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When you're looking for the best beats money can buy, you cant go wrong here. Our seasoned producers have been doing this for over a decade and we have the experience to produce top quality beats. Our premium beats collection is composed of the best productions we've ever done. Some beats just have a certain vibe to them that make them better or "premium quality". These are professional beats.

Premium Beats

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Look At Me Now P
Dramatic Joyner Lucas Type Beat
2019 BPM:62 3:51 Trap Beat
Endofish P
Lots of details in this one to listen for.
2019 BPM:100 4:39 Hip Hop Rap Beat
Dogbone P
Guitar w big drums formula
2019 BPM:140 3:34 Rock Guitar drums Beat
Felody P
Guitar pop idea with something 80s about it.
2019 BPM:160 3:52 Pop Guitar Beat
Lunchbox P
Guitar mutes blended with some powerful drums.
2019 BPM:160 3:36 Pop Guitar Beat
Ahem P
Decent beat with indian style drums
2019 BPM:95 3:48 Club Beat
Tangled P
808 driven verse with EDM like hook
2019 BPM:160 4:29 Pop EDM Beat
Exist P
Slow build with brilliant polished hook.
2019 BPM:128 4:48 Hip Hop Rap Beat
Fogg P
Pop tropical synth progression with layered buildups
2019 BPM:100 3:58 Tropical Club Beat
Start Sellin P
Catchy Kevin Gates Type Trap Single
2019 BPM:64 3:20 Trap Beat
Cross Tha Border P
Catchy Trap Beat With Bouncy Guitar
2019 BPM:65 4:10 Trap Beat
Janock P
Cool hip hop progression going on.
2018 BPM:95 3:10 Hip Hop Beat
Waves P
Hip hop ballad 6lack style.
2018 BPM:70 3:26 Beat
Cash In P
Rich The Kid type beat.
2018 BPM:85 3:04 Beat
Habbits P
Guitar pop track with pop drums
2018 BPM:96 3:18 Pop Beat
Run $hit P
Hard Hitting 6ix9ine Type Rap Beat
2018 BPM:153 3:19 HipHop Beat
Vitalove P
Rnb track with guitars synths and drums
2018 BPM:142 4:16 RnB Beat
Back n Forth P
Hits Only
2018 BPM:100 4:00 Pop Urban Beat
New Rules P
2018 BPM:140 3:17 Rap Beat
Same Team P
A Little N.O. Bounce
2018 BPM:100 3:26 Rap Urban Beat
Bad Together P
Just a VIBE
2018 BPM:148 3:36 Urban Beat
Coach P
Midtempo guitar EDM pop beat
2018 BPM:105 3:39 EDM Pop Beat
Fried Rice P
Sub woofer bass 808 on this will let them know its you
2018 BPM:140 4:56 Trap Beat
Burnera P
Hip hop chop melodic
2018 BPM:90 4:06 Hip Hop Beat
Uroli P
String vibe with trap drums
2018 BPM:160 3:36 Trap Beat

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