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Here you will find Urban Beats from 20DollarBeats.com - We offer the best in hip hop and urban instrumentals to buy and download.

Most people will buy and download these Urban Beats and make a serious hit song, youtube video or mixtape. Dj's will also use these to do remix versions of other songs. It's up to you on how you make it work.

What are urban beats?

Urban Beats are a collection we produce that shine in the hip hop and urban music lifestyle genre. When west coast beats hit the stage, the urban rap game took off. There are many styles of hip hop today, but the urban beats genre is quite different as it tends to shift with the masses. The music evolves into a whole new sound. Thats why the urban sound is always the "current" sound.

So here we have a Urban Beats page dedicated to the Urban Music Lifestyle. If you are a fan of that, you'll enjoy these urban beats. We'll add more each week since the popularity is getting stronger. There have been more and more Producers using more of this genre with strong urban music background so we've decided to make a dedicated urban page just for you. Follow the urban music scene today.. It's contemporary style inherits from hip hop artists like Beyoncé, Drake, Rick Ross, Usher, Nicki T-Pain and more.

Urban Beats

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Dead End
Dream World
2019 BPM:143 3:25
Late Night Vibe
2019 BPM:137 3:36
Loyalty Is Law
2019 BPM:126 3:24
Eminem and Post Malone is what I hear
2019 BPM:125 3:43
Faded Lines
This one is READY
2019 BPM:125 3:51
Missed Flights
Not Smooth but SMOOVE
2019 BPM:166 3:00
Never Fold
Post Malone Vibes
2019 BPM:120 4:02
Serious Feel
2019 BPM:170 3:27
I Love U 3000
Feel Good Music
2019 BPM:100 3:05
What If
Post Malone vibe
2019 BPM:90 3:13
Not Today
Man on the Moon III
2019 BPM:127 3:34
The Vibes
2019 BPM:141 3:24
Scary Love
2019 BPM:109 4:09
Till the Night
Late Night Music
2019 BPM:122 3:46
A mix of Smooth with Knock
2019 BPM:140 3:34
Weird Flex
Flute Gang
2019 BPM:140 3:08
Section 88
2019 BPM:141 3:27
If U Stayed
The Feels Pop Beat
2019 BPM:126 3:46
Hard to Imagine
2019 BPM:131 3:46
J Cole 2020 Sound
2019 BPM:120 3:51
Everything I Need
Music to Dream to
2019 BPM:142 3:18
Old School Cudi
2019 BPM:130 3:19
Another Night
Late Night Music
2019 BPM:118 3:56
Post Malone Vibes
2019 BPM:140 3:46
In Your Arms
Feel Good Music
2019 BPM:90 3:35

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