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Slow Trap/RnB vibe
2019 BPM:55 3:14 RnB
Back 2 Back
Lil Pump x Lil Uzi Type Trap Beat
2019 BPM:65 3:10 Trap
Hell And Back
Dark Tech N9ne Type Trap Instrumental
2019 BPM:54 3:40 Trap
Final Warning
Hard Hitting Tech N9ne x Eminem Type Beat
2019 BPM:54 3:23 Trap
Came From Nothing
Hard Kevin Gates Type Trap Instrumental
2019 BPM:57 3:28 Trap
Thru Yo City
Artist Friendly Big Krit Type Beat
2019 BPM:76 3:16 HipHop
Made U Look
Bouncy Cardi B Type Beat
2019 BPM:66 3:35 Trap
Ride For Me
Menacing 21 Savage x Cardi B Type Trap Instrumental
2019 BPM:63 3:56 Trap
Look At Me Now
Dramatic Joyner Lucas Type Beat
2019 BPM:62 3:51 Trap
Determined Meek Mill Type HipHop Instrumental
2019 BPM:71 3:47 HipHop
Catch A Fade
Lil Pump x Smokepurpp Type Trap Beat
2019 BPM:64 3:47 Trap
Top Down
West Coast banger
2019 BPM:92 3:44 Hip-Hop - hip-Hop
Missed Call
Boom-bap banger with catchy guitars
2019 BPM:90 3:20 Hip-Hop
Hypnotic trap banger
2019 BPM:160 3:09 Trap
Money Callin
Hard Trap Banger
2019 BPM:160 3:18 Trap
Smooth RnB vibe
2019 BPM:93 3:32 RnB
Trap Banger with Eastern European vocal chops
2019 BPM:135 3:52 Trap
Trap House
Up-Tempo Southern Trap Banger
2019 BPM:168 3:39 Trap
The Crown
Trap banger with church choir chops
2019 BPM:85 3:49 Trap
Smooth Up-Tempo Boom-Bap Banger
2019 BPM:95 3:14 Hip-Hop
East 2 Da West
Boom-Bap banger with Middle Eastern Flavour
2019 BPM:93 3:14 Hip-Hop
Turkish Bounce
Boom-Bap banger with a middle eastern vibe
2019 BPM:83 3:41 Hip-Hop
No Regrets
Hypnotic trap banger
2019 BPM:140 3:27 Trap
Dead End
Dream World
2019 BPM:143 3:25 Urban Rap
2019 BPM:150 3:17 Rap
Late Night Vibe
2019 BPM:137 3:36 Urban Rap
2019 BPM:135 3:38 Rap
Alotta Talk
2019 BPM:150 3:19 Rap
Loyalty Is Law
2019 BPM:126 3:24 Urban Rap
Eminem and Post Malone is what I hear
2019 BPM:125 3:43 Urban Rap
Faded Lines
This one is READY
2019 BPM:125 3:51 Urban Rap
Missed Flights
Not Smooth but SMOOVE
2019 BPM:166 3:00 Urban
Gold Throne
Logic ft Eminem vol 2
2019 BPM:130 3:45 Rap
Dope Boy Future Sound
2019 BPM:153 3:19 Rap trap
Rock banger anthem.
2019 BPM:140 3:35 Rock
Fusion hip hop RnB sounds.
2019 BPM:155 3:37 Mid Tempo R&B
EDM house instrumental ready.
2019 BPM:125 3:54 EDM House
EDM progressive electro beat.
2019 BPM:128 3:40 EDM Beat
Basic club trap flavors with quality sounds.
2019 BPM:141 3:37 Club Trap
Decent beat with indian style drums
2019 BPM:95 3:48 Club
Pretty dope house track actually.
2019 BPM:116 3:46 House Dance
Tropical synth progressive formula.
2019 BPM:100 5:07 Tropical
Simple head nodder club idea
2019 BPM:95 4:26 Club
Full body hip hop progression.
2019 BPM:88 3:46 Hip Hop Rap
Guitar mutes blended with some powerful drums.
2019 BPM:160 3:36 Pop Guitar
A vibey dancehall afrobeat sound.
2019 BPM:95 3:44 Afrobeat Dancehall
Pop definitely trippy 80s mixed in.
2019 BPM:100 3:44 Pop
Future RnB Hip Hop vibes.
2019 BPM:150 3:52 Future RnB
Guitar pop idea with something 80s about it.
2019 BPM:160 3:52 Pop Guitar
Guitar to future synth RnB hip hop idea.
2019 BPM:139 4:12 Future RnB Guitar
Guitar w big drums formula
2019 BPM:140 3:34 Rock Guitar drums
This experiment has future bass ideas.
2019 BPM:100 3:46 Future
Reall cool dance EDM vibe on this.
2019 BPM:128 3:55 EDM Dance
Afrobeat guitar pop rnb track
2019 BPM:105 2:55 Afrobeat Guitar
Lots of details in this one to listen for.
2019 BPM:100 4:39 Hip Hop Rap
Downtempo future synth plucked.
2019 BPM:128 3:52 RnB
Never Fold
Post Malone Vibes
2019 BPM:120 4:02 Rap Urban
2019 BPM:142 3:13 Rap
Want it All
Hustlers Only
2019 BPM:95 3:48 Rap
Serious Feel
2019 BPM:170 3:27 Urban Rap
I Love U 3000
Feel Good Music
2019 BPM:100 3:05 Pop Urban
God Flow
2019 BPM:130 3:36 Rap
What If
Post Malone vibe
2019 BPM:90 3:13 Rap Urban
Not Today
Man on the Moon III
2019 BPM:127 3:34 Urban Rap
The Vibes
2019 BPM:141 3:24 Urban
Aye Mami
Bouncy Migos Type Rap Beat With Guitar
2019 BPM:60 3:56 HipHop
Around My Way
Chris Brown Type R&B Beat With Synth Bass
2019 BPM:71 3:50 R&B
Addicted 2 Money
Gucci Mane Type Trap Instrumental With Catchy Synth
2019 BPM:65 3:34 Trap
Call The Shots
Hard Hitting Lil Uzi Vert Type Trap Beat
2019 BPM:66 3:35 Trap
Tread Lightly
Menacing Kevin Gates Type Trap Beat
2019 BPM:57 3:26 Trap
Go 2 War
Dramatic Tech N9ne Type Instrumental
2019 BPM:63 3:13 Trap
Open Season
Powerful Trap Anthem Instrumental
2019 BPM:61 3:18 Trap
Bad Intentions
Dark 21 Savage Type Trap Instrumental
2019 BPM:70 2:41 Trap
Ben Franks
Artist Friendly 2 Chainz x Gucci Mane Type Beat
2019 BPM:60 3:28 Trap
Club ish tropical 808 banger
2019 BPM:100 3:04 Club Tropical
EDM dance with house and electro tendencies.
2019 BPM:128 3:30 EDM Dance
Trap synth street banger with dirty bass
2019 BPM:140 3:22 Trap
Dancehall afrobeat fusion
2019 BPM:100 4:00 Dancehall Club Afrobeat
Original EDM house synth dance track
2019 BPM:124 3:49 EDM House Dance
Indian sitar sounds with 808 trap bass kit.
2019 BPM:145 3:48 Trap
Slow build with brilliant polished hook.
2019 BPM:128 4:48 Hip Hop Rap
RnB flavored hip hop with nice keys
2019 BPM:96 3:52 RnB Hip Hop
808 driven verse with EDM like hook
2019 BPM:160 4:29 Pop EDM
Future bass synth modern EDM
2019 BPM:100 3:52 Future Bass EDM
Trumpet horn with head nodding drums
2019 BPM:95 3:16 Pop
Bank Roll 2
Lofi Travis Scott Type Trap Beat
2019 BPM:71 4:00 Trap
Sample stabs arranged to hip hop drums
2019 BPM:91 2:11 Hip Hop Rap
Trap 808 club dirty south track with synth
2019 BPM:140 3:51 Trap Dirty South
Hip hop trap club dirty south type beat with tight drums.
2019 BPM:150 3:12 Dirty South Hip Hop
Hip hop synth 808 club street track ready for lyrics
2019 BPM:135 3:08 Trap Hip Hop
Pop tropical synth progression with layered buildups
2019 BPM:100 3:58 Tropical Club
Jazzy RnB Piano with soulful horns and flutes
2019 BPM:122 4:58 RnB
Midtempo trap synth banger
2019 BPM:151 3:30 Mid Tempo Trap
Hardbody hip hop with cinematic guitars.
2019 BPM:88 2:48 Hip Hop
Dancehall afrobeat fusion
2019 BPM:102 3:16 Dancehall Afrobeat
Pop hip hop guitars with nice drum backing.
2019 BPM:88 3:19 Pop Hip Hop
Even More Lit
Pop tropical beat with edge.
2019 BPM:100 3:03 Pop Tropical
French Montana x Drake
2019 BPM:82 3:19 Rap Trap Hip Hop
Modern hip hop beat with a lot of bounce.
2019 BPM:80 3:14 Rap Trap Hip Hop

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Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions and/or rap beats can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson -


At we offer different types of Dirty South Beats for different types of artists. Our rap beats cater to rappers, jazz musicians, video producers, DJ's and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free beats section. There you will find some cool loops and beats for Acid and other music editing programs.

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Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests.

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