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R&B Beats
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R&B Beats

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R&B Beats rnb beats spacer R&B Instrumental Beats
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R&B Beats

R&B Beats

Here you will find R&B Beats with hook in a variety of different tempos to fit your specific needs. All R&B Instrumental Beats are at least 3:30 or longer and are pre-arranged with hook and verse sections ready for your vocals. Just play the track and record your vocals right on top. You will get a direct download link to your R&B Beats after your purchase, so there's no waiting.

If you like r&b music then you came to the right site. Our beats are produced by top producers that have years of experience in hip hop r&b production. Your r&b songs need a professional sound and we have it, all for $20.00. We are adding new rnb beats weekly so check back often. These top quality R&B Instrumental Beats are made from several 20DollarBeats.com top r&b producers and will be a sick compliment to your lyrics. Make some smooth R&B music with our beats and git it on.

If you are a r&b singer, these beats will get you in the right direction for your mixtape or promo. Make demos and give em out. Get some recognition for your skillz. Impress an A&R executive and show off your talents with a 20dollarbeats.com r&b instrumental with hook or without.

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R&B Beats

 Plain SimpleSimple Beat with R&B flare$20.00$9.95
 CandySmooth Banger$20.00$9.95
 MD HouseSmooth R&B$20.00$9.95
 Love LoveR&B Banger$20.00$9.95
 Motion PictureSlow R&B Track$20.00$9.95
 AwkwardBaby making music...with 808s$20.00$9.95
 UnlikelyBabies Will Be Made$20.00$9.95
 DreamsSmooth R&B Track$20.00$9.95
 Heavens Falling DownAn artist like Weeknd would sound great on this.$20.00$9.95
 Yeah YeahPianos and R&B$20.00$9.95
 AntidoteGangsta R&B Rihanna Type Instrumental$20.00$9.95
 LovesickBabies will be conceived$20.00$9.95
 The CalmthSmooth Jhene Aiko type track$20.00$9.95
 Prayers-UpChance The Rapper.Bryson Tiller Vibes$20.00$9.95
 KingzSmooth R&B and Trap$20.00$9.95
 RiverSmooth R&B$20.00$9.95
 Never DieSmooth Kendrick Lamar-sounding hip hop.$20.00$9.95
 PotentialSubtle but deadly$20.00$9.95
 ConvenienceMelodic Chill$20.00$9.95
 I Choose YouSmooth rnb Trey Songz style.$20.00$9.95
 BalanceWe all need it$20.00$9.95

 Crysta ClearRnB smooth hip hop$20.00$9.95
 Cry For YouChris Brown Style R&B Hit$20.00$9.95
 My TurnMike Will Type Beat$20.00$9.95
 About YouSweet RnB Radio Music!!$20.00$9.95
 Love Vs Hate - HookNice R&B Trak$40.00$9.95
 RimbayRnB downtempo trap$20.00$9.95
 MaslabDown tempo Dirty South Beat$20.00$9.95
 Bo DeanSmooth Tory Lanez Type Track$20.00$9.95
 Urban LuvSmooth Hip Hop Rap Beat$20.00$9.95
 Whitney BrownKracy Track R&B$20.00$9.95
 Power OnRunnerz Type Banger$20.00$9.95
 VictoriazSexy R&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 Remember Them TimesThrowback / Nate Dogg$20.00$9.95
 New MeR&B/Trap Banger$20.00$9.95
 New PaletteR&B Classic$20.00$9.95
 Chill FactorSmooth R&B$20.00$9.95
 PeacefulSmooth banger$20.00$9.95
 Lost For YearsGood Music, Urban Top 40$20.00$9.95
 V For VendataKrazy Track$20.00$9.95
 Never EverFuture Style Banger$20.00$9.95
 Crazy LoveJodeci$20.00$9.95
 SuspendedBig Sean Rap Beats$20.00$9.95
 Hear Me - HookDrake All The Way$40.00$9.95
 Forever MineR&B/Trap Banger$20.00$9.95
 Nothin BadPerfect RnB Hip Hop Beat!$20.00$9.95
 Out of my MindDark Drive Music$20.00$9.95
 Presiedential AtlantaGucci Mane$20.00$9.95
 Now EnoughR&B/Trap Banger$20.00$9.95
 LeafsSmooth Beat$20.00$9.95
 MagicKanye Style Banger$20.00$9.95
 AngelsSlow R&B$20.00$9.95
 Bubble Gum GangDirty South R&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 Hope U KnowR&B Trap Track$20.00$9.95
 Never LongHip Hop Beat$20.00$9.95
 Elite EliThe Weekend stye track$20.00$9.95
 Over The ShoulderUptempo Uplifting$20.00$9.95
 FortuneOVO Type Track$20.00$9.95
 OrientalR&B Pop Joint$20.00$9.95
 DuctivHip Hop RnB Muzik!!$20.00$9.95
 Ride For YouSmooth Guitar$20.00$9.95
 Court YardYo Gotti Banger$20.00$9.95
 Burner HoldupSmooth Hard hitting R&B Record$20.00$9.95
 Collision CourseGrand Hustle Type Beat$20.00$9.95
 Safety FirstR&B Banger$20.00$9.95
 Hold CourtSmooth Beat$20.00$9.95
 Good B.Y.E.Tory Lanez Type Track$20.00$9.95
 Slow MotionOVO style track$20.00$9.95
 Forever LoveDrake Type Beat$20.00$9.95
 She Just Don't KnowBest R&B Track ever!!!$20.00$9.95
 TaniteNice R&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 I'm Good AgainPianos are krazy$20.00$9.95
 Burning FlamesR&B/Trap banger$20.00$9.95
 Digital DatingTrap Beat With R&B Twist$20.00$9.95
 This TimeGreat Beat$20.00$9.95
 SwellDrake Style Banger$20.00$9.95
 OptionSmooth Trap Smoker$20.00$9.95
 Hope Solo2 Chainz Type Banger$20.00$9.95
 Hi LifeChris Brown Style Electro/RnB Jam$20.00$9.95
 Breaking DownHard Beat Smooth Sound$20.00$9.95
 QuickR&B GOD$20.00$9.95

 TouchR&B Club Joint$20.00$9.95
 Hate Every Bit of ItSmooth beat$20.00$9.95
 God Gave Me YouR&B Beat$30.00$9.95
 Through The NightR&B Hit Record!!$20.00$9.95
 Just Need TimeRap Beat$20.00$9.95
 Slow DanceR&B Guitar Jam$20.00$9.95
 OrGanTikR&B Type Shit$20.00$9.95
 I Can'tR&B Beat$30.00$9.95
 Speed DialR&B Hit$20.00$9.95
 PreciousCrazy R&B$40.00$9.95
 Love In The MorningR&B w/hook$30.00$9.95
 No One Does It BetterSoulful Hip Hop Beat$20.00$9.95
 Use Your ImaginationSmooth Beat$20.00$9.95
 The Morning AfterR&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 TrifWah Wah R&B$30.00$9.95
 ChexSmooth R&B Shuffle$30.00$9.95
 Thinkin' Of YouJazz R&B / Soul$20.00$9.95
 ForeverR&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 The Good LifeR&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 EverythingR&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 Just PerfectR&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 New LoveR&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 DownwardsR&B Hitt$20.00$9.95
 So fa RealR&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 On That G6 (With Hook)Bedroom R&B (With Hook!)$20.00$9.95
 ControlR&B Radio Hit$20.00$9.95
 Shawty (With Hook)Wiz Khalifa / R&B (With Hook!)$20.00$9.95
 I am the FutureRap/R&B beat$20.00$9.95
 Hit Tha ClubClub R&B$20.00$9.95
 BreakslowPop RnB Music$20.00$9.95
 Come To MeR&B Beat$40.00$9.95
 One ChanceR&B Track$20.00$9.95
 Let It GoR&B Jam$20.00$9.95
 You Should Be HereRadio R&B Hit$40.00$9.95
 Love BankR&B Beat$35.00$9.95
 Doin' Somethin' To MeR&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 All The ThingsCandlelight R&B Beat$20.00$9.95
 Drop It Low 2Slow Jam$20.00$9.95
 I'm ConvincedSmooth Beat$20.00$9.95
 Follow MeUptempo R&B$20.00$9.95
 TH007-83-bpmR&B Beat$20.00$9.95

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R&B Instrumental Beats

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License

When you buy Non Exclusive R&B Beats beats

The royalty free non-exclusive musical compositions sold by 20DollarBeats remain the property of 20DollarBeats and are licensed, not sold, to you the licensee.

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License grants you (the licensee) the right to use 20DollarBeats' royalty-free compositions (NE rap beats) only for Radio Advertisement, Commercial Advertisement, Television Advertisement, Internet Background Music, On-Hold & In-House Background Music, and/or Artist Demonstrations.

Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions and/or rap beats can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Produced by 20Dollarbeats.com


At 20DollarBeats.com we offer different types of R&B Beats for different types of artists. Our r&b beats cater to rappers, jazz musicians, video producers, DJ's and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free beats section. There you will find some cool loops and beats for Acid and other music editing programs.


Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests. You are currently looking at R&B Beats

Download R&B Beats for sale, hip hop samples and music instrumentals. Exclusive and non exclusive rap beats and samples. Hip hop beats and instrumentals for hip hop rap artists, rap music producers, video editors and Dj's. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing R&B Beats to understand how leasing R&B Beats works.

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