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Exclusive Beats are a staple of Hip Hop Music. The price for exclusive rights is normally much higher than any non-exclusive license for music instrumentals/beats. The price for exclusive rights and the price for non exclusive lease rights carry a variance determined by the value for ownership of music vs non-exclusive, mechanical usage within the boundaries of the license agreement it was purchased under. Moreover, the value of owning exclusive rights to music is a premise and provides justification for the price being much higher. The music is taken off the market and nobody else can use the track without prior consent from the new rights holder upon executing the exclusive transfer of rights for the music.

Beats with Exclusive Rights

Our Exclusive Beats are all produced by 20DollarBeats.com producers and you are guaranteed it's a quality instrumental. 20DollarBeats has been around since 2006 and we have over 1.5 million customers worldwide. All 20DB music producers are directly from major cities in the USA such as Atlanta, Philly and the Carolina's and as far west as LA.
If you want the best instrumentals for your song, getting your music from us is definitely a step in the right direction. After your purchase, you'll get downloads links sent to your email which will be in MP3 and/or wav file.

So you want Exclusive Beats? Do you need a pop beat, urban beats, dirty south, club beat or even west coast with an exclusive lease? Well we have them here. With over 10,000 tracks in our current library, we are not new to offering the best instrumentals for you to buy beats online. We've been selling exclusive beats for over 15 years. When leasing beats, be sure to know if you want non exclusive rights or you need to publish your works for profit. Buying beats is easy, however, buying the right beats for you is something you need to think about so you're happy with it. Weather you buy or lease can be sure you're getting the best music you can buy. You can purchase the exclusive rights to just about any track we offer from any page.

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Trap banger with a middle-eastern vibe
BPM: 145 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Smooth hip-hop banger with catchy guitars and punchy drums
BPM: 170 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Smooth instrumental with catchy guitars and punchy drums
BPM: 148 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Smooth instrumental with catchy chords and piano melodies
BPM: 130 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Smooth instrumental with catchy guitars and keys
BPM: 140 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Smooth instrumental with catchy guitars and punchy drums
BPM: 160 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Afrobeat type banger for the radio
BPM: 110 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Trap banger with a classical vibe
BPM: 160 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Boom-bap/trap banger with a unique rhythm and catchy keys
BPM: 160 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Pop Smoke Vibe
BPM: 143 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Without You
Emotional Trap Beat
BPM: 148 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Chill Vibe
BPM: 90 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Go Away
Gunna X Mike Will Type Beat
BPM: 145 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Fly Away With Me
Rod Wave Type Beat
BPM: 165 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
No Regret
Sad Intense Trap Beat
BPM: 148 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Rowdy Rebel Type Beat
BPM: 142 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
A New Day
Smooth Electric Guitar Vibe
BPM: 120 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Agressive Trap banger
BPM: 134 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Perfect Summer
Afro Pop Dance Vibe
BPM: 108 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Drippin' V2
Glitchy Lil Uzi Type Trap Instrumental
BPM: 103 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Wavy Playboi Carti Type Trap Beat
BPM: 78 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Turn Me On
Radio Ready Pop Instrumental
BPM: 101 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
She Want Me
Smooth & Bouncy Ty Dolla Sign Type R&B Instrumental
BPM: 97 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Chase A Bag
Catchy Future Type Trap Beat
BPM: 63 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Bouncy Chris Brown x Ty Dolla Sign Type Beat
BPM: 97 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive

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How can I get an Exclusive Beat?

After you make a purchase, it will be removed from the site forever, we'll contact you direclty through email with your order info and the contracts to sign and return to us. Once we get it back, we'll process the stem files (wavs that make up the entire song) and prep them for shipping. We use USPS to ship out all exclusive orders and you may need to sign for it. The package will include a digital USB drive with all the necessary files and agreements as well as free beats for you to try. You can also visit our exclusive beats site for more info and tracks.

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If you need more info about buying exclusively, please contact us at:
1-800-803-7106 and someone will gladly assist you with your needs.

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