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Tropical Beats

Tropical  Beats

Tropical Beats for sale

Tropical Beats from 20DollarBeats, gives you the island feeling of music instrumentals. These tropical beats loosely represent some of our Caribbean type feeling of beats from that area. Although some of these are reggae type, it's blended with current hip hop and pop sounds to give it a more modern tropical beat sound.

Tropical Beats for lease

You can use these tropical beats to enhance something you already have or use it from scratch. Add your vocals or if you play an instrument, add that right on top and mix your very own version of the track and make a hit. Publish it on YouTube, iTunes or spotify with the unlimited use option.

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Tropical pop sounding track with melodies.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical that changes to full on trap.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical 2020 dance numbers.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical chill bounce with a cool rhythm.
$4.95 & Up
Moomba reggaeton club EDM.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical dancehall flavor beat
$4.95 & Up
Tropical latin rhythms and synths.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical pop future reggaeton vibes
$4.95 & Up
Tropical synth dancehall ideas.
$4.95 & Up
Too tropical with drums and EDM synths
$4.95 & Up
Tropical synth progressive formula.
$4.95 & Up
Club ish tropical 808 banger
$4.95 & Up
Fogg P
Pop tropical synth progression with layered buildups
$4.95 & Up
Even More Lit
Pop tropical beat with edge.
$4.95 & Up
Dancehall to trumpet drop, awesome.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical club mix with vocal chop.
$4.95 & Up
Club banger with a Carribean touch.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical pop progression.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical Pop Synth House.
$4.95 & Up
A nice pop EDM track with African vox chop in drop.
$4.95 & Up
DJ Snake style tropical club vibe.
$4.95 & Up
Tropical type vibe in this.
$4.95 & Up
Chill tropical pop vibe
$4.95 & Up
I Get It
Tropic feel with 808s - 144bpm
$4.95 & Up
Major Lazer type beat.
$4.95 & Up

Tropical Beat for my EP

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How can I get an Exclusive Tropical Beat?

Tropical music is very popular in the Latin world. Latin radio caters to tropical music like cumbia, salsa, bachata etc. These are 100% original and contain no samples to clear. You can buy them, record your vocals and have a finished song. Play a few samples to see if you find a beat that works for you.

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These tropical beats are made from 7 experienced Music producers. If you like reggae type music for your EP, then you should check out our Reggae Instrumentals

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