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Exclusive Beats

Premium Beats

After you purchase an exclusive lease or exclusive beats from us, the music is taken off the market and nobody else can use the track without prior consent from the new rights holder upon executing the exclusive transfer of rights for the music. This will allow you commercial usage as a hip hop artist. These are perfect for commercial recording.

Our Beat Store has over 10,000 Exclusive Beats for you to purchase. When you are buying beats online, be sure you're getting the actual rights for commercial usage. With 20DollarBeats, you get full files from the download links and the lease contract plus the untagged mp3 file after you make the purchase. Some sites do not actually let you sell unlimited copies or they sell to other people. If this happens you are not the only person who owns the beat. Whether its a non exclusive lease or exclusive rights beat, you can trust 20DollarBeats when buying Exclusive Beats.

Exclusive Beats For Sale

We've set up a new site called ExclusiveRapBeats.com so you can buy exclusive beats directly without requesting it. Here's the new site link.
Exclusive Rap Beats

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Lofi beat with layered guitars
BPM: 85 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Trap from an arp with 808bass.
BPM: 141 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Alluring Summer Walker Type R&B Instrumental
BPM: 115 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Bouncy West Coast Beat With Catchy Synth
BPM: 105 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Energetic 80s Inspired Dancehall Hit
BPM: 105 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Warm R&B Instrumental With Reversed Melody
BPM: 135 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Bouncy Pop-Influenced R&B Instrumental
BPM: 120 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Moody Gucci Mane Type Trap Beat
BPM: 123 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Artist Friendly Key Glock Type Beat
BPM: 82 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
No Friends
Spacey Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat
BPM: 130 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Ambient Bryson Tiller Type R&B Instrumental
BPM: 110 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Confident G Eazy Type Rap Instrumental
BPM: 130 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Artist Friendly Migos Type Beat
BPM: 137 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Issa Movie
Catchy Cardi B Type Rap Instrumental
BPM: 84 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Intimate PARTYNEXTDOOR Type R&B Instrumental
BPM: 100 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Wavy Playboi Carti Type Beat
BPM: 130 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Melodic Young Thug Type Rap Instrumental
BPM: 84 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Virginia Black
Low Key Drake Type Beat With Jazzy Piano
BPM: 113 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
She's Bad
Sexy R&B Instrumental With Slick Guitar
BPM: 94 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Just Like That
Playful R&B Instrumental
BPM: 103 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Synth-Based Gucci Mane Type Trap Beat
BPM: 128 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
No Pressure
Dramatic Trap Beat With Talkbox
BPM: 104 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Tropical chords with vox chant in drop.
BPM: 105 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Hits Different V2 Feels Good
Feel Good Music
BPM: 100 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive
Guitars and 808s never fail
BPM: 165 | Year: 2021 | Exclusive

Exclusive Beats and Instrumentals

Here’s more info on exclusives in our beat store

Exclusive beats prices vary depending on the beat and producer. We can also make custom Exclusive Beats too so you can make a hit song with a beat no one has ever used.
Prices can range from $250-$3500. (plus s&h)

1. You get a lease contract to sign. This allows you to sell unlimited copies the track you make for profit. The producer will still have instrumental production credits for publishing rights.
2. It’s removed from the site so no one else owns the beat or lease beats on this page.
3. You get un-compressed wav files for the highest quality. Producers use the wav file for optimium quality.
4. Separated production tracks are included so you can re-mix or have it mastered professionally with your vocals.
5. Our exclusive beats are ONLY shipped on disk so you have a full backup of all files used for the track.

We do not send digital downloads for exclusive beat sales. We require a signature upon delivery.

After a payment is made, we’ll send you the contracts to sign and return. Then after we get them back, we'll ship the signed contract and disk using USPS mail and you will need to sign for it.

There is a $9.95 s&h fee as well.

When you buy exclusive rap beats online, you will get a download link sent to you after payment.
You will then have 72 hours to download it as untagged mp3 file (320kbps mp3) to get you started.

If you are NOT from the USA and you are buying beats, we would need to do things differently for payment because it’s expensive for us to ship the disk and get signatures in other countries. We suggest paying with Western Union or MoneyGram for this, it will keep the costs down and speed the process up for getting the disk. If you buy Exclusive Beats and pay with Western Union or MoneyGram, we can supply a digital download of the files instead of a physical disk.

If you need any help or more information about our leasing or pricing, feel free to contact us at 800-803-7106 toll free during regular business hours. We can help you with any questions you might have about buying beats online.

If you like Exclusive Beats, you may also like some of our other beats made from our experienced producers. If you want your beats and rap instrumentals with trackout wavs or unlimited lease, contact us for details.

Exclusive Beats
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