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EDM Beats
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EDM Beats
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EDM Beats

edm-beatsHere you will find EDM Beats in a variety of different tempos and styles to fit your specific needs.

Buy EDM Beats ? What can you do with EDM Beats ? Well, most people will download these EDM Beats and make You Tube videos of themselves dancing. Some are funny, and some are more serious.

What is EDM?

EDM: abbreviation for "Electronic Dance Music"

EDM is a set of percussive electronic music genres produced primarily for environments centered in dance-based entertainment, such as nightclub settings. The music is largely created for use by disc jockeys and is produced with the intention of it being heard in the context of a continuous DJ set; wherein the DJ progresses from one record to the next via a synchronized segue or "mix". In the United States during the late 00s the acronym EDM established itself as a short hand term for electronic dance music

So here we have a EDM Beats page dedicated to Electronic Dance Music. If you are a fan of that, you'll enjoy these EDM beats. We'll add more each week since the popularity is getting stronger. There have been many new DJ's and Producers that are starting to surface with strong EMD music and beats, we've decided to make a dedicated EDM page just for you.

Browse our EDM Beats and test it out for yourself and do a rave video for You Tube. All EDM Beats are in mp3 format and do not have vocal tags. When you purchase a beat, the site will automatically send you the links to download your files digitally. There's no waiting.

EDM Beats

 Filthy ShotDance Club Pop Radio Billboard Music$20.00$9.95
 Mind ControlElectro Dance Pop House Music$30.00$9.95
 PossiblePiano House Progressive$20.00$9.95
 Teen SpiritEDM electro smash$20.00$9.95
 Ta HeadElectro dub Dance Music!$20.00$9.95
 MiroEDM beats for 2014$20.00$9.95
 Beach PartyFun beach party dance EDM$20.00$9.95
 MagniteElectro Dance Pop House Music$30.00$9.95
 Get A Gun (EDM mix)Dance beat version of "Get A Gun"$20.00$9.95
 Cosmic ArpDance with 808 verse melody$20.00$9.95
 AngerA$AP style Trap Club Beat$20.00$9.95
 Next 2 NothinNewschool Electronic Dance Music!$20.00$9.95
 QuackarooEDM banger with guitars and synths!$20.00$9.95
 FantasyA hit record waiting to happen...$20.00$9.95
 BrilliantEDM Dance Beat$20.00$9.95
 SpykeBig Electro Dance Beats$20.00$9.95
 Dirty GhostElectronic Dance Music SMASH!$20.00$9.95
 Silent BlueElectro Dance Pop House Music$30.00$9.95
 EnvinoElectro Dance Pop House Music$20.00$9.95
 BawzzStreet trap muzik$20.00$9.95
 ChesapeakDance Dub Anthem!$20.00$9.95
 MatekzHard EDM Dance Music$20.00$9.95
 Up Up & AwayClassic Rock bridge to Dance Electro$20.00$9.95
 EnduranceDance electro pop!$20.00$9.95
 Suss It OutHouse EDM Beat$20.00$9.95
 Stop And GoDance Anthem Club Party music!$20.00$9.95
 Take a HitElectro Dance Pop House Music$30.00$9.95
 FamousA pop dance radio hit!$20.00$9.95
 Half A HeartEmotional EDM beat$20.00$9.95
 SinnergyIts like grime met edm and they "hugged"$20.00$9.95
 HeadbandEDM dance beat with focus on the Saxophone$20.00$9.95
 Drive InsaneEDM instrumental beat$20.00$9.95
 Dirty SquareEpic DUBSTEP pop Instrumental!$20.00$9.95
 Century ShadowsBeautiful epic EDM music$20.00$9.95
 NRGHigh energy EDM smash$20.00$9.95
 SageBeautiful electronic dance music instrumental$20.00$9.95
 Hot SnareGreat Electro Dance Classic -- Bridge is Crazy$20.00$9.95
 Turah128BPM just for you$20.00$9.95
 StilletaireElectro Dance Pop House Music$30.00$9.95


Exclusive Rap Beats for Sale

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License

When you buy a Non Exclusive Rap Beat....

The royalty free non-exclusive musical compositions sold by 20DollarBeats remain the property of 20DollarBeats and are licensed, not sold, to you the licensee.

20DollarBeats' Non Exclusive License grants you (the licensee) the right to use 20DollarBeats' royalty-free compositions (NE rap beats) only for Radio Advertisement, Commercial Advertisement, Television Advertisement, Internet Background Music, On-Hold & In-House Background Music, and/or Artist Demonstrations.

Additionally, specific limitations exist for Recording Artists where 20DollarBeats' musical compositions and/or rap beats can only be used for demonstration purposes and must adhere to the rules of "synchronization" where ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND VOCAL PERFORMANCES are recorded against and with 20DollarBeats compositions.

All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer - Ray Johnson - 20Dollarbeats.com


At 20DollarBeats.com we offer different types of edm beats for different types of artists. Our EDM BEATS cater to dj's, rappers, jazz musicians, video producers and more.

If you are looking for a Free Rap Beat, you can visit our free rap beat section. There you will find some cool loops and beats for Acid and other music editing programs. Get your sick rap beats today.


Royalty Free Music: Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned in its entirety, by the seller. Not sale. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests. You are currently looking at EDM Beats

Download EDM Beats for sale, hip hop samples and music instrumentals. Exclusive and non exclusive rap beats and samples. Hip hop beats and instrumentals for hip hop rap artists, rap music producers, video editors and Dj's. Please read our Leasing Policy before purchasing EDM Beats to understand how leasing EDM Beats works.

EDM Beats
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