Beats with Hooks 2019
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This a section of our site that showcases our vocal work. We scout real vocal talent and have them belt out a few bars in the studio. We then apply it to a beat and make it available to you at a very low cost. We pay the upfront cost to get them to record and you benefit from the top notch hooks they deliver. These hook type beats are written by both the producers and vocalists depending on the track. We put a lot of effort into the mixing and mastering these rap beats with hook. They can be found on social media influencer sites and major labels. Most are in mp3 format but can also be in mp3 wav format too (if available).

Beats with Hooks 2019

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Vox chop club dancehall beat
2019 BPM:93 3:36
Chop pitched vox on afrobeat rhythms
2019 BPM:100 3:06
Uptempo EDM Dance Club beat with Vox Chops!
2019 BPM:128 3:49
Exist P
Slow build with brilliant polished hook.
2019 BPM:128 4:48
Tangled P
808 driven verse with EDM like hook
2019 BPM:160 4:29
Fall out boy style track with walled guitar hook.
2019 BPM:90 3:34
Edgy hiphop with solid hook progression
2019 BPM:160 2:55
Deep RnB vibes with chordal vox sounds.
2019 BPM:120 4:25
A nice pop EDM track with African vox chop in drop.
2018 BPM:100 3:57
Hip hop with chopped vox on big drums
2018 BPM:150 4:10
Music Takes Me Dubstep
Dubstep track with crazy Vox!
Nice Hip Hop with a vox chop
2018 BPM:88 3:45
DS Radio Hit w/hook
In Da Morning P
Club Beat w/robot hook
Ride24's No Hook
Dirty South Beats
Live By The Sword
Aggressive synth w/guitars & hook
2015 4:07
Goin Home 2Nite w/Hook P
R&B Club beat w/ hook
Hail Mary P
Future would kill this track w/hook
2015 4:32
Its Nutn P
Club banger with hook. This is a hit.
2015 3:20
Cup Fulla Lean
Unique Trap Beat w/BeatBox Vox
2015 3:51
Life Of A Playa
Gangsta beat w/hook
How We Ball w/Hook P
South Beat with hook
Get The Feeling P
Beat with Hook
Leggo w/hook
Smash Hit w/hook
2014 BPM:140
Better Way w/hook
Soulful RnB with a modern edge.
2014 4:05

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