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Premium Beats

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Premium Beats

Premium Beats

When you're looking for the best beats money can buy, you cant go wrong here. Our seasoned producers have been doing this for over a decade and we have the experience to produce top quality beats. Our premium beats collection is composed of the best productions we've ever done. Some beats just have a certain vibe to them that make them better or "premium quality". These are professional beats.

Beats Premium Use

Premium Beats are a staple of 20DollarBeats. We hand select each premium beat each month for quality, production value, average shelf life span, and the producer. Each producer we have works hard each day to provide the best beats. Every month there are certain beats that stand out and have a special meaning or feeling to it. These are beats that hit harder than normal ones.

Premium Beats for sale

Although, these beats are higher priced than our regular selections, you can rest assured you're getting the best quality. The beats are in mp3 format and are sent via digital downloads after purchase.

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Murda V2 P
East Coast Beat with hook
$4.95 & Up
1 On The Side w/ hook P
Commercial Fetty Wap beat w/hook
$4.95 & Up
Beefin' P
Hard Hitting Gucci Mane Trap
$4.95 & Up
Watch it Pile Up P
Hustle music, that bounce
$4.95 & Up
Daylight with Hook P
Long nights outside waiting for Daylight. Hustler Music.
$4.95 & Up
Its Only Right P
Urban radio music. Sounds like Tyga.
$4.95 & Up
Horror P
Boomin Trap Joint
$4.95 & Up
These Days P
Extreme chill hard 808s
$4.95 & Up
Gas Pump P
Meek Mill beat
$4.95 & Up
Play No Gamez P
Tyga Style Trapper With Vicious 808s
$4.95 & Up
Showstopper P
Hard drums, smooth chords
$4.95 & Up
TG-Left Overs P
Tinashe vibe
$4.95 & Up
CockPit P
Drake on this beat
$4.95 & Up
Street Code P
Dirty South Beat
$4.95 & Up
Young Thug would kill this!
$4.95 & Up
Cold MFs P
Simple but effective rap beat in the style of Drake.
$4.95 & Up
Barally P
Electro Dance music with rock guitars and breakdowns!
$4.95 & Up
Sleepless P
One time for the Hustlers
$4.95 & Up
Up In Flames P
Super Pop Dubstep!!
$4.95 & Up
Too Much P
Rick Ross Type Trap Anthem Beat
$4.95 & Up
Not Again P
New School Club Killer!
$4.95 & Up
Angels P
Slow R&B
$4.95 & Up
Treatment P
Huncho Jack
$4.95 & Up
Drug Free P
Say NO to Tide Pods
$4.95 & Up
The Ex w/hook P
R&B jam w/mastered hook
$4.95 & Up

Beats for Premium Use

Premium Beats

How can I get a Premium Beat?

When purchasing a premium beat from us, you're getting the mp3 download in high quality (320k) right after purchase. If you purchase the wav version, you will getthe mp3 and wav version together.

If you plan on making a song and releasing it online such as iTunes, Spotify, or even YouTube, it's best to get unlimited use so you wont have to remove it after the 1 year lease term is up. If you want similar beats like this, try some of our Rap Beats.

Beats Premium

Today, on just about every radio station, you'll hear a trap beat. Artists like Post Malone have jumped in and made it mainstream. Click here if you are looking for high quality royalty free music

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