity is getting stronger. Since the Miley Cyrus episode on the VMA's, twerking has now become widespread. The Robin Thicke song has also been gaining even more popularity because of it, however, we feel that twerking music should have more Atlanta vibe to it like the Twerk Beats below.

Browse our Twerk Beats and test it out for yourself and do a twerk video for YouTube. All Twerk Beats are in mp3 format and do not have vocal tags.

Twerk Beats

(1 - 25 of 54 beats)
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Twerk beat idea with intricate synth plays
2019 BPM:128 3:20 Twerk
100 Dolla Bills
Rap Beat
2010 Rap - Twerk - Hip Hop
Southern banger
2011 Twerk - Dirty South
Flex On
Club banger for the south!
2011 Twerk
Love Punch
Trap vs Twerk
2015 3:28 Twerk - Trap
Last Call
Twerk Style Beat
2014 3:28 Twerk
Wind Up
Big Club Banga
2010 Twerk - Club
Sexy Girl Anthem
Rap Beat/Brass
2010 Twerk - Rap
twerk beat
2014 Twerk
Docta Con
Dirty South Trap Club beat
2014 Twerk
killa tripet beat
2014 Twerk - Trap
Call Me Champ
Dirty Chant
2014 Twerk - Trap
Booties Movin
Twerk Beat
2014 Twerk
Shake Dancin
twerk beat
2014 Twerk
Twerk Beat
2014 Twerk
Club Bounce Beat
2014 Twerk - Club
In The Behind
Twerk club banger
2014 Twerk
Wait A Min
This track is a beast.
2014 Twerk - Trap
The Animal
Beat 4 A Spitta
2014 Twerk - Rap
Link Up
Twerk Beat
2014 3:12 Twerk
She Twerkin
Twerk Beat/Club Banger
2014 Twerk - club
Money Voices
Hard Trap Club Banger
2014 Twerk - Club
Nukoa Battle
Battle Beat Ready for a win!
2014 Twerk - Battle
I Know Pablo
Trap Twerk Beat w/hook
2014 Twerk
All Dat
Twerk beat, Trap
2016 Twerk

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The royalty free non-exclusive musical compositions sold by 20DollarBeats remain the property of 20DollarBeats and are licensed, not sold, to you the licensee.

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License grants you (the licensee) the right to use 20DollarBeats' royalty-free compositions (NE rap beats) only for Radio Advertisement, Commercial Advertisement, Television Advertisement, Internet Background Music, On-Hold & In-House Background Music, and/or Artist Demonstrations.

Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions and/or rap beats can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson -


At we offer different types of rap beats for different types of artists. Our rap beats cater to rappers, jazz musicians, video producers and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free rap beat section. There you will find some cool loops and beats for Acid and other music editing programs. Get your sick rap beats today.

Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests.

Download Twerk Beats for sale, hip hop beat with premium lease options and tracked out lease are available. If you want your beats and rap instrumentals with trackout wav or unlimited lease, contact us for details. Exclusive and non exclusive mp3 lease options theres also a premium lease option for those who dont want full exclusive rights. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing Twerk Beats to understand how leasing beats online and hip hop instrumentals works.

Twerk Beats
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