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Get Sad Beats from our online beat catalog. We're giving you this page because of some people asking us to catagorize the sad rap beat genre. You're looking for a sad beat to sing to, so it's available now. Even tho it's not technically a genre, we're putting them together on one page so they are easier to find. Sad rap, like some of Post Malone's stuff is more popular now. Even with hits like Rich & Sad the slow paced trap beat with it's iconic hi hats pattern are becomming the norm. Another artist (who's no longer with us) is XXXTENTACION with his hit titled "sad" was super popular on spotify.

Sad Type Beats

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Curry Sauce
Hard piano based rap beat.
$4.95 & Up
Wirting On The Wall
Hiphop ballad with piano.
$4.95 & Up
Emotional drill vibes.
$4.95 & Up
The Intro
Emotional piano intro for your project.
$4.95 & Up
Looking For
Dark hiphop track.
$4.95 & Up
Sad orchestral hiphop slap.
$4.95 & Up
Dark/sad sounding trap rap beat.
$4.95 & Up
Tear Drop
Sad & bouncy hiphop beat.
$4.95 & Up
Slow tempo hiphop banger with piano.
$4.95 & Up
Sad rap beat.
$4.95 & Up
Tell Me The Truth
Emo rap beat.
$4.95 & Up
Not Welcome
Trippie Redd alternative type vibe.
$4.95 & Up
Sad Boy
Sad beat with rock guitar.
$4.95 & Up
Negative Thoughts
Sad and dark sounding rap beat.
$4.95 & Up
Sad type rap instrumental.
$4.95 & Up
Rap beat with emotional strings.
$4.95 & Up
Close to you
Sad beat with guitar
$4.95 & Up
Deep rap beat with emotional vibe
$4.95 & Up
On My Mind
Emotional guitar type beat.
$4.95 & Up
Angel Wings V2
Loved Ones Sad
$4.95 & Up
Scary Love
$4.95 & Up
See Me Comin
Emotional NBA Youngboy Type Beat
$4.95 & Up
Real Love
The Weeknd ft Travis Scott Sad
$4.95 & Up
Save Me
Emotional Piano Based R&B Instrumental
$4.95 & Up
Pull Me Down
Emotional Kevin Gates Type Beat
$4.95 & Up

What is a sad beat?

With our 7 experienced 20DollarBeats' producers, we create many types of beats in many genres. Our newest one is called sad. It's more of a mood than a genre. With lush piano melodies created by some of our best trained pianist, to strings and cutting edge modern sounds that you hear on the radio today. You can see all of our new beats here: Backing Tracks

  • Do you write good lyrics?
  • Can you record your vocals using a pro mic or even a phone?
  • How bad do you want to make a song?

Sad Beat Producer

Get creative and feel free to explore your own feelings. Write that song you have in your head. Download a sad rap beat and record it today. What are you waiting for? There's no better time than during a pandemic to write music. It's a feeling, mood, or love. It doesnt matter, it's all you. If you want some instrumentals that are more upbeat, listen to our guitar beats.

Exclusive Sad Beats

Get exclusive rights to Exclusive Sad beats on our Exclusive site. It's got 100's of beats to listen to with the ability to own the rights to publish it.

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