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FAQ - Top Reasons to buy a beat from

20DollarBeats FAQ and Terms

1. 100% satisfaction guarantee 6. 80% repeat buyer record
2. Save over 30% if you buy beat bundles 7. We're #1 on Google
3. Instant download after purchase 8. The hottest beats on the net
4. Total customer support 9. 70% of our traffic are return customers

Beats F.A.Q.

What are my limits and rights to the non exclusive tracks I buy?

  • 1 Master Recordings
  • 2500 Copies
  • Term: 1 Year
  • No Commercial Sales
  • No You Tube Videos
    with monetization/Ads
  • Music Albums
  • Music Videos
  • Live Performances
  • Radio Play
  • No Exclusive Rights
  • Lease Types
Unlimited Use Rights
  • Monetization
  • Music Albums
  • Music Videos
  • Publishing & Sync
  • Master Use Licence
  • No Exclusive Rights

Master a single track with this beat, and sell up to 3500 combined royalty-free copies of your music for 1 Year via MP3, Music Albums and Music Videos. Other artists will still be able to buy a license to use this instrumental. Also included is the use of your music in Live Performances and Radio Play for the entire term of the license. To acknowledge the producer, you must place verbal or written credits in your completed works.

Do the beats or beat I buy get removed from the site?
No, we do not remove non exclusive beats from the site. The only way to get the beat removed and call it your own is to buy it exclusively. Prices for exclusive beats range from $299 and up depending on the beat and/or producer and what he wants for it. You can request a price from the contact page.

Do you offer a payment plan for exclusives?

Yes, we do. Here are the details of the plans we offer at this time.

Plan A: Pay a $100 deposit fee. This will allow you to hold the beat so that no one else can purchase it exclusively. It’s still listed on the site as non exclusive and will be removed after you pay the beat in full. The balance would be paid within 30 days of the deposit.

Plan B: Make a $100 deposit and make 2 remaining payments (50% of the balance) split within 60 days. i.e.: Beat is $500, you put $100 to hold it, the remainder is $400, you then pay $200 within 30 days, and the rest ($200) within 30 days of that (60 days from deposit)

Do I get exclusive rights to these beats/instrumentals?
Not for non exclusive beats. The site is a non exclusive beat site. However, almost all the beats are available for exclusive purchase if you wish. Just let me know the beat you want and I'll see if its available. Prices range from $299 and up depending on the beat/producer. Exclusive rights means you can sell your production for profit with no limits and the beat is removed from the site so no one else can buy it. Also, you get contracts, separated production tracks in un compressed "wav or aiff" formats, and it's all on a disk that is shipped to you for backup and studio uses.

I didn't get my links?
No problem. You can re-download it from the site. Just use the login link on the home page (top middle nav). Enter your email address and request a password if you never logged in yet.

Do I own the track after I buy it and do I get a printed agreement?
No, you do not own the beat. You are buying a non exclusive beat. All non exclusive beats are LEASED not SOLD. You are leasing the rights to use it. By downloading the track, you are bound to the terms and conditions of non exclusive use. All tracks are downloaded from the site and do not come with printed terms. If you want to “own it” you would need to purchase the exclusive rights to it. Most beats are available as exclusive rights if you request them. Prices range from $299 and up depending on the beat/producer. Exclusive beat sales come with contracts, separated production tracks and shipped on disk. If you buy the exclusive rights, the beat would also be removed from the site for good and is never sold to anyone else again.

I downloaded a beat but it's only a few seconds long what happened?
Empty your cache (temp internet folder) and/or reboot and download it again... delete the first one first then re-download. It's a problem with the browser you use, I.E. times out and it thinks you got the entire file. Also, try using the windows media player, not a 3rd party player like winamp. You can re-download it from the site. Just use the login button on the home page (top right nav)
Enter your email address and request a password if you never logged in yet.

What does Royalty Free mean?
Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interest.

All material sold is copyrighted. MUSIC OWNERSHIP: The non-exclusive tracks compositions sold by Licensor remain the exclusive property of Licensor and/or AFFILIATED PRODUCERS.

Trademarks and the logo are trademarks or service marks of RJ Interactive Multimedia. You may not use these or any other RJ Interactive Multimedia trademarks or service marks without the written permission of the owner. Contact:

Does the beat I buy have the girls voice on it (saying
No. When you add a beat to your cart, then pay for it with, you will be either sent back to the site to download your links or you will get an email with your links. The linked files are the full beats without the vocal tag. You will also have 24hrs to download your files in case you cant download them right away. The producers tag may be in some beats if they prefer to add it, you will hear it in the samples on the site., If you hear it there, you'll hear it in the one you get.

What is your return policy?
Since we are offering digital products, there is no returns or refunds on purchases. If for some reason you cannot get our links to download your music, we will gladly help you in any way to make your purchase complete.

What format do the beats come in?
All the beats on our site are direct downloads sampled at 160k or higher MP3 format. You can purchase the wav version professional formats. Popular formats include, wav and aif which are compatible with most major software programs like Acid, Pro Tools, Qbase, and more.

Can I use these beats on my album? Demo? Mix-tape? Website? Can I use them to perform shows or Produce a demo to send to A and R reps & record labels etc!
Definitely, when you purchase from you are purchasing the non-exclusive rights to that track. A Limited License grants you, the licensee, a limited right to download & use royalty free Non Exclusive Beats in MP3 format for Radio Advertisement, Commercial Advertisement, Television Advertisement, Internet Background Music, On-Hold/In-House Background Music, and/or Recording Artist Demonstrations. Additionally, specific limitations exist where's limited music license can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where AUDIO/VISUAL PERFORMANCES must be recorded against and with's music.'s music may not be resold and licenses are non-transferable. All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music Producer -

Can I sell the song(s) I make with these beats?
Yes. You can sell up to 1000 cd's or tapes, as long as you print the producers name, or our web site ( If you post it online, please mention the producer and the site with a link (e.g. Only exclusive beats are available for reselling or major distribution Click here for exclusive beats.

How will you know how many I sell?
Trust us We know. If you are selling one of our beats to over 1000 people, we'll know about it. is one of the most popular beat sites on the net. Our beats are popular and known to many people including A&R execs. Yes, they visit the site too. We send them demos of the people who buy our beats.

Do these beats use samples or contain any copyrighted material?
All of our beats are 100% original, and 100% sample free. However, some clients wish to use samples for custom production and they will be responsible for clearing any and all samples used with respective copyright owners. Please contact us about any beat/loop/track in question.

Do I have to worry about clearing samples?
Yes, while most of our beats do not contain any copyrighted sample material so you don’t need to worry about it, but in some cases samples are requested by people wanting custom production work. They may need permission to duplicate in a commercial environment. Please contact us about any beat/loop/track in question.

How long are the beats?
Our "Just Loops" section: are either 4-6-8 measures long. This is so you can download loops and create your own mixes or versions of the beat.

Our "Non Exclusive Beats" section: has full length prearranged tracks. These tracks vary in length, however they are all over 3:30 each. You can edit them how ever you like to get the right time for your demo.

Our "BreakBeats" section: has 3:00 minute versions of each track. This section will be expanded in the near future to include hyped tracks for cheerleaders. Visit us again soon to find out more.

Our "Exclusive Beats" section: has full length prearranged tracks. These tracks vary in length, however they are all over 3:30 each. You can edit them how ever you like to get the right time for your demo. When you buy an exclusive beat, you will receive all the tracks on CD in wav format separated and un mastered on a CD and a downloadable mp3 file to get started. This will give you the ultimate in flexibility for creating your "own" unique version of the mix.

Our "Battle Beats" section: has 1 min beats for doing online or school battles. These beats are ready for download and sent to you as mp3 in high quality.

Can I extended/shorten any of these beats?
Of course, you can customize the beats however you like. If you are unable to do it yourself, will rearrange it shorter or longer if you like for a nominal fee. We can re-mix tracks for as low as $15.00.

Who makes these beats?
Most tracks, beats, sounds, melodies and loops are created in our studio. All beats are created from the ground up. We use a variety of sound banks from various sources and create a wealth of original sounds and music using software and hardware. We are currently adding more beat producers to expand our music selection. As of 2010 we have added 6 producers to our family who are at the top of their game.

Do you guys buy beats from other producers?
No we don't "buy" beats from other producers, but we do hire them to work with us. We are currently accepting applications from producers from all around. We screen each beat every producer sends to us for quality, originality and of course real world functionality. If you think you got what it takes to be a top producer for, contact us and send us a sample. We'll screen it and let you know.

Can I sell my beats on your site?
To sell beats on our site you have to be on the top of your game. Not only with beat production, but with mixing. The final mix must be top shelf. No over pumped volume and distortion. You can apply here. If you are accepted, R Johnson will contact you directly to tell you how it works. Please be patient, the process can take up to 2 weeks for review.

What equipment do you use to make these beats?
We use PC & Mac based work stations, Pro Tools, Reason, Acid, FL Studio, Sound Forge, Midi keyboards, VST Plug-Ins (virtual synthesizers, virtual instruments), Fruity Loops, as well as turntables and a collection of vinyl dating back to early 1960.

What kind of beats do you make?
We have over 10,000 beats on the site right now from 7 top producers in just about every style. We constantly produce other styles and we will make custom beats as well. Click here to view our custom beats production pricing and terms.

Product usage
You may use our instrumentals either to develop a project for yourself or your client/ artist, but you may not put them on a diskette, CD, website or any other format and offer them for redistribution or resale. These instrumentals may not be resold in any sort of collection, such as passing our instrumentals over to third parties on CD and diskettes, or letting others download our instrumentals from your website. In the event of such practices, RJ Interactive Multimedia will immediately terminate your membership. Furthermore, by conducting such practices, you automatically waive any legal claims against If you do not abide by the terms of this agreement as described above, will pursue legal action to the highest punishable extent. Further, Licensee may not post, or upload the original Track(s) in any way or in any way make the Track available to others. Doing so would be a copyright infringement. In addition, any unauthorized use or duplication is a violation of this agreement and of applicable laws of the United States and other countries. Any infringement of copyright will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. These instrumentals are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. We suggest you contact your local developer for service and assistance.

FAQ Terms

If you need any help or more information about our leasing or pricing, feel free to contact us at 800-803-7106 toll free during regular business hours. We can help you with any questions you might have about buying beats online.

If you like , you may also like some of our other beats made from our experienced producers. If you want your beats and rap instrumentals with trackout wavs or unlimited lease, contact us for details.

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