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With over 100 Country Beats in our catalog, we're sure you'll find the right instrumental to make it great. When making a hit song on the radio, it's important to have modern pop beats in your collection. It's got to be current so it can climb the charts. Whether you need pop beats for your entire album or just one for your lyrics, 20DollarBeats has the reputation of having the best radio ready instrumentals and they are royalty free for your project.

Pop Beats For Sale

Pop Beats include top 40 hit music such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and even some hits from Maroon 5. The pop beats displayed here have just the right amount of top 40 feel to them and will make your entire album a hit.

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Missed Last Night
Summer Nights Are Life
$6.95 & Up
Turns Out
Makes me think Ed Sheeran guitar beat
$6.95 & Up
Pop guitar strums and drums.
$6.95 & Up
Uptempo future pop arrangement with wobbed synths.
$6.95 & Up
Big Hook with a mellow verse
$6.95 & Up
Downtempo atmospheric powerful beat.
$6.95 & Up
Midtempo future pop sound.
$6.95 & Up
Fhanga P
Future afrobeats with modern pop flavor.
$6.95 & Up
Cool pop retro middle ground.
$6.95 & Up
Vintage Attraction
Upbeat 80's Inspired Pop Instrumental
$6.95 & Up
On My Mind
Emotional guitar type beat.
$6.95 & Up
Big Sounds
$6.95 & Up
Tangled P
808 driven verse with EDM like hook
$6.95 & Up
Even More Lit
Pop tropical beat with edge.
$6.95 & Up
Pop hip hop guitars with nice drum backing.
$6.95 & Up
If U Stayed
The Feels Pop Beat
$6.95 & Up
In Your Arms
Feel Good Music
$6.95 & Up
Positive Energy
$6.95 & Up
Feel Good
$6.95 & Up
Cash In P
Rich The Kid type beat.
$6.95 & Up
Long Time
Lonesome Post Malone Type Instrumental
$6.95 & Up
Emotional Post Malone Type Beat
$6.95 & Up
Uptempo pop guitar driven music track
$6.95 & Up
Club Urban Pop track with cool vocal chops.
$6.95 & Up
A flute idea mixed with a swing hip hop drum kit
$6.95 & Up

What is a pop beat

These pop beats are made from 7 experienced 20DollarBeats' producers. You can see all of our new beats here: Backing Tracks : We use some of the best music creation software available.

Pop Beat Producer

Pop beats or pop music consists of one or more of the following: Dubstep, dance and/or trance club rhythms. They feature driving bass-lines and punchy drums with dirty sounding synth layers. more and more artists are using the pop beats type of percussion now in their music. If you are or want to be a pop artist and you want to take yourself to the next level, these beats are for you.

Exclusive Country Beats

Get exclusive rights to Exclusive Pop beats on our Exclusive site. It's got 100's of beats to listen to with the ability to own the rights to publish it.

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