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Beats by Kustom

Dance Beat by KustomKustom is a producer and a recording engineer. Even though he is fairly young, most people seem to be very surprised when they hear the quality, style, and the originality of his dance beat productions. His experience, however, includes several years of piano experience and many years of drumming in several different styles of music. He gradually integrated the use of digital music technologies, synthesizers and real-time effects to produce a sound of his own. A "Kustom" sound. Along the way, he's had to learn how to record voice in a live studio in addition to mixing and mastering the perfect balance of a professional quality song.

Become a part of the Beats production and that new Kustom sound that everyone is looking for in the music industry.  We have an extensive array of beats in our music library with several different sounds and styles including Club, Country, Dirty South, East Coast, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Movie Score, New School, R&B, Rock, Underground, West Coast, dance beat and more. 


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 Half ItIf Kid Ink used a piano in a beat$20.00$9.95
 SubstankWhat does your sub smell like$20.00$9.95
 MotnaDJ Snake Beat$20.00$9.95
 SWUWSay what u wanna pop$20.00$9.95
 MidderUrban pop mid tempo$20.00$9.95
 Turah128BPM just for you$20.00$9.95
 JinpasaLatin club house wobble$20.00$9.95
 Kids4everwhat's my age again?$20.00$9.95
 Ex ProdExperimental grime music$20.00$9.95
 PerfluGuitar pop hip hop music$20.00$9.95
 DotpauGuitar plus edm hip hop$20.00$9.95
 FrontReal xylophone was used in this$20.00$9.95
 KirachoReggaeton music latin musica$20.00$9.95
 PieferUrban heat club beat$20.00$9.95
 CepiaReggaeton moombahton pop$20.00$9.95
 BawzzStreet trap muzik$20.00$9.95
 SinnergyIts like grime met edm and they "hugged"$20.00$9.95
 PktooDont buy this one its too good$20.00$9.95
 Cepia (no horn)Moombahton reggaeton pop$20.00$9.95
 Jsthat no ldno ld = no lead synth sound$20.00$9.95
 Sonora2New drop on this one$20.00$9.95
 ChevereNu skool pop reggeaton noise$20.00$9.95
 AxenaIggy type trap pop beat$20.00$9.95
 MajestaClean progressive house music$20.00$9.95
 ChapetaStreet type beat$20.00$9.95
 GluefazHip hop a la gorillaz$20.00$9.95
 PrixmThis wasn't made on earth$20.00$9.95
 Plaza SuiteRich Sh*t$20.00$9.95
 JsthatSounds like loyal with a flute$20.00$9.95
 XatchPop with reggaeton vibes$20.00$9.95
 Odd WishFinally a beat with real instruments$20.00$9.95
 BallysDirty south trap beat$20.00$9.95
 TronxI spelled Bronx wrong sorry$20.00$9.95
 NexionI found another Arabic flute$20.00$9.95
 MiamiWhen I'm in Miami$20.00$9.95
 Koala2not a panda either$20.00$9.95
 RollacaanDrake and 40 lemme borrow this$20.00$9.95
 Possible TooIndustry aint ready for this$20.00$9.95
 SkycapUrban club pop$20.00$9.95
 Easy GoGuitar Ed Sheeran type$20.00$9.95
 Saywhenwhat is this$20.00$9.95
 ClapwashRadio house music$20.00$9.95
 Hello FriPool party music - 120BPM$20.00$9.95
 VoicefallsMoombaton beat - 100BPM$20.00$9.95
 SPLSpeak your language$20.00$9.95
 Chia BooI found this Arabic flute$20.00$9.95
 Koalanot a panda$20.00$9.95
 DinmaTakes you back to 1986!!$20.00$9.95
 MageonDown south sample trap hip hop$20.00$9.95
 TeedleNice pop instrumental$20.00$9.95
 SnapchatEDM dirty wobble house beat$20.00$9.95
 ShortlyClub 808 type beat$20.00$9.95
 Dial UpGuitar hip hop pop beat$20.00$9.95
 KiingoneEpic trap beat$20.00$9.95
 Cry4NoGo ahead and sing to this$20.00$9.95
 Exhale TheyDowntempo Trippy-trap music - 120BPM$20.00$9.95
 ChalkboardNu Pop meets Reggaeton Music$20.00$9.95
 RimbayRnB downtempo trap$20.00$9.95
 They DeepI know this group THEY$20.00$9.95
 SonoraDrake type wanna be$20.00$9.95
 Could B LuvReggae music - 88BPM$20.00$9.95

 Ghum NataDowntempo edge hip hop$20.00$9.95
 Back 2 MeBig Ballad Music$20.00$9.95
 Hi ThereElectronic Pop music$20.00$9.95
 Mostly WantedHip hop banger with strings$20.00$9.95
 Strain KMidwest hip hop club$20.00$9.95
 BarrelsPop with nice back beat$20.00$9.95
 ErrwhereClub trap banger$20.00$9.95
 Ur DemandTrending pop sound$20.00$9.95
 VoixFlume type music$20.00$9.95
 ButlerIndie rock beat$20.00$9.95
 Break FloorHip Hop club$20.00$9.95
 TrappassBig trapstep build up beat$20.00$9.95
 Hold ThatMid west type banger$20.00$9.95
 LuxuryGreat RnB reggae sound design$20.00$9.95
 Good LuvNice Rock EDM$20.00$9.95
 YungstaccaElectro EDM club beat$20.00$9.95
 Nu BouncePop club trap fusion$20.00$9.95
 Moving OzDrake type banger$20.00$9.95
 Whateva BaeNew Wave Music$20.00$9.95
 Fell RightRnB instrumental banger$20.00$9.95
 LevellanPop radio music beat$20.00$9.95
 Lookin GoodReggaeton Dancehall$20.00$9.95
 Aug GospEnergy South Club Beat$20.00$9.95
 Dont U DareElectronic trap south beat$20.00$9.95
 KortanaFresh EDM Dance Music$20.00$9.95
 Heaven WaitsReggae House Type$20.00$9.95
 OdiseeNew School Funk$20.00$9.95
 Drunk n RatchetClub pop melodic bounce$20.00$9.95
 CoronadoLatin Reggaeton Salsa Music$20.00$9.95
 Is This RightRadio EDM track$20.00$9.95
 Gave YaMid tempo banger$20.00$9.95
 Time FlyEdgy trap banger$20.00$9.95
 CleansaxDance beat with house drop$20.00$9.95
 BlackowlEDM dance 2015$20.00$9.95
 EmpiratesKendrick type beat$20.00$9.95
 Candle BathSmooth RnB track$20.00$9.95
 LevitateSuper hard south beat$20.00$9.95
 InstonePop Iggy Beat$20.00$9.95
 Cuttar80s vibe pop radio$20.00$9.95
 SlidinUptempo club beat$20.00$9.95
 UrphquakeClub night music$20.00$9.95
 ClinikalDrake type ovo beat$20.00$9.95
 3 DoneDance EDM music$20.00$9.95
 BroodDubstep electro underground$20.00$9.95
 HeadnoiseArabian trap banger$20.00$9.95
 HackkmanEDM pop banger$20.00$9.95
 Close My EyesBeautiful piano string arrangement$20.00$9.95
 Nobody Knows UCool new wave dirty south$20.00$9.95
 Closer ReggaeNew turn on modern reggae$20.00$9.95
 KapitanoClub hitter pop banger$20.00$9.95
 LaydaiExperimental Dubstep trap$20.00$9.95
 SireneIcono pop type music$20.00$9.95
 BangafongEDM Pop music$20.00$9.95
 Y YesFunk deep house$20.00$9.95
 Summer FacePop summer Electro vibe$20.00$9.95
 Forget AboutReggae House Vibe$20.00$9.95
 PossiblePiano House Progressive$20.00$9.95
 Been ReadyDirty South Trap banger$20.00$9.95
 MeltidHip hop street track$20.00$9.95
 Is HomeEmotional EDM instrumental$20.00$9.95
 ShihabPop reggaeton radio$20.00$9.95
 DivinidadReggaeton music$20.00$9.95
 Remain ThereIndie electronic rock$20.00$9.95
 Good 4 MeDrum n Bass music$20.00$9.95
 Watch ItHard EDM track$20.00$9.95
 Meant2FlyDance 120bpm$20.00$9.95
 FlipzimCrazy trap banger$20.00$9.95
 One Plus 180s pop new wave music$20.00$9.95
 Bitches n HoesFetty Wap type$20.00$9.95
 Suss It OutHouse EDM Beat$20.00$9.95
 Forever NowHouse funk music$20.00$9.95
 StickyClub beat with 808$20.00$9.95
 So We Get ItDowntempo trap music$20.00$9.95
 RoteaStory telling type hip hop$20.00$9.95
 NewzeerOne Direction type beat$20.00$9.95
 L8 AgainPop with some synth$20.00$9.95
 Half A HeartEmotional EDM beat$20.00$9.95
 Crysta ClearRnB smooth hip hop$20.00$9.95
 Lead To YouElectronic Music dance$20.00$9.95
 Holdin OnPop with an edge of rock$20.00$9.95
 Da BoxUptempo beat with saxophone$20.00$9.95
 YuckCrazy EDM banger$20.00$9.95
 5 Of MineBruno uptown funk type$20.00$9.95
 Done 2 MeTropical House Vibes$20.00$9.95
 House AwayDeep house vibes$20.00$9.95
 LynchUptempo urban club banger$20.00$9.95
 ROTOMSReally On Top Of My Shit$20.00$9.95
 HolatoHorn brass hip hop$20.00$9.95
 HandicapBeast mode trap hip hop$20.00$9.95
 Keyz NowMid tempo urban pop$20.00$9.95
 Space ModeKanye type beat$20.00$9.95
 Missa BeatDance house track$20.00$9.95
 FairgameIndie rock pop type$20.00$9.95
 LegenzUnderground club trap music$20.00$9.95
 CloserGuetta type dance music$20.00$9.95
 LooniesCountry meets hip hop$20.00$9.95
 ClamatoReggaeton meets Dancehall$20.00$9.95
 Red DustSmooth yet edgy RnB$20.00$9.95
 Knows AgainTrap synth chord progression$20.00$9.95
 DnR ClubClub street version of drunk n ratchet$20.00$9.95
 NogetKpop beat$20.00$9.95
 Purp BrassoDirty south crossover beat$20.00$9.95
 HelixMid tempo west coast banger$20.00$9.95
 Gotwork808 bass club hitt$20.00$9.95
 ZorroVegas type EDM drop$20.00$9.95
 Fat KidNice west coast club$20.00$9.95
 AmplicityEast Cost Hip Hop$20.00$9.95
 NoixTrap electronic club$20.00$9.95
 DownshireEpic dirty south trap$20.00$9.95
 Big HairFirst Classic Rock Beat on 20dollarbeats$20.00$9.95
 PhilsulEpic emotion beat$20.00$9.95
 Nice SuitFlashy pop music$20.00$9.95
 CavernousLatin Electronic Dancehall beat$20.00$9.95
 Le Old CamelClub banger with synth$20.00$9.95
 AwfazeUrban tropical$20.00$9.95
 Teen SpiritEDM electro smash$20.00$9.95
 MeccrawEDM dance music beat$20.00$9.95
 Where Was HeHard trap dirty south idea$20.00$9.95
 JeoparUptempo happy pop beat$20.00$9.95
 SapphirezDubstep in the chill$20.00$9.95
 Million Dollar DivaEDM with nice LFO synths$20.00$9.95
 LunchieWierd hip hop epicness$20.00$9.95
 PorqueElectronic dub pop beat$20.00$9.95
 Private ViewRadio Swag Rap Music$20.00$9.95
 Pure OilRnB south type track$20.00$9.95
 Who Would YouNice RnB Beat music$20.00$9.95
 Sproutdirty south track with synth$20.00$9.95
 Y NotRap club beat$20.00$9.95
 Body TalkEDM music$20.00$9.95
 Fair GameRadio guitar pop hit$20.00$9.95

 KindlubSimple pop hip hop format - 85BPM$20.00$9.95
 Hi LifeDirty South with slash guitars - 140BPM$20.00$9.95
 Been WaitedEthnic Club beat - 91BPM$20.00$9.95
 MountainsDowntempo trap - 110BPM$20.00$9.95
 HavartiBig Horns with trap drums$20.00$9.95

 GentlemenBeautiful pop EDM$20.00$19.95
 DrillTrap street music$20.00$19.95
 YaytriumSimple pop concept$20.00$19.95
 CSFNew Style Funk Beat$20.00$19.95
 Suss 1This beat is a story - pls read it to me$20.00$19.95
 Black StrokeHawaiian reggae with a cigar on a boat$20.00$19.95

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