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Guitar Beats

Guitar Beats

These Beats are a collection we produce that shine in the hip hop and Guitar music lifestyle genre. When west coast beats hit the stage, the Guitar rap game took off. There are many styles of hip hop today, but this genre is quite different as it tends to shift with the masses. The music evolves into a whole new sound. Thats why this sound is always the "current" sound.

If you are a fan of that, you'll enjoy these. We'll add more each week since the popularity is getting stronger every day. There have been more and more producers using more of this genre with strong background so we've decided to make a dedicated to it just for you. It's contemporary style inherits from hip hop artists like Beyoncé, Drake, Rick Ross, Usher, Nicki T-Pain and more. You can search for free guitar backing tracks.

Guitar Beats for Songs

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Nice filter dirty south club BANGER with Guitar!!
$4.95 & Up
Through The Blinds
Rock Hip Hop beat with great guitars!
$4.95 & Up
Slow Dance
R&B Guitar Jam
$4.95 & Up
Guitar synth mixture with hard drums
$4.95 & Up
Guitar hip hop switch to synth, this track is dope, listen to it.
$4.95 & Up
In The Wind
Guitar Infused Pop Instrumental
$4.95 & Up
On My Own
Guitar Based Pop Beat With Trap Drums
$4.95 & Up
Future bass synth drop has guitar layers in it.
$4.95 & Up
Urban Radio Instrumental w/Guitar Trap Drums
$4.95 & Up
Sweet n nice RnB guitars.
$4.95 & Up
Aint Nuffin
Guitar based hip hop Post Malone style.
$4.95 & Up
Swing ukele guitars with 808 drums
$4.95 & Up
Acoustic PR
Acoustic Guitar Only
$4.95 & Up
Afrobeat track with guitars
$4.95 & Up
High Energy Dirty South Beats w Guitars
$4.95 & Up
Hay Fever
Pop Hip hop Beat with Guitars
$4.95 & Up
EDM with live guitar and house drop
$4.95 & Up
EDM Dance chords from a guitar
$4.95 & Up
Wave At It
Guitar pop beat
$4.95 & Up
Guitar based Yelawolf type instrumental.
$4.95 & Up
Win Some Lose Some
Deep hiphop beat with guitars.
$4.95 & Up
Guitars with Linkin Park Drums
$4.95 & Up
El Jefe
Kid Ink style beat with guitar. Summer vibes!
$4.95 & Up
Travis Scott ish trap instrumental with guitar.
$4.95 & Up
Nice guitar pop beat
$4.95 & Up

Emotional Guitar Beats

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You can browse our beats and choose any one that you like. After you find one, choose the lease type that you'll need. Whether you need standard non exclusive or unlimited use rights, or even exclusive rights to have it removed, you have many choices.

If you plan on making a song and releasing it online such as iTunes, Spotify, or even YouTube, it's best to get unlimited use so you wont have to remove it after the 1 year lease term is up. If you want similar beats like this, try some of our sad beats.

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