Cinematic Music
Cinematic Music

Cinematic Music for Singers & Songwriters

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We now have Cinematic Music in our catalog. We're offering the intros at a discounted introductory price. These are specifically produced with YouTube and Instagramers to use for video intros. They are cinematic in style and can greatly increase your likes and views as well as add more value to your productions. Be sure to view the sample video (below) to see how it can be used.

Cinematic Music
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These pop beats are made from 6 20DollarBeats producers. We use some of the best music creation software available. Pop beats or pop music consists of one or more of the following. Dubstep, dance and/or trance club rhythms. They feature driving bass-lines and punchy drums with dirty sounding synth layers. more and more artists are using the pop beats type of percussion now in their music. If you are or want to be a pop artist and you want to take yourself to the next level, these beats are for you.

Exclusive Cinematic Music

Get exclusive rights to Cinematic beats on our site. It's got 100's of beats to listen to with the ability to own the rights to publish it.

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