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When it comes to Hip Hop Beats genres in music, there's one that tops them all and has been around for a very long time. At 20DollarBeats Studios, we make hip hop beats. Since 2006, we've been producing many styles of beats & instrumentals. We started out with the hip hop genre and progressed from there. It's not just a category anymore, it's more of a lifestyle. Hip Hop has been around for decades and will continue to do so for many more. Browse and preview our incredible selection of hip hop beats and we're sure that you'll find one to fit your project. The top hip hop beats we make are on this page.

Rap's (beginning of growth) is sometimes attributed to the Sugarhill Gang that released the track Rapper's Delight back in 1979. Ever since, rap started to spread like a disease from New York to the rest of the country, then to the world in other countries. Rap and hip hop best parts are the drum beats and the catchy rhymes that the artist would write. The simple yet catchy beats are only a small portion of complexity of the originating sounds they were mostly sampled from. Instrumentals with breakbeats or 808 drum machines were the new normal. This hip hop genre started to take off and it's been doing so ever since. Multiple artists started popping up all over and new twists of the format were accepted, mostly. Ever though critics said it would not last long, the hip hop and rap culture flourished to what it is today.

Hip Hop Beats For Sale

Hip hop music in general cannot be categorized into just one type. We've expanded our library to over 1000 in just hip hop alone. These can be a mix of hiphop with jazz, pop, trap and so on so technically they have become a "hybrid" type of instrumentals.

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Smooth instrumetal with catchy melodies and punchy drums
$3.95 & Up
Revelation P
Smooth instrumental with ambient chords and punchy drums
$3.95 & Up
Modern hiphop with underground vibes.
$3.95 & Up
Boom-bap/trap banger with a unique rhythm and catchy keys
$3.95 & Up
Mix between popular trap & hiphop.
$3.95 & Up
Highs And Lows
Piano hiphop ballad.
$3.95 & Up
Prayers 1st
Energetic hiphop with bells.
$3.95 & Up
Spend That
Feel Good Wiz Khalifa Type Rap Beat
$3.95 & Up
Compelling hiphop beat with acoustic guitar.
$3.95 & Up
Boss Level
Just PURE Hip Hop
$3.95 & Up
Street Banger with piano and hard drums
$3.95 & Up
Lofi boombapper
$3.95 & Up
Take No Loss
Menacing Meek Mill Type HipHop Instrumental
$3.95 & Up
Hood Superstar
Radio Ready HipHop Beat With Infectious Synth Melody
$3.95 & Up
Street banger with strings, piano and hard drums
$3.95 & Up
Bedtime Story
Raw rap beat.
$3.95 & Up
Deep hiphop beat with an ambient sound
$3.95 & Up
Challenger P
Hip-Hop street banger with catchy piano and hard drums
$3.95 & Up
Organ chops with hip hop downtempo elements.
$3.95 & Up
Future bass future hip hop fusions.
$3.95 & Up
Don't Make Me
Cinematic Tech N9ne Type Rap Instrumental
$3.95 & Up
Need Change
Modern soulful hiphop beat with great energy.
$3.95 & Up
Storytelling type hiphop beat.
$3.95 & Up
Old Time Sake
Orchestral hiphop banger.
$3.95 & Up
Hard hiphop, no bs.
$3.95 & Up

What is a hip hop beat?

Hiphop Beat Producer

When we make a new beat, we consider the use of it from the customers point of view. With 7 of us, we can cover many genres. For hip hop in general, the boom-bap type beats are almost nostalgic, and have an old school feel to them so we add them to this category. Beats by 20DollarBeats' producers are guaranteed to sound good and are pre-mastered for you to drag and drop into your DAW of choice. You can see all of our newest Backing Tracks here: We use some of the best music creation hardware and software available.

Even clothing style can be considered a strong influence with hip hop culture in general as well as Break dancing. Many artists have their own clothing lines as a form of expression of their hip hop heritage.

Exclusive Hip Hop Beats

Get exclusive rights to Exclusive Hip Hop beats on our Exclusive site. It's got 100's of beats to listen to with the ability to own the rights to publish it.

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