Reggae Beats
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Reggae Beats by 20DollarBeats Producers. We made this page due to popular demand for people who want to make reggae songs for reggae artists. We will start making more reggae beats for our South African and Jamaican musicians. With a funky bass line, bass drums, and reggae rock grooves, our reggae beats have a modern unique sound to them. Even though we produce almost all music genres, the reggae genre is fairly new to us. Go here if you're looking for reggaeton beats or dance hall beats which are also part of our royalty free music library. All of our reggae instrumental tracks are premium lease from top producers. Sub Genres include, reggae rhythm, summer reggae, reggae guitar as well as pop music reggae fusion of EDM and Tropical Dance arrangements and chord progressions. Go here to find exclusive rights to reggae beats from our reggae musicians in the time signature you require with a premium lease.

Reggae Beats

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Tropical pop future reggaeton vibes
2019 BPM:101 4:08 Future Reggaeton Tropical Beat
Downtempo electronic future reggae genre.
2019 BPM:130 3:25 Future Reggae Beat
Good Vibes sounds like Reggae mixed with R&B
2019 BPM:187 4:17 Reggae R&B rnb Beat
Some kind of reggae feeling.
2018 BPM:140 3:38 Reggae Beat
No Worries
Chill Reggae Type Beat With Catchy Bassline
2018 BPM:69 3:32 Reggae Beat
x-over reggae bounce
2018 BPM:140 3:52 Reggae Beat
Reggae mix w hip hop
2017 BPM:85 3:52 Reggae Beat
Pillow Fat
Reggae and 808 kit equals fire
2016 BPM:79 3:52 Beat Reggae Beat
Latin Reggaeton Salsa Music
2015 Other - Beat Beat
Reggae Beat with bass
2014 Other - Hip-Hop Beat
Closer Reggae
New turn on modern reggae
2015 Reggae Beat Beat
Reggaeton music
2015 3:52 Other - Beat Beat
Pop reggaeton radio
2015 Other - Hip-Hop Beat
Forget About
Reggae House Vibe
2015 2:55 Other - Beat Beat
Reggaeton meets Dancehall
2015 beat dancehall reggae Beat
Cry Out Now
Smooth Reggae Beat
2015 Other - Beat Beat
Great RnB reggae sound design
2015 Other - Beat Beat
Work It (RT)
Reggaeton feel
2010 Other - Hip-Hop Beat
Fun rock reggae track
2014 Other - Beat Beat
Protect Us
2014 2:46 Other - Beat Beat
Rompe Cola
Experimental Dub Reggaeton
2014 Other - Beat Beat
Side To Side
Bouncy Tyga Club Beat With Reggae Vocals
2016 BPM:100 3:26 Club Beat
Black Stroke
Hawaiian reggae with a cigar on a boat
2016 4:04 Other - Beat Beat
Afrobeat reggae flip
2016 BPM:79.5 3:52 Reggae Afrobeat Beat
Pop with reggaeton vibes
2016 2:36 beat reggae danchall Beat

Exclusive Reggae Beats

Buy the exclusive rights to reggae beats on our Exclusive Beat site. You can find 100's of beats and instrumentals to listen to with the ability to own the rights to publish your song.

Some famous reggae songs have simple but catchy riffs such as Bob Marleys tracks. The reggae groove is the most noticeable part thats unique to reggae, such as the reggae drum, rhythm guitar parts or bass drums or horn sections. These are usually played in a certain way to give that feeling of a Jamaican or tropical reggae style. Some hip hop reggae artist start out with a producer who can make a reggae track and build it up from there. Most reggae songs are played with real instruments by real life reggae musicians suck as Jimmy Cliff or Alpha Blondy. Popular music from notable artists such as Bob Marley have taken even classic reggae music to the mainstream audience. Reggae cover songs are very popular for parties and events in the summer time or just as background music. You can use these music genres tracks to create your own song or music video or just us as background music. Get instant downloads with an instrumental mp3 lease.

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